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The game of golf is a favorite pastime for many.

Golfers are either beginners or pros, and they all have one thing in common – the desire to improve their game. With that said, it’s not always easy to find a good coach who can help you with your swing when you’re on your own time.

Aimee Cho is an internet celebrity and YouTube golf coach who has created her own channel “Golf with Aimee” where she shares tips and tricks for improving your putting, driving, short game shots, and bunker shots.

She offers personal golf instruction through video lessons on her website and also a full golf coaching program designed to help both beginner and experienced golfers alike.

Let’s find out more about Aimee and how she can help you improve your golf game.

Who is Aimee Cho?

Aimee Cho has been playing golf since she was six years old. Aimee played for the University of Florida and was selected for the NCAA All-American Team twice.

She is the second freshman in UF history to have been awarded the SEC golf champion title which is an amazing feat of skill and dedication to her sport.

After graduating from college, Aimee played professionally for 10 years and participated in major events such as the US Women’s Open in 2006 and 2013.

After Aimee retired from pro golf due to chronic back problems which is a common injury for golfers.

She became a television broadcaster providing golf advice on a Korean TV station in LA and coached golfers who wanted to improve specific areas of their golf game – from putting to driving and everything else in between.

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Aimee created her own website and a YouTube channel to help golfers everywhere improve their game all while sharing the fun of the sport with her viewers.

With 350,000 subscribers and 500+ high-quality videos, the “Golf with Aimee” YouTube channel is a valuable resource for golfers of all levels.

You can check out Aimee’s website at for more information on her instructional courses and other services.

Is Aimee Cho Married?

Aimee Cho is currently not married and leads a single life choosing to concentrate on her golfing business and her YouTube golf channel where she is busy creating new golf videos and helping her subscribers improve their games.

Golf with Aimee Beginner Series

Aimee has prepared a series of fundamental lessons to help those interested in golfing learn how at home and this series is called Golf with Aimee Beginner Series.

The 7 beginners to golf videos are easy to follow and offer a good way for beginners to learn the basics of golf on their own time and in the convenience of their home. These include:

  1. Setup
  2. Body Rotation
  3. How to Grip a Golf Club
  4. Small Swings
  5. Half Swings
  6. Full Swings
  7. First Driver Lesson

You can watch the full playlist here:

The videos are very easy to understand and you can watch them as many times as you like in order to familiarize yourself with every instruction Aimee teaches.

For example, in the first video, Aimee goes over what you can expect to see in the training and how you can avoid common mistakes and make the most of your time.

The videos also offer a way to keep track of your progress which is helpful when trying something new or learning how to play golf all over again since it can be difficult to measure the improvement in one’s game on their own.

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Aimee Cho Golf Lessons

If you are not a fan of YouTube and hate all the ads that pop up all the time then you can check out Aimee’s official website where she has various video coaching programs on offer.

This premium content is shot in high definition and features a full course on how to get better at golf.

As a premium member, you’ll get to enjoy a completely tailored experience.

There will be something for everyone – from beginners looking to improve their skills to those who are more advanced and want an epic challenge.

A sample of the beginner video course includes the following training:

  • 101a – Basics: Set-up to Full Swing
  • 101b – Driver: Basics
  • 101c – Driver: Pop Ups
  • 101d – Driver: Longer & Straighter Drives
  • 101e – Fairway: Mastering Fairway Shots
  • 101f – Fairway: Prevent Miss Shots & Fix Fat Shots
  • 101g – Fairway: Woods
  • 101h – Short Game: Making Bunker Shots Easy
  • 101i – Short Game: Mastering Pitching and Chip Shot
  • 101j – Putting God / Goddess
  • 101k – Complete Overview Beginner Lesson II

Once you have mastered the basics, you then move on to the intermediate, advanced, lessons with Aimee, and secret bonus videos that all are included in the membership.

Private Golf Lessons with Aimee Cho

Can I have a private lesson with Aimee Cho? Yes! if you feel you need personal help with your golf swing, grip or stance then you can hire Aimee to help you personally.

She offers a single and 3 class coaching clinic that includes:

  • One to one online lesson with Aimee
  • In-depth look at your swing
  • Video lesson from Aimee tailored just for you
  • Progress updates
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The process works by you filling out an initial questionnaire which includes your name, age right or left-handed player, level of golfer from beginner to low handicapper, and what areas of your game you would like Aimee to help you with.

How Much Does Aimee Cho Golf Cost for Lessons?

For the pre-recorded online coaching lessons and full programs, you can access all the content for a yearly price of $99 or $299 which includes a free private lesson with Aimee!

There is also a monthly option with a free trial which costs $14.99 per month.

Again, all coaching videos are included in this monthly cost and one aspect of this online golf coaching program that will appeal to many is the updated vlog and other areas that many golfers forget to address including the mental side of golf and how to keep fit!

Aimee Cho Golf is a unique online coaching program that offers an affordable and convenient way to learn how to play golf.

Is Aimee Cho Golf Coaching Worth it?

Whether you want one-on-one lessons with Aimee or the opportunity to join her premium content, her website will help you find what’s right for your needs.

With easy-to-understand videos and courses on offer from beginner level all the way up to advanced, there is something here for everyone!

For those who are looking for personalized attention, private lessons may be just what you need.

The prices vary depending on which package of video tutorials best fits your budget but they are all competitively priced so it should not break the bank in order to get better at this popular sport!