Best YouTube Golf Instructors: Free Lessons!

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Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Phil Mickelson are three of the most popular professional golfers in the world. Their talent and success in their careers are impossible to ignore.

Even when Tiger is not playing in a PGA tournament, he is still the main topic of conversation.

Professional athletes cannot make any moves without them being captured and posted online.

As we admire their apparent natural talent, even the best had to learn from somewhere.

With protocols being changed due to health and safety concerns all over the world, the ability to teach via the internet has become a huge industry.

Golf, like many other sports, has turned to online instructions and tips being offered by current and past pros.

YouTube Golf Instructors are increasingly becoming popular with people who want to either learn the game of golf or improve their existing golf skills.

In this article, we will explore the Top 5 Best YouTube Golf Instructors, providing some background on their stories, what specifically they offer to teach, and who their golf instruction videos are aimed at.

1. Rick Shiels

Most Watched Video:
Dude Perfect Golf Challenge – the Dream Team!

At the age of 11, Rick Shiels began his love affair with the game of golf. Shiels was a qualified PGA professional at the age of 21, 3 years after he began training for the PGA.

The path to becoming a golf pro and instructor started for Shiels when he earned his diploma in Golf Studies from Myerscough College.

While working at Trafford Golf Centre, Shiels’ life took a turn for the better once he made the decision to release videos of his instruction on YouTube.

Shiels offers a wide range of services such as; coaching, instruction, golf equipment reviews, golf course vlogs, and golf challenges, but most of all, he offers fun and entertainment.

Guest appearances in videos and on his podcasts by famous actors and athletes, keeping the content light and funny.

In 2011 Shiels started his YouTube channel in an effort to drive more traffic and customers.

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Shiel’s goal was to make videos to “educate, advise & entertain golfers around the world.” The target audience is any golfer, amateur or pro, that wants to improve their game.

Today it is Shiels who is having fun as the owner of the biggest golf channel on YouTube.

He also holds the distinction of being the first golf instructor vlogger to hit 1 million subscribers. Shiels has over 1.7 million subscribers to his golf instruction videos.

Rick Shiels Video Playlist:

  • Break 75
  • Golf Coaching Videos
  • Golf Ball Reviews
  • Golf Club Reviews
  • Golf Course Vlogs
  • Rick Shiels Golf Show
  • Rick Shiels at the Open
  • Complete Fix to Slice Guide
  • Complete Driver Swing Guide
  • Complete Golf Swing Guide

Checkout Rick Shiels Golf Channel on YouTube

2. TXG Tour Experience Golf

Most Watched Video:
Correct Tee Height // Are you losing 20+ yards with your driver?

Created in 2017 by CEO and founder Ian Fraser, and the producer Matt Blois, TXG became an official YouTube channel.

The YouTube channel specifically will teach and educate audiences on the importance of club fitting.

A glimpse into the world of golf through trends, the latest golf equipment releases, and even a look at the best golf personalities in the world.

TXG’s menu of services is extensive and thorough.

Full Bag, Long Game, Short Game, Driver, Woods, Irons, Wedges, Putter, and also Distance Reviews, through instructions.

TXG has competitive rates and provides ample amounts of time for the student of golf to learn – they really understand that golf can be frustrating and give loads of time to beginner golfers.

TXG offers to use cutting-edge technology to find the best fitting clubs for golfers looking to improve their skills.

Over 30,000 combinations of brands that TXG can merge any shaft and clubhead.

TXG aims to find a target audience from those who golf for the joy of the game and want to learn, to Tour-level pros.

Experience instructing golfers of all ages and skill levels has TXG at over 164,000 subscribers to date.

TXG Tour Video Playlist:

  • High Handicap Series
  • Why in the Bag?
  • Ball Flight Studies
  • Live Shows
  • Club Building
  • Driver Bracket
  • Bryson DeChambeau
  • Driving Irons
  • Fairway Wood Bracket
  • Trickshots and Challenges
  • Instructor Series
  • Low Handicap Series
  • Club Fittings
  • + More!
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Checkout the TXG Tour Channel on YouTube

3. Mark Crossfield

Most Watched Video:
Maybe The Funniest Golf Video Ever

Mark Crossfield is credited as one of the first golf vloggers who provide audiences with instruction on improving their game.

Crossfield has been coaching golf for more than two decades and launched his YouTube channel in 2007.

He offers help with the long and short game of golf and by using easy-to-follow golf tips, this highly-rated YouTube golf instructor can improve your swing through easy-to-understand instruction, golf reviews, and golf course vlogs from all over the world.

Crossfield aims his sights on an audience that is interested in learning how to improve their swing while providing education and entertaining videos and podcasts on YouTube to the tune of almost 350,000 subscribers.

Mark Crossfield Video Playlist:

  • Taylormade Iron Reviews
  • Titleist Iron Reviews
  • Mark Crossfield Takes On
  • How to Play Golf
  • Military Vlogs
  • How to Chip in Golf
  • Best Putting Tips
  • Improve Your Short Game
  • Low Point Control
  • Bunker Play
  • Golf Swing Rotation
  • How to Test Golf Clubs
  • Best Bladed Irons
  • Golf Recovery Shots
  • + More!

Checkout the Mark Crossfield Channel on YouTube

4. Top Speed Golf: Clay Ballard

Most Watched Video:
How to Hit the Ball Then The Turf With Your Irons

Clay Ballard is the co-founder of Top Speed Golf and golf instructor on YouTube.

He started teaching after realizing that he was not going to “reach his full potential” in the sport of golf.

Ballard and Top Speed Golf provide instruction on improving your golf swing and a step-by-step manual is laid out for the audience to learn the relevant moves of the sport, focusing on the 5 pieces of the golf swing.

Ballard and TSG change the game by using their YouTube channel videos to show the audience a “user-friendly” golf course layout, rather than tips that can confuse the beginner and average weekend golfer.

Ballard shows the audience, which is any level or age group, how world-famous golfers like Tiger Woods and other greats have mastered tricky shots such as putting on fast greens or chipping from awkward distances.

Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard Video Playlist:

  • Irons
  • Golf Clubs
  • Special Shots
  • Consistent Contact
  • Putting
  • Short Game
  • Slice Fix
  • Driving
  • Official Top Speed Golf Playlist
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Checkout the Clay Ballard Channel on YouTube

5. GG Swing Tips Golf (Greg Gankas)

Most Watched Video:
Golf Tips: How to Push Off the Right Side

Greg Gankas, is the founder of GG Swing Tips Golf.

Gankas started his golf instruction YouTube channel in 2016 and it’s no wonder that GG Swing Tips Golf, under Gankas, is rapidly growing with almost 15 million views, GG has over 74,000 subscribers.

Gankas has over 300,000 followers on Instagram and his resume speaks for itself. Gankas has worked with the likes of Tiger Woods and Bryson DeChambeau as a coach or consultant.

GG Swing Tips Golf provides golf lessons that are public and private in nature, golf tips, drills, junior coaching, how to properly manage any golf course, and shows the audience specific golf games, all in an effort to improve.

Coaching and videos that provide instruction to the serious golfer.

GG Swing Tips Golf is definitely not for the fair-weather golfer, although it claims to be available to the masses.

According to, Gankas today is the 6th best online golf coach in the world.

Greg Gankas Golf Video Playlist:

  • Backswing Golf Lessons
  • Shallow Golf Swing Lessons
  • Golf Workshop
  • Golf Tips
  • Interviews
  • Golf Fitness
  • iPhone Lesson Uploads
  • One on One Golf Lessons

Checkout the Greg Gankas Channel on YouTube

Why YouTube is Good for Golfers

Proper, detailed instructions on how to improve your swing, which clubs to use, and how to play on any course no matter your golfing abilities via YouTube is the way of the world today.

Yes, the ads on YouTube are annoying but overall this is a fantastic resource for online golf learning.

If you were to hire some of these guys, it would cost thousands of dollars every month in coaching fees.

If you enjoy watching golf coaching on YouTube then you can always upgrade to YouTube premium for a small monthly fee and do away with the ads altogether.

Rick Shiels, TXG, Mark Crossfield, Clay Ballard (Top Speed Golf), and GG Swing Tips Golf, are among the most popular golf instructional YouTube channels in the world and are our Top 5 best YouTube golf instructors.