StrackaLine Reviews (Golf App and Book Breakdown)

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If you’ve ever watched a golf tournament, you will be aware that all players carry and rely on detailed yardage books to work their way around the course. And while some recreational golfers don’t bother with yardage books, they can be a super helpful addition.

Here, we take a closer look at StrackaLine, a company that prepares exceptional golf yardage and green guidebooks that are perfect for players at all levels.

We explain what you can expect from StrackaLine’s books and app (available on iOS and Android) and help you decide whether StrackaLine is the ideal choice for your golf game this season.

What is StrackaLine?

StrackaLine provides golf green reading and yardage books to golfers. Their guides are USGA compliant and offer exceptional detail and accuracy to any player looking to benefit from the most precise green reading.

StrackaLine Greens Guide and Yardage Book (Combo) for Cherokee Hills Golf Club - Catoosa,OK

The yardage books include complete tee to green measurements for every hole, with elevation changes and nuances clearly demarcated. There are also intricate fairway arrows highlighting the undulations in the course, helping golfers get a good read on what’s in front of them.

When you log in to your account on StrackaLine, you can search for a course in any US state via the online directory. Once you find the course, you can download the yardage book and green guide, and you’re all set for your game.

To help you decide if StrackaLine is the ideal course management tool for you, we take a closer look at their yardage books and green guides in the following sections.

Are StrackaLine Books Legal?

Yes, StrackaLine books are USGA legal. The introduction of Rule 4.3 has affected the use of yardage books, but StrackaLine books are still legal. This is because the green scale is limited to a ⅜ inch to five yards, which is legal as per the new USGA rules.

The rule amendment basically states that players can only use putting guides and yardage books of a specific size, and it’s not relevant to the intricacy of the data that is provided within.

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So, if you’re playing a course for the first time and wish to use a yardage book or green reading guide, you need to make sure that they’re no bigger than the size stipulated by the USGA or R&A.

As mentioned, StrackaLine books fall within what is legally permitted, making them a great choice for all golfers.

How Much Does StrackaLine Cost?

There are various costs to consider when ordering yardage books from StrackaLine. If you’re a collegiate golfer, StrackaLine offers a package for $1,100. It includes a host of benefits, including eight combinations for each course, elite digital access for daily hole locations, and books and tech for postseason events.

StrackaLine Greens Guide for Mohawk Park Golf Course: Woodbine - Tulsa,OK

Collegiate golfers are able to send in their playing schedule to StrackaLine ahead of time, and they will get to work on putting together the books for your upcoming season. This is a great way to get all of your course management guides done in one place.

Another pricing option is to order wholesale books for your golf course, which costs $30 per book for complete yardage books and $20 per book for greens-only guides.

Overall, the fact that you can buy detailed yardage and green books for your entire golf season from StrackaLine more than justifies the price point and gives you a great option when it comes to preparing for your upcoming schedule.

How Do You Read StrackaLine?

StrackaLine books have been designed to be easy to read and provide players with an exceptional level of detail and accuracy for the course in question. The contours of the course are shown by arrows, and the breaks of the greens are clearly demarcated on the diagrams.

Everything is to scale, meaning that you also get precise distances between hazards and other points on the course, enabling you to plan every shot before you take it.

StrackaLine books have been used on the PGA and LPGA Tours since 2007, and they’re a popular choice for NCAA golfers, too. They are among the most popular green books in golf and are a great option if you’re hoping to shoot lower scores.

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Once you create an account and sign up with StrackaLine, you can tune into the instructional video that explains in detail how to read the greens and use the yardage books to the best of your abilities.

Is there a StrackaLine App?

Yes, you can download the StrackaLine app for Android and iOS. The app is highly rated and allows you to take your detailed maps out on the course during practice rounds. As you will know, you’re not allowed to use a digital app during a competitive round.

The beauty of downloading the StrackaLine app is that you can store all of your course guides in the same place, keeping them on your phone to refer to throughout the season. The app also makes it really easy to search for new courses via the directory.

That being said, you don’t need to download the StrackaLine app to benefit from their yardage books and green books if you don’t want to.

You can order the yardage books or download the detailed course guides from the StrackaLine website and print them out into your own course guide. This way, you will have a paper copy that you can use during your round.

StrackaLine vs. Puttview

Like StrackaLine, Puttview provides green reading guidebooks to golfers. You can find yardage books and green maps for over 30,000 courses worldwide while benefiting from the exceptional standards that Puttview sets.

Each Puttview book is 6.5 x 3.75 and is USGA legal, ensuring it fits into a standard yardage book. What’s more, the green guides are scaled to no larger than ⅜ inch to 5 yards, ensuring you can use them in competitions without issue.

Puttview’s yardage books are just as detailed as StrackaLine’s, and they are perfect for golfers at all levels of the game.

As such, there’s not a great deal to choose between both brands, and they are both great options if you’re looking for an accurate on-the-course guide that you can trust.

StrackaLine vs. Golflogix

As one of the providers of golf’s original green books, Golflogix books are trusted by pros and recreational golfers all around the world. One of the most impressive features of Golflogix books is the heat maps, which enable you to analyze the precise slopes of the green on approach.

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Every green book comes with detailed information on putt breaks and benefits from an above-the-hole view, which is ideal for those difficult approach shots into a tight green.

Just like StrackaLine and Puttview books, Golflogix green books provide you with an exceptional level of detail when it comes to managing your golf game. You can also select from thousands of courses, ensuring the track that you’re playing at is covered.

Overall, there’s very little to choose between all three companies, and they all provide players with helpful, intricate details of the course that can undoubtedly improve putting and approach play.

Are There StrackaLine Promo Coupon Codes?

There are no StrackaLine promo codes at present. However, you can check in with StrackaLine’s website before placing an order, as they often offer great deals in the lead-up to the new golf season.

For instance, the aforementioned golf bundle is perfect for collegiate golfers, providing significant cost savings when you order all of your green guides and yardage books at the same time.

What’s more, you can also benefit from ordering wholesale yardage and green books if you’re residential golf professional. This makes more sense than ordering smaller batches of books from StrackaLine, as you can access significant savings.

Another way to keep an eye out for potential offers is to download the StrackaLine app. You don’t need to subscribe, and you can download the app for free. You will then receive regular updates when seasonal deals become available.


StrackaLine is one of the best services when it comes to yardage books and green reading guides. Whether you’re a committed club golfer, aspiring pro, or collegiate athlete, investing in a StrackaLine subscription can significantly improve your game.

You can get accurate and detailed reads of greens and tracks from more than 30,000 courses throughout the US, and it’s the ideal way to prepare for the long season ahead.

Ultimately, the golf books from StrackaLine will help you shoot much lower scores, and they’re a great addition for any competitive golfer.