Golf League Software: Which is Best (Free or Paid?)

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When it comes to golf league software, you’re truly spoiled for choice. Whether you run a monthly stroke-play medal at your club or organize a touring golf society, you can make use of a range of user-friendly software to make your job that little bit easier.

Below, we introduce some of the best paid and free plans out there, so you can settle on the best golf league software for your needs.

By the end of this article, you will be armed with all the information you need to make the right decision and get to work on improving the way you manage and populate your golf league.

1. League Golfer

League Golfer is one of the simplest league golf management systems out there, available on iOS and Android. We love the fact that you can sign up for a 21-day free trial before committing to a purchase, which allows you to get a feel for it before making a decision.

Once you set up your league, you can manage everything from quick scoring to seasonal scoring, depending on the types of tournaments or golf league that you’re running. You can also customize your settings to play by the specific rules and formats you want your league to adhere to.

It is completely up to date with the new 2020 handicapping system and is ideal for competitive or friendly golf league management.

From the social side of things, members can create profiles and send messages back and forth, ensuring communication among your participants is seamless.

  • Full access to a golf league with 52 calendar events.
  • An unlimited number of golfers can join the league.
  • Free 21 day trial and pricing from $119 per year.

If you’re just looking for a simple and affordable piece of software on which to launch and manage your golf league, then League Golfer is a great option for you to try.


2. EZ Golf League

A little more feature-rich than League Golfer, EZ Golf League is another great option for anyone seeking to manage a competitive or friendly golf league. It’s super easy to set up and manage, and the automated scoring calculations are particularly helpful.

You can set your league to score in a variety of formats, be it individual stroke play, scramble, or team match play, for instance. You can even run several leagues on different courses, and the software comes with thousands of courses pre-programmed for ease of use.

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Using EZ Golf saves everyone time, too, as golfers can input their scores during their rounds, and organizers can access the cloud-based software from anywhere to manage upcoming events. Overall, EZ Golf League is an awesome solution for your new golf league.

  • Various plans depending on your budget, enabling you to choose from single, standard, or managed leagues.
  • Access to league management via Android or iOS.
  • Free trial then pricing from $1 per golfer that uses the system (for single-tournament plan).

EZ Golf is user-friendly and rich in features and is an excellent option whether you’re managing a one-off tournament or are in charge of your club’s weekly golf league.


3. Golf League Manager

Golf League Manager allows you to manage a whole host of different golf leagues and tournaments, from single society days to weekly medals.

You can create divisions based on handicap or performance and access live statistics that are automatically updated when players enter their most recent scores.

The software comes with a setup checklist that walks you through the features of Golf League Manager step-by-step, meaning you won’t miss out on any of the advanced management tools or aspects of the software.

You can also use the software to collect fees from your players via debit or credit card, and everything is integrated with the official USGA handicapping system. Overall, it’s another great piece of software for any golf league administrator.

  • Comprehensive golf league management system based upon the number of golfers.
  • User-friendly interface that makes organizing and managing competitions easy.
  • Simple pricing structure – $6 per golfer with a minimum purchase of sixteen golfers (per year).

Golf League Manager is all about ease of use and makes your life so much easier when managing tournaments. If you run multiple golf tournaments a month, you can create an unlimited number of leagues in the app, making it a great choice for your golf club.


4. Fringe Golfers

Fringe Golfers is yet another golf league management software that is ideal for processing and managing golf tournaments online. You can choose from multiple handicapping systems (including the 2020 update), and your league’s participants can download the app to their smartphones on iOS or Android.

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The app supports various league formats, including nine and eighteen-hole tournaments, and you can score in a multitude of ways, from Stableford to stroke play. With Fringe Golfers, you can also automate a great deal of the management of your tournaments, making life so much easier for organizers.

While it’s not quite as user-friendly or feature-rich as some of the other league management software already introduced, it is completely free to use, making it the perfect option for golf leagues with restricted budgets.

  • Multiple scoring formats are available.
  • Updated with the 2020 handicap system.
  • Completely free to use.

Given that Fringe Golfers is completely free to use, it’s hard not to be impressed by this golf league management system. While it doesn’t come with all of the features of paid systems, it’s certainly worth your consideration if you don’t want to splash out.


5. Golf League

One of the original golf management systems out there is the aptly named Golf League. While their website is a little outdated and not the easiest to negotiate, their software is remarkably simple to use.

A key advantage of Golf League is that you don’t have to download anything. You simply sign up for a package, and everything is done for you, and your players are then provided with login details. This makes it particularly appealing to people who are not so tech-savvy!

Like the other paid plans already introduced, Golf League allows you to create bespoke golf leagues and tournaments that are scored in various ways while automatically updating players’ scores and data.

  • No download required – you sign into an exclusive members area on the site itself.
  • Everything is automatically updated, ensuring you can spend more time out on the golf course!
  • Various paid subscriptions, with the basic subscription starting at $59.95 for up to twenty players.

Having been launched in 2005, Golf League is one of the original golf league management systems out there and has the added advantage of being super easy to use.


6. X4 Golf

Last but not least is X4 Golf, another golf league management system that offers affordable golf league management plans to tournament organizers. X4 Golf allows you to create tournaments, manage handicaps, and even create scorecards for upcoming events for your members.

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You can choose from various scoring systems when managing and populating your league, and the system also caters to things like byes and postponements. At the end of tournaments, you can produce detailed reports for teams and individuals, which you can then make available to your members.

Something that X4 users like is that you can keep track of skins using the software, as it’s a fun and slightly different way of organizing and managing a golf league. Ultimately, it’s another good option to consider if you’re looking for an easy-to-use golf league management system.

  • Handicap, scoring, and golf league management systems are available.
  • User-friendly and impressive interface design.
  • Initial free trial possible, followed by a paid plan. Their prices aren’t disclosed on their site, and you need to submit your interest to learn more about their plans.

X4 Golf is another decent option if you’re looking for a fully customizable golf league management system for upcoming tournaments to make your life as an administrator that little bit easier.


Should I Opt for Free or Paid Golf League Software?

Given the huge amount of choice out there, our advice would be to opt for software that at least has a free trial. This way, you can determine whether the golf league management system is up to your expectations.

We have to say that Fringe Golfers is an outstanding option and is completely free. While it isn’t quite as feature-rich as many of the other systems introduced, the fact that it’s free makes it a worthwhile consideration. 

But as is the case with any piece of software, everyone will have different preferences, so make the most of the various free trials offered before signing up for a paid plan.


Managing a golf league couldn’t be simpler in this day and age, with so many golf league software systems to choose from. Whether you opt for a free or paid plan, you have the perfect opportunity to make your life that little bit easier when processing scores and reviewing handicaps.

Whichever of the options you go for, we’d recommend utilizing the various free trials first before committing to a paid plan. You want to make sure that the system is suitable for your needs before forking out your hard-earned money!