Decade Golf System Review (Scott Fawcett) – Does it Work?

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Decade Golf is a golf course management system that has been endorsed at the highest level of the game. Used by pros including Will Zalatoris and Bryson Dechambeau, it’s little surprise that it has received such hype.

But what exactly is the Decade Golf system? How does it work? And who does it benefit?

To help you decide if your game will benefit, our Decade Golf reviews guide will explain everything we know about Scott Fawcett’s unique game management system below.

What is Decade Golf?

Decade Golf is a management system app that combines PGA Tour scoring statistics and shot distribution patterns and is the brainchild of Scott Fawcett. Simply, it helps you hone in on a target and produce the lowest score possible based on factors including pin location, distance, and hazards.

Decade is actually an acronym, standing for Distance, Expectation, Correct Target, Analyse, Discipline, Execute. Targeted at elite junior and amateur players, the Decade management system is designed to help players improve their scores by utilizing all of the available data.

Check out the video below from Scott Fawcett –  where he explains the Decade Golf system in more detail:

We look at the ins and outs of this highly-rated golf management system below.

How Much Does Decade Golf Cost?

There are two options when purchasing Decade Golf. Full Decade Seminar or Introductory Decade Session. The full seminar is priced at $300, while the introductory session is available at $125.

But what do you get for that price?

Well, the full session is Decade founder Scott Fawcett teaching the entire Decade game management system for 3.5 hours and will provide you with a full run-down of how the system works and how to implement it into your game.

Naturally, it’s recommended for those who really want to benefit from the unique approach to game management and covers all bases.

If you opt for the introductory session, you receive access to the first ninety minutes of Fawcett’s seminar, which outlines what Decade is in detail and how you can get the most out of it.

If you’re unsure about Decade and want to get a flavor for its benefits before committing the full $300, then signing up for the introductory session is a smart move. You can always upgrade and go for the full package if you like what you see and hear.

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Who Uses Decade Golf?

Decade Golf is available to all golfers, regardless of ability. However, given the fact that the management system focuses on individual metrics and relies on skill to be effective, it’s best suited to lower handicappers and experienced players.

It’s not really a game improvement system that beginners can benefit from a great deal.

It’s worth noting that Scott Fawcett designed the management system with elite juniors and amateur players in mind. Scott himself is a former golfer for Texas A&M, and he didn’t quite make it as a pro golfer, despite competing in the US Open in 1999.

Decade was born out of Fawcett’s disappointment, and he was determined to help golfers make the next step.

Decade Golf is endorsed by high-level Tour pros, including Bryson Dechambeau, Will Zalatoris, and Stewart Cink. They all credit Fawcett for coming up with an intricate game management system that has seen them improve their games to no end.

The bottom line here is that the people who will get the most out of this GMS have the skill and ability to execute the fine margins that are required to take advantage of the management system.

How Does the Decade Golf System Work?

The Decade Golf system is based upon Scott Fawcett’s knowledge of the game and his intricate planning methods. The best way to describe how the system works is to use Will Zalatoris as an example. Zalatoris finished second in the 2021 Masters, despite never playing the tournament before.

The reason he was so successful was that he used a system designed by Fawcett that explained to him where he needed to play his shots, how he needed to play them, and what he needed to avoid. Essentially, everything that Decade provides to golfers.

Zalatoris and Fawcett have worked together for years, and Fawcett has caddied for many other amateur and elite junior players, helping them develop the edge over their competitors.

Fawcett uses a broad range of techniques, including Google Earth and a range of PGA Tour statistics, to highlight how to play the toughest golf courses.

It’s helpful to look at Decade as a caddy+ product, as it comes with all the guidance and assistance you would hope for from a top caddy, but with the added bonus of accurate data and personalized tips based upon the course you’re playing.

Is the Decade Golf App Free?

The Decade Golf app is free to download and comes with in-app purchases. Powered by BirdieFire, you need to upgrade to a premium subscription to enjoy the benefits of the app. The premium subscription is called Foundations, and it is $99.99 for a six-month period.

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But what do you get for the price?

Over the course of six months, the app essentially walks you through how to become a better player. It explains in detail how to improve your course management and how to make smarter decisions when you’re playing a round.

Within the app are detailed yardage books that are compiled by pro caddies, consisting of top tips and what to look for out on the course.

As a foundation subscriber, you can also access a range of elite-level statistics that will show you how best to play the game.

Overall, the $99 subscription is definitely worth it for young golfers who are looking to take the next step in their golfing careers.

Equally, it’s great for low handicap players who are seeking an additional advantage when they take to the course for club competitions.

How Do You Use Decade Yardage Books?

To use the Decade yardage book simply locate your course, set the driving ‘ring’ (the distance you expect to hit the ball), and then click the button that requests your yardage book. After a couple of minutes, your yardage book will be ready to use as a PDF that you can download.

The yardage books are easy to access, and you can search for your course and how you want the yardage to be displayed.

Equally, you can print the yardage book off on your home printer or with the help of a print shop and slot it easily into the yardage book that you carry with you on the course.

This super helpful video sees Scott Fawcett introduce the new Decade yardage books and is well worth a listen.

We absolutely love the yardage book feature of the decade app, and it makes it so easy for you to map out a course that you’re playing for the first time.

This is one of the most impressive aspects of the Decade management system and will help your game no end.

Does the Decade Golf Strategy Work?

The Decade Golf strategy definitely works. Scott Fawcett and his team have been endorsed throughout the game of golf by the likes of Bryson Dechambeau and Stewart Cink. The Decade system has also featured on the Golf Channel and has been reviewed favorably by studio panelists and guests.

But the best evidence that the Decade Golf strategy works is the story of Will Zalatoris, as we have already introduced.

After playing so well at Augusta in 2021 and surpassing even his wildest expectations, Zalatoris said that Fawcett and Decade had “given me 25 years of experience in 5 days.”

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One important thing to note is that the Decade Golf management system is only really suitable for accomplished golfers. The reason for this is that you need to be able to play at a certain level to take advantage of the course management advice that you’re given.

Beginner golfers and high handicappers who struggle to keep the ball in play and are just looking to break 100 or 90, for instance, will struggle to execute the game plan that Decade requires.

As such, we would only recommend using it if you’re a single-digit golfer or an elite junior or amateur looking to make the step up into the professional game.

Is There a Viable Alternative to Decade Golf?

No, It’s fair to say that Decade Golf is truly one of a kind. While there are other golf course management systems out there, few can compare to the way in which Decade has been put together. This is because the knowledge of Scott Fawcett is what drives the app forward.

It’s very much a personal project of Scott’s, and this is one of the things that makes it so unique and special.

What we love about it is that it opens the door to the professional game and provides those on the outside with an opportunity to benefit from Tour-level course management advice.

While you can download other yardage book software and even other course management systems that you can use on your smartphone, it’s hard to find a comparable solution to Decade Golf.

As such, if you’re an elite amateur or junior golfer looking to improve your game, then we really can’t recommend Decade Golf enough. It’s well worth the investment and will provide you with that edge you’ve been looking for.

The Ultimate Golf Course Strategy System

Decade Golf by Scott Fawcett is one of the best golf course strategies we’ve come across. Specifically designed for capable golfers looking to take the next step in their careers (from amateur to pro, for instance), it provides you with unrivaled insight into strategy that will improve your game.

The seminar taught by Fawcett himself is enlightening and will revolutionize your game, and the app you can download to iOs and Android will provide you with yardage books for courses throughout the United States.

Overall, if you’re looking to improve your game management and win more tournaments, Decade Golf is the app for you.

You can download the app or sign up for the complete system over at Decade Golf. They even offer a free one-month trial.