Golf Classes for Beginners? How to Get Started in 7 Steps!

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Many newcomers to golf think it’s a tough sport to learn, but it’s easier than you think. You don’t need any special equipment or super athletic ability – all you need is the willingness to try and a little patience!

There are lots of different ways to get started in golf.

You could practice at home, go to an indoor practice facility like Topgolf or just hit some balls in the backfield.

One of the best ways to get better at golf in the shortest time possible is to take some beginners golf lessons.

Follow our Windtree Golf 7 step guide to golf lesson success!

1. Are Golf Lessons Worth it for Beginners?

Golf lessons are worth it for newcomers to golf because they teach the basics of this multi-faceted sport in the correct way. Starting golf can be overwhelming and by signing up for some golf lessons, a newbie golfer will understand the fundamentals of golf, making for a better experience overall.

The basic skills of golf that a beginner must pick up as quickly as possible include the stance, swing, and grip of the club.

Additional coaching for beginners includes learning about how to hold a golf club properly, what stance means and where to hit the ball on the golf course.

In addition to learning about these basic skills, one also has access to a professional coach who will help you get rid of bad habits from your initial attempts at playing golf.

Golf starter lessons can be in the form of group or one-to-one coaching and it’s up to you to decide which one suits you the best.

Whether you are looking for golf lessons online or offline, it’s up to you to find the best option that makes you feel comfortable.

2. How Many Golf Lessons Does a Beginner Need?

The recommended minimum number of golf lessons required for a golfing beginner is three. After three lessons you should know the basics of golf including a proper grip, stance, and swing. These are the fundamentals of golf that every beginner should know before they play on the golf course for real.

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However, three lessons are just the beginning and you should continue learning golf as long as your interest in the sport continues to grow.

After around 5-6 lessons an average person who has taken up the sport for the first time should be confident enough to visit their local golf club and book their first round of golf.

The number of lessons required also varies from person to person and younger people, typically tend to learn at a slightly faster pace than someone in their 50s or 60s but this should not put you off!

Golf is a wonderful leveler where skill and sound technique trumps athletic ability.

Once you have developed a consistent grip and swing, you can work on your fitness and athleticism to improve the quality of your golf, if that’s what you wish.

3. How Much Do Beginner Golf Classes Cost?

In general, golf beginner classes cost between $20 to $50 per lesson. These are group lesson prices and individual golf coaching can cost from $30 to $200 per session dependent on the coach’s level. Each lesson is around 45-60 mins. long and some coaches offer reduced rates for bulk lesson bookings.

These prices can vary though and the factors that may influence the price of starter golf lessons can include:

  • The level of the coaching instructor. A level 4 PGA coach can charge up to 5 times more than a level 2 coach.
  • The time of the day. Weekday mornings are often cheaper than evening golf classes because fewer people are available for coaching at these times.
  • The exclusivity of the golf course you are being at. Coaches at a public course will typically charge less than an exclusive country club.
  • Seasonality – golf lessons can be more expensive in the summer months where demand is greater.

The best way to get started is to call up your local golf club and ask about rates for beginners classes.

They will be experienced in guiding you in the right direction and understanding what type of beginner golf classes you need. As a beginner, do take advantage of their knowledge and ask them all the questions you have.

4. What Do Starter Golf Lessons Include?

Starter golf lessons typically include a brief overview of the sport, some basic etiquette rules you should be aware of, and an introduction to the three fundamental techniques of swing, stance, and grip that every golfer strives to master.

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Experienced golf coaches will know that many people will be nervous in these first lessons and that’s why they rarely concentrate on the mechanics of golf.

Once your coach is confident that you understand these basics they will then introduce more advanced challenges such as chipping, driving off the tee, and playing shots from the rough.

If you book block sessions (which is always recommended) you will most likely be given a detailed coaching plan that you can follow and you will know exactly what to expect from your classes.

This way, you can check on your progress and work on aspects of your game that need special attention such as your address, club selection, or putting.

5. What Should I Expect From My First Golf Lesson?

In your first golf lesson, you should expect to have some fun and your coach will focus on getting to know you a little better in order to help you improve at golf and enjoy the game as it should be played. Initially, starter lessons are all about enjoyment and building up your golf confidence.

After the first lesson, your coach might give you some activities to practice on your own at home.

This is a great way for an instructor to assess how much progress you have made between lessons and if there are any areas that you need more attention on.

A golf class for beginners is a great way to get started, and you can always progress onto an intermediate course if this sounds like something you’d enjoy.

6. Can You Learn Golf by Yourself?

It is possible to self-teach golf and become better at the sport. Many beginners choose a hybrid approach to learning the game of golf which includes some group coaching classes mixed with some practice. This is a very effective method in becoming a better golfer in the least time.

100% self-taught golf coaching is not recommended though.

How would you know what bad habits you’ve picked up? Correcting poor golf technique can take many months of consistent practice.

A golf coach will be able to assess your swing, give you accurate feedback, and guide you towards eliminating any bad habits that are slowing down your learning process.

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Whether you want to enjoy yourself at the local club or improve your handicap before playing in amateur competitions these starter golf lessons can help make golf more accessible to everyone.

7. Why is Golf so Difficult to Learn?

Golf is so difficult to learn because of the technicalities and varying mechanics that are required to master the sport. A golfer needs a sound, repeatable technique which can take years of dedicated practice on the golf course.

Not only do you need to master the swing, stance, and grip but there are also many different courses to play on which require a certain strategy for each one.

This makes golf a sport that is not only technical but also strategic.

In addition, beginners often feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of a golf course where there are many hazards to avoid and tricky obstacles to negotiate.

These can include bunkers, water hazards, trees, high rough grass, fast greens, and even wildlife lurking on the golf course that can have a big influence on your scores and confidence.

There is also the pressure of playing with other golfers who might be better than you which can make any mistakes feel ten times worse. This is often what puts beginners off and makes them think that “golf is too hard.”

The most important factor a golfing newbie should remember is that the whole point of playing golf is to have fun!

Are You Ready to Start Your Golf Classes?

Golf lessons for beginners are recommended because golf can be stressful and confusing to learn without the guidance of a good coach.

The first step is usually taking some starter golf lessons which will help you get acquainted with how it’s done, what to expect from your first lesson and any exercises that may need practicing at home after your first lesson.

You should also know that once you take beginner golf classes, there are different levels of courses available depending on whether you want something more simple or complex.

Golfing newbies also shouldn’t feel discouraged by the frustrations of playing golf – it’s all part of the game! So get yourself some starter lessons and enjoy the golfing experience.