Swing Voice Caddie SC200 Plus+ Review

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When it comes to improving your golf swing or simply monitoring your overall level of play, a golf launch monitor can be of great help. Our Voice Caddie SC200 Plus+ review features a device used to measure different aspects that occur when a golf ball is struck by a golf club.

This helps the golfer understand ball flight better, which allows them to identify what they should do improve control of the ball.

Launch monitors will usually provide detailed information such as the ball’s speed and the angle at which it was launched. Through this, golfers are able to adjust certain elements to match up with their swing instead of constantly repeating their swings until they get the right feel to it.

PlayBetter Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ by Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor | Bundle Protective Case, AAA Batteries (x4) & Portable Charger | Doppler Radar | Smash Factor, Ball Flight

With the help of launch monitors, it’s become easier for golfers, especially professionals, to make improvements to their play. It has also helped them determine whether the changes need to be made with their ability to swing or with the equipment they use.

Golfing has become a competitive sport because of the technology that improves with it. Through launch monitors, a golfer will be able to have full control of how they play from the moment they make their swing to when the golf ball reaches a goal.

What is the Voice Caddie SC200, Swing Plus+?

Providing golfers with exact metrics on their play, Voice Caddie presents the Swing Caddie SC200, Swing Plus+. The device is a portable launch monitor designed for golfers to conveniently bring around particularly when they don’t have access to a driving range or a hitting net.

It’s roughly the size of a smartphone and weighs less than a pound, making it one of the most portable units. The device is easy to carry around and put away.

Like it’s elder version, the Swing Caddie SC200, it continues to provide features such as carry distance, swing speed, ball speed, smash factor and other information that can help a golfer identify where they should make their improvements.

PlayBetter Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ by Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor | Bundle Protective Case, AAA Batteries (x4) & Portable Charger | Doppler Radar | Smash Factor, Ball Flight

The biggest feature of this version of the model is that it comes with a Practice Swing Mode. This enables the golfer to practice their swing speed without having to hit an actual ball.

With the launch monitor’s newer features, golfers don’t need to be out on the biggest fields just to practice their swings.

How it Works

The Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ comes with a remote control to adjust different settings such as the loft angle, positioning, mode, club or target distance.

Simply place the device a few feet behind the ball after you’ve turned it on. After you choose your mode and club, it presents a simultaneous display of the swing speed, carry distance, ball speed and smash factor.

This launch monitor can be set into four different modes:

Practice Mode

In practice mode, along with your statistics, your time played and total shot count is displayed as well. The monitor registers your shot automatically and keeps the information on display until you make the next shot.

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Target Mode

With target mode, you will be able to see your consistency with targets. Each round in target mode is a total of 10 shots. After every swing, it displays statistics and a score out of 10 showing you how close your shot was to the goal.

Approach Mode

The Approach Mode feature sets random target distances as a way to challenge the accuracy of your swings. The launch monitor sets a random distance and waits for your shot.

PlayBetter Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ by Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor | Bundle Protective Case, AAA Batteries (x4) & Portable Charger | Doppler Radar | Smash Factor, Ball Flight

It displays your statistics after every shot and then presents you with a new target distance.

Practice Swing Mode

The new Practice Swing Mode displays your swing speed without hitting the ball. Set the monitor behind your clubhead and swing. It will automatically register your swing and head speed until the next shot.


The Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ features a design very similar to the past version. It comes in a gray color, with protective bumpers on each corner.

The size of the device is closely similar to the size of a smartphone, which makes it easily portable and convenient especially for golfers who have to move around frequently or come from further places.
The display’s design can also be comparable to that of a smartphone.

It presents your total playing time, total shot count and battery in a row at the top of the screen. Below this, it displays mode type and carry distance. The swing speed and ball speed are displayed in mph, while the smash factor is in decimals.

At the very bottom of the screen, you can find the type of club you’re using and the last loft angle that was set.

PlayBetter Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ by Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor | Bundle Protective Case, AAA Batteries (x4) & Portable Charger | Doppler Radar | Smash Factor, Ball Flight

The loft angle can be replaced with the maximum or minimum distance when you choose to present your overall stats.

The display is designed to be easily understandable and simple. It also comes with labels to help the golfer quickly identify which numbers are displaying certain stats.

The information is presented vertically, with rows only at the very bottom for the club type and loft angle.


For a portable, and generally smaller launch monitor, the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ performs uniquely. It comes with features that are yet to be established in other launch monitors. With these said features, this golf monitor makes a great buy for a price of less than $400.

Through the new technology utilized in the device, it is able to provide results of great accuracy. The precision a launch monitor as stated in this Voice Caddie SC200 Review provides plays a great role in the overall performance and use of the device, particularly because this is used to better skills and make adjustments where it’s needed.

The said monitor passes the mark when it comes to pinpointing the right readings.

The monitor also performs conveniently for the player. During continuous practice, it would be tiring to have to constantly go back and forth your position and the device’s placement in order to view your readings. Unlike the older version, it now has incorporated a voice monitor.

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PlayBetter Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ by Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor | Bundle Protective Case, AAA Batteries (x4) & Portable Charger | Doppler Radar | Smash Factor, Ball Flight

This way, the player is able to determine their distance output from the announcements made by the device rather than from going back to view it. This increases the device’s convenience, as well as efficiency.

Features and Tech Specs

The monitor is almost 6 inches in height and about 3 inches wide, which is similar to the common size of a smartphone. It weighs less than a pound at 7.3 oz with a 4 inch LCD screen.

The device runs on triple-A Alkaline Battery and would need four batteries to power. It can last you for up to 20 hours without breaks.

It also makes use of the latest Doppler Radar Sensor and can measure from 30 to 320 yards. With the help of this technology, the launch monitor can surely present precise results for all users.

This is also supported by the automatic barometric pressure calibration. There is also a voice output of distance, which allows the player to identify their distance without having to go back and forth to look at the device’s results.

PlayBetter Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ by Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor | Bundle Protective Case, AAA Batteries (x4) & Portable Charger | Doppler Radar | Smash Factor, Ball Flight

The Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ comes with greater features along with the features introduced in the previous version of the launch monitor. With the new version, the following improvements have been made:

  • While the output is displayed on the screen, the device can also voice out the distance after every shot. This allows a quicker reset between shots.
  • A built-in barometric pressure sensor automatically calibrates itself in order to provide accurate readings efficiently.
  • Ball speed and smash factor outputs are calculated and displayed to help measure your swing and allow you to improve the consistency.
  • Adjustable loft angle of each club to help in receiving the most precise reading possible.
  • Practice Swing Mode enables you to practice your swing speed without using or hitting an actual ball, wherein the head speed is displayed immediately after each swing. This also gives players the ability to improve their clubhead speed even without access to a driving range or a hitting net.
  • PlayBetter Protective Hard Case keeps the portable golf monitor looking fresh and new despite the number of times it is used in play.
  • Utilization of the latest Doppor Radar technology provides results of better precision regardless of the mode the user is using.

What we didn’t like so much…
While the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ has a lot of great features, it has minor issues when it comes to accuracy.

This occurs when calculating distances, wherein the reading for the shortest distance can be shorter than your average. However, this can depend on the type of club being used.

PlayBetter Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ by Voice Caddie Portable Golf Launch Monitor | Bundle Protective Case, AAA Batteries (x4) & Portable Charger | Doppler Radar | Smash Factor, Ball Flight

Common FAQs

Question: Does the product come with a USB portable charger or does it run off of a battery charger?
The Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ runs on a battery, which comes with a separate battery charger, and cannot be connected with the use of a USB charger. The batteries that come with the product are rechargeable.

Question: Can the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ be used connected to the internet?
Voice Caddie, the manufacturer of the product, states that the product can be connected to and used with the internet.

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Question: Can the loft angle on the clubs be changed?
Yes, the loft angle can be adjusted even for the clubs. This can be adjusted with the use of the remote that comes with the product when you purchase it.

Question: What does the device make voice announcements for?
The said launch monitor makes voice announcements for distance only. You can choose whether it should announce carry distance or total distance.

Question: Is there any major difference between the Swing Caddie SC200 and the SC200 Plus+?
Compared to the past version, the newer product has a barometer and temperature gauge which is used for pinpointing better accuracy.

The newer version also has additional features such as the practice swing mode, wherein you can practice your swings without having to hit a ball to make it count.

Question: Does the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ package come with a remote?
Yes, the remote control comes with the package when you purchase the product. The remote is not sold separately from the launch monitor.

Question: How far does the monitor sit in relation to the golf ball?
The launch monitor needs to sit about 3 to 5 feet behind the ball, along the back of your swing. It can also reach up to 8 feet behind depending on the mode you will be using.

Viable Alternatives to the Voice Caddie SC200 Plus+

For another affordable alternative, you can check out the Rapsodo MLM. Like the Voice Caddie’s product, it is a portable launch monitor that is similar to the size of a regular smartphone.

While it provides minimal data, the device is great when it comes to accuracy. Although it is easy to operate, it is made for outdoor use only.

The FlightScope Mevo is a pricier option that is still portable and provides good metrics.

It works well both indoors and outdoors and is considered affordable as well being under $500. However, it usually requires metal stickers on the balls to produce accurate results.


If you’re looking for a portable launch monitor for a low cost, the Swing Caddie SC200 Plus+ would make a great buy.

It has varying features and modes comparable to the kinds you would find in bigger professional launch monitors. Either way, you will be able to improve your overall skills with this device.

Golfers who are looking to improve their skills, especially those who are looking to join competitions and such, are likely to get the most benefit from this portable launch monitor. The device is made specifically to help golfers view their statistics in a simple manner.

Its portability and simplicity make it invaluable for competitive golfers who don’t have regular access to professional instructors and ranges, as well as for beginners aiming for improvement.

This golf monitor, with its newest feature, encourages golfers both starting and advanced players to practice their plays with better accuracy and ball control.