How Much Are Golf Lessons? – Private and Group Costs

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If you’re serious about improving your golf game, you’ve almost certainly considered booking a batch of golf lessons with a pro – but how much are golf lessons and do you really need them?

The average cost of a private golf lesson in the US is between $35 and $60 for a 30-minute private lesson dependent on the level and experience of the coach. Group coaching lessons are typically cheaper, but you do not get the same one-to-one tutoring when compared to a private lesson.

Some golfers can’t speak highly enough of lessons, while others are content with trial and error on the course after sitting in front of YouTube for a couple of hours, watching a renowned coach talking them through some top tips from the tour.

While working closely with a pro can undoubtedly help refine your technique and help you renounce certain bad habits, are golf lessons really worth it?

In this post, we look at how much golf lessons are and whether or not you should book some time with a pro to help get your handicap down.

Are Golf Lessons Worth It?

Golf lessons are absolutely worth it. Golf is a complex sport with many permutations and shot varieties. As anyone who’s played the game will attest, it’s not just a matter of picking up a club and hoping for the best.

With golf, the devil is very much in the detail. Correcting the speed of your backswing, re-aligning your putting stance, and reforming your grip, for instance, can all shave several shots off your scorecard.

And frankly, these minutiae are best identified and refined by a pro or experienced coach.

You could spend hours upon hours at a range alone and struggle to correct a slight issue that a pro can help you rectify in a matter of minutes.

Hiring a golf coach or instructor is just like hiring a teacher in any other discipline.

They’re there to guide you and help you improve.

You can ask your coach to help you with a broad range of aspects of your game, and you will almost certainly see results.

Combining quality lessons with a trusted pro with sufficient practice out on the range is undoubtedly the best way to see significant improvements in your golf game.

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Are Golf Lessons Expensive? (Group and Single)

Overall, golf lessons are not expensive when you consider the benefits of having a qualified coach teaching you the three main aspects of golf: stance, swing and grip.

If you book a succession of lessons with the same coach, you can expect a discount of around 15% if you book more than six in one go.

For example, according to the same source, six 30-minute private golf lessons cost on average $250 ($42 per session), whereas six hour-long classes will cost around $375 ($62.50 per session).

You might find slightly more or less expensive lessons than average, as a lot depends on the schedule and experience of the pro that you approach.

It’s always a good idea to shop around before committing to a particular coach.

To save even more money, you could consider signing up for group lessons.

Although you won’t enjoy the same level of attention from your coach, group lessons can be an enjoyable way to improve your game with your friends or players of a similar level.

On average, you can expect to pay $450 for hour-long sessions ($37.50 per session) if you book a package of six sessions for two or more golfers.

As you can see, this is a significant average saving on the cost of a series of hour-long private lessons and can be an excellent way to keep the cost of your lessons down.

So, are golf lessons expensive? That depends on your financial situation and your available disposable income.

But if you genuinely want to improve your game, lessons with a pro are the best way to go about it.

Are There Beginner Golf Lessons near Me?

Yes, you can easily find golf lessons in your nearby vicinity. Most golf clubs have an on-site pro who offers lessons, and practice facilities like a driving range also host a pro who is on hand to provide instruction. Check your local golf club for more details.

A simple Google search will reveal your local options, and you can begin your research from there.

Alternatively, you could use a source like the Golf Channel Academy to refine your search and look for trusted pros close by. Thanks to their handy search tool, you can enter your zip code and find details of coaches in your state.

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If you’re a beginner, you will have absolutely no trouble finding golf lessons near you.

Be sure to inquire about their instruction method and consider whether they use video technology and other techniques to help develop your game.

These methods of instruction can be incredibly beneficial to beginners, so be sure to find a coach who will support your game in its infancy.

How Much Should You Spend on Golf Lessons?

To start with you should spend around $75 – $110 per month on golf lessons. You certainly shouldn’t be breaking the bank to hire a golf coach, but setting aside enough funds for a couple of lessons every month will drastically help you improve the intricacies of your game.

To begin your research, look for coaches who offer lessons in line with the national average as introduced above.

Don’t just opt for the cheapest option to try and save yourself some money, as the cheapest isn’t likely to be the most suitable.

Equally, you don’t need to jump into your lessons by recruiting one of the best coaches on the PGA Tour, who has worked with the likes of Tiger Woods in the recent past!

When considering value, you need to find a coach who is experienced but also who you like.

It’s nigh on impossible to listen to instruction from someone who you don’t get on with.

An excellent way to look at the price of golf lessons is to consider them as a necessary expense of the game.

Just like you have to buy your clubs and equipment and pay your green fees at your local course, you should make allowance for regular lessons.

If that means reducing your expenditure on fees and equipment, then it’s worth it.

How Many Lessons Will I Need to Get Better at Golf?

Again, it’s hard to give a specific number when answering this question.

But remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you’re at the start of your journey as a golfer, you will probably need a series of lessons to work on a range of aspects of your game.

As such, booking six or twelve lessons, to begin with, will help you identify the main issues that you need to work on.

Then, after your lesson, you should dedicate sufficient time to work on various aspects of your game before returning to your coach and reviewing your progress.

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With this in mind, it’s a good idea to space your lessons out over a decent period of time.

Then, depending on how often you can practice, one lesson each week, or even a couple of lessons a month, will give you ample time to practice and improve.

Conversely, if you’re an accomplished player, you might find that one or two lessons will do the trick.

You might just need to check in with a coach to help you correct something small in your swing before returning to the course.

Before agreeing to work with a pro, explain your situation to them and describe what you’re looking for.

They will then advise you on how best to schedule your lessons for the best results.

What Should I Look for in a Golf Coach?

With so many coaches out there, it can be challenging to find the right person for you. To help you out, here are some key traits to consider when looking for the perfect golf coach:

  • Compatibility: Is your coach a good fit for your personality? Do you get along? A vital first step in finding a coach is ensuring that you’re a good fit for one another.
  • Experience: What credentials and experience does your coach have? Are they a registered PGA coach? Do they have testimonials from previous clients?
  • Technology: How does your coach make use of technology to enhance lessons? Do they utilize videos and other swing technology? This can significantly improve the quality of your lessons.
  • Feedback and Communication: Central to the learning process is feedback. You want to work with a coach who is communicative and offers constructive and helpful feedback to improve your game.

While some people might consider golf lessons expensive, they’re undoubtedly a valuable and trusted way of improving your game and shaving some shots from your scorecard.

In the US, private golf lessons tend to cost somewhere between $75 and $90 per hour, but this figure can be significantly reduced if you book a series of lessons or if you’re willing to enjoy golf lessons within a group.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in finding out how much are golf lessons and given you an insight into how best to find an appropriate coach who will help you improve your game.

All that’s left for you to do is find a coach that’s a good fit for you, and don’t forget to practice in between your sessions!