What are Golf Pencils? 9 Facts You Didn’t Know

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The golf pencil is also commonly known as a short pencil, mini pencil, or hotel pencil and refers to a short-sized pencil, which is about three and a half inches long.

Opposed to the pencils that have been shortened due to excessive use and sharpening, the golf pencil is intentionally produced in a small size.

These specialist pencils for golf can be found in a variety of shapes e.g. round, triangular, hexagonal, with/without eraser, and with the option of choosing between the type of wood used in the production of the pencil.

An interesting feature is that golf pencils can also be customized through a lacquered cap or a ring.

What are Golf Pencils Used For?

Pencils are used in golf to keep score. The pre-sharpened pencil along with its eraser and granite core is very useful for golfers as it helps them record their scores accurately. The pencil has gained its name because of this specific use, although it is frequently used for other purposes as well.

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What is a Golf Sized Pencil?

The golf-sized pencil represents a regular pencil but in a much smaller size i.e. where a regular lead pencil ranges between seven and a half inches to nine inches, a golf pencil has the general size of three and a half inches or nine centimeters.

The size of the pencil allows it to easily be carried around by the golfers to record their scores, which is also why the pencil is famous for being a golf-sized pencil.

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The Lindenwood and Basswood body of the pencil and its PMA certified non-toxic nature make it safe and easy for use by golfers.

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How Much Does a Golf Pencil Weigh?

One golf pencil with a size of three and a half inches weighs about two ounces i.e. one point ninety-two ounces to be more specific. In grams, the golf pencil weighs around fifty-four grams whereas in kilograms weighs around 0.054 kg. 

The weight of the pencil accounts for the wooden body, the number two HB grade granite core, and any other customizations, nevertheless, the inclusion of the eraser may cause the overall weight of the pencil to vary.

In terms of use, the weight of the golf pencil is perfect for its size and with regards to its use, especially by a golfer.

How Big is a Golf Pencil?

The golf pencil comes with a length x width x height size ratio of five x two x three and a half inches. The pencil has been made as small as possible to allow the golf player to record their scores without the pencil taking up much more space than it requires.

These golf writing tools are often kept in the back of a scoring book or notepad that is safely tucked away in a golf bag.

Keeping a longer-sized pencil that requires sharpening before use or which lacks a good quality eraser can become problematic for golfers.

Because in the absence of a bench/table in the golf field the presence of a regular-sized pencil would hinder the golfers’ scorekeeping process.

Where to Buy Golf Pencils? (Best Place!)

Golf pencils can be bought from a variety of places i.e. local stationery shops, online stores, markets, etc. Because golf pencils are a common and everyday item, they are usually available in numerous places.

The best place is via online websites that offer a wide variety of golf pencils such as the Madisi golf pencils being sold the most, which are originally manufactured in China.

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Thus depending on the buyer’s urgency, the golf pencil can be bought from the corner stationery shop in a few minutes or can be received in a few weeks through online orders.

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Why Do Golf Pencils Not Have Erasers?

Golf pencils can include erasers and very high-quality ones indeed if the buyer wants a golf pencil with an eraser. The golf pencil eraser is equally small in size, latex-free, as well as non-toxic.

As mentioned earlier, golf pencils come in a variety of shapes and can be customized according to the liking of the buyer.

Thus, the pencil has two types i.e. one in which an eraser has been included and one in which the eraser has been eliminated.

Depending on the nature of the buyer’s use, golf pencils with erasers can easily be bought from different stationery and online stores.

What is a Pencil Golf Bag?

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A golf pencil bag is the smaller version of a regular golf carry bag, which allows the golfer to carry a few golf clubs at a time. The bag has enormously increased in popularity over time as it has increased the convenience for golfers.

The pencil bag is characterized by thin and lightweight features, which offer up to a 6-inch diametrical space.

Around 5-6 golf clubs can be easily carried in the space provided by the pencil bag, which makes the bag ideal for carrying a decent amount of clubs while still being able to perfectly fit in a car or locker given its slim design.

What Is a Ticonderoga Pencil?

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Since their origin in the late 1800’s Ticonderoga pencils are made in the United States of America and have over time become the world’s most recognized and trusted pencils given their high quality and persona.

A Ticonderoga golf pencil is different from a usual golf pencil in the sense that it is produced with better and higher quality wood and more sustainable wood sources. The Ticonderoga golf pencils are also special as they bring small erasers with them.

The entire product is a PMA certified non-toxic golf pencil whereas its erasers are also produced of high-quality and latex-free materials.

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What are Short Pencils Called?

Short pencils are also called stubby pencils. These come in a variety of designs and styles, which can be used by a golfer for their needs.

Short pencils are still the same when it comes to having similar features such as an eraser, wood body material, etc. but they are just shorter than regular-sized golf pencils.

You might have also heard them called:

  • Golf pencils (in golfing terms)
  • Mini pencils
  • Novelty pencils
  • Hotel pencils
  • Travel Pencils

Short pencils are the same as golf pencils but because of the small size and minimal weight of the pencil, the short pencil has ideally received this name.

In the golf world and its frequent use by golfers have given it the name of a golf pencil.

Likewise, the pencil is known by numerous names depending on where a person has most frequently seen or used it e.g. in hotel lobbies, golf courses, etc.

What are Custom Golf Pencils?

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Custom golf pencils are regular golf pencils with some minor changes, which make them seem apart from the usual golf pencil. Special events such as golf days, expos, and corporate events will often have a bowl of customized golf pencils with the name or logo of a business or charity.

You can also buy custom golf pencils from online retailers with options to change the color, pencil tip, etc. Many golf clubs will have complimentary customized golf pencils for their members to take out on the course.

Everything You Need to Know About Golf Pencils!

Golf pencils are perfectly sized and ideally shaped pencils that are simple in design and aimed at one important task – to fill in the scorecard!

After all, an incorrect scorecard in golf is a major problem as can lead to disqualification and a void on your golf handicap submission.

What pencil do you like to use? (Hopefully a sharp one!)