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Background to Windtree Golf

This website started as a simple blog, focusing on product reviews, golf news and general golfing tips from experienced golfer Frank Duggen who’s passion for the great game is reflected in the in-depth content published on Windtree Golf.

Today it has over 250 well researched and informative guides that introduce beginners to the sport with some helpful newbie guides and progressing to the average golfer who strives for a lower handicap and continual improvement on the golf course.

There is so much to talk about – the great game of golf can be played all year round in the US.

Why are We Different?

There is a factory of information out there and some of it is published by people who have never held a golf club or seen the long grass in the rough up close!

With over 20 years as an experienced golfer, Frank has just about tried every training aid, different styles of golf clubs and clothing you could imagine – he is a golfing freak!

You can benefit from Frank’s mistakes read through his product review guides and take in some interesting golf knowledge that you might not have heard about before…

You can read about Frank on his about page – and see why this golfer has your back on all stuff related to golf.

Success depends almost entirely on how effectively you learn to manage the game’s two ultimate adversaries: the course and yourself.
– Jack Nicklaus