In-Depth Tour Striker Educator Review

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To be the next Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus, you need hours of rigorous practice and might consider getting a little help from a good and well-reviewed golf trainer. There are numerous products in the market that could help you with your golf struggles but today we focus on the Tour Striker.

Perhaps you need one of those golf trainers. Such devices can improve accuracy and precision when making a swing. An excellent option is the Tour Striker Educator.

It belongs to the line of golf products by Martin Chuck, one of Golf Digest’s “Best Golf Teachers in America”. This is not only useful for those who want to build a career in golf but it can also be of great help to those who are playing just for fun.

Even if it is just a friendly game, it could be annoying not to make a good shot in front of your buddies. The training aid could help you save face by at least guiding you in your practices before an actual game.

Tour Striker Educator Golf Swing Trainer

It is extremely helpful in stepping-up to another level of playing golf and it is far cheaper than a golf instructor.

This Tour Striker Educator review is a must-read if you are contemplating whether this hand grip golf trainer can be useful to you.


The Tour Striker Educator is a hand grip golf trainer that guides the user in correct hand positioning and improves swing control. This training aid works by correcting swing errors and transmitting power during a golf swing.

Using this device, a golfer can make a powerful and controlled swing effortlessly. The device improves the user’s accuracy and works well for those struggling with chipping, pitch shots, control problems, slicing, hooking, putting, having rhythm, and transmitting power during a game.

The aim of the educator is for you to have the subtle awareness of what the hands are doing in the golf swing which is very crucial for your improvement in golf.

This Tour Striker Educator Review will provide a comprehensive guide of this golf training aid.

How Does it Work?

Generally, the Tour Striker Golf Educator aims to help improve the user’s technique and give detailed feedback after a shot. To be more specific, the trainer corrects swing fault by making the strike and the angle of the attack centered.

It works by fastening the educator in the grip of the club and keeping it pressed against the user’s lead forearm during a downturn so the player can receive feedback.

What it does is to keep the hands ahead of the ball during impact and control clubface rotation.

The training aid helps in fixing posture and alignment. This is essential in improving golf techniques and protecting the elbow from injury.

For a chip shot, for example, the educator allows the club’s shaft and the person’s arm to be in an impact alignment. With that, the golfer is able to position his hands correctly and make a good left heel pivot to create a rotary motion with the right radius.

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The shaft and the arm will not create a flippy motion as the chip is done, thus the ball will roll more than it flies. Same is through with the other techniques.

The educator is also helpful in locking and unlocking the club during pitch shots and in developing control as the little indicator arm helps the user be aware of what the clubface is doing. When it comes to improving a slice, the training aid can fix your grip and keep your elbow tucked during a backswing.

Tour Striker Educator Golf Swing Trainer

It can also stop hooking the ball by correcting posture to prevent the player from swinging too much to the left since it can start over-fading the ball. Golf putting can be improved by the device by keeping your hands still and centrally placed in front of your body allowing your wrists and elbows to swing the putter back.

With a proper stance, the golfer can attain good balance resulting in a good rhythm, tempo and transmission of power in every swing.


The Tour Striker Educator is a small golf training aid (great gift option) that does not take much space in the bag. Its U-shape makes it handy to the user.

The educator has a plastic arm that will help the player understand the feel of the tool and a curved metal piece or spike that is easily inserted into the weep hole and down the vent hole of the grip.

This spike could be inserted more easily with moisture in the grip and there should be at least one inch of this metal inserted into the shaft. The golf trainer has a cap and acts as a lock.

All you have to do is hold it down over the end of the golf club, push it gently, and the bend on the curve will make it a little tight.

Thus, excessive force must not be applied or else, the club could be damaged. Meanwhile, the indicator arm is parallel to the grooves to the face of the club.


Various user reviews reveal that many users are satisfied with this golf trainer. It is praised for its ease of use and its great help in improving the golfer’s performance.

Even coaches highly recommend this training aid for their students. Many testimonies claim that the educator was able to solve their wrist problems on their pitches and full swings.

Tour Striker Educator Golf Swing Trainer

After using the product, they were able to make an on-plane swing with a square clubface. Even if the educator is used only for a few days or for a couple of months, there will always be an evident improvement in the way you play every after use.

It challenges your body so you can correct your position, but it will not hurt or injure you.

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It is sturdy and strong so you do not have to worry about using it in a non-stop practice session until you have mastered your golf technique.

Generally, the training aid has excellent performance and this Tour Striker Educator review moves on to features and tech specs…


  • Provides instant feedback after a shot.
  • Ensures that the user’s hands are able to channel the golfer’s power.
  • Allows the user to know the distinction between “feel” vs. “real”.
  • Enable the mastery of clubface control, the key to accuracy and distance.
  • Perfect for drills addressing unwanted curves – hooks and slices.
  • Improves scoring shots by developing the skills to excel around the greens.
  • Helps improve rhythm and tempo.
  • Helps understand where the wrist must be positioned at impact.
  • Makes the user mindful of where the clubface is pointing and whether to flip it or not.
  • Allows the hand to stay flat and on contact during a swing to keep the clubhead square making shots straight.
  • Solves wrist lock problems on both pitches and full swings.
  • Lets the hands know what they are actually doing during the swing.
  • Have a self-tightening mechanism to prevent forceful insertion to the club’s shaft.
  • Demonstrates results after a few tries.

Technical Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 4.7 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches.
  • Shipping Weight: 5 ounces.
  • Color: White.
  • : One Size Fits All.
  • Warranty: Guaranteed from manufacturer defect and breakage for 30 days from date of purchase.

So now you know what the product looks like and it’s important features but what about the pros and cons?


  • Handy and small-sized.
  • Light-weight and compact.
  • Relatively cheaper compared to other training aids and having a golf instructor.
  • Easy to use and set-up.
  • Effective in medium to long term swing improvement.
  • Versatile in function – useful in short games, full swings and putting .
  • Durable.
  • Ideal for warm-up drills.
  • Does not have to be used in the greens – It can be used even when practicing in the backyard, office, or living room.


  • Can be a little tedious if using many clubs. Transferring the training aid from club to club could be tiring and time-consuming.
  • If not positioned properly, the educator can be prone to move and come out from the top attachment of the golf club.

Watch below as the guys at Tour Striker give you a brief demo on how the Tour Striker Educator works with some cool drills…

Tour Striker Training Aid: FAQs

Q: Does it work for either left and right handed?
A: Yes

Q: Does the Educator fit for mid-sized (one size larger than regular) grips?
A: The grip size has no effect on the educator. It can be used in both mid-sized and regular grips. The only part that attaches is the spike that slips into the hole at the top of the grip.

As long as there is a hole in the end of grip it will work.

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Q: Does it work for players who tend to hook the ball?
A: It helps with both hooking and slicing problems.

Q: How can I obtain a free video to help correct my problems with the Tour Striker Educator?
A: Go to the Tour Striker Website:

Q: Is the training aid legal on the course?
A: Yes. You can verify it by looking into the packaging or asking the course if they approve of the device.

Q: In case I break something in the educator after the warranty expires, can I still avail of the repair services?
A: Yes but replacement parts may be available for a nominal fee, plus shipping.

Q: Why does the warning include not using the Tour Striker Educator with loose-fitting sweaters or jackets?
A: The Educator arm may catch in the clothing resulting in breakage.

Q: Does the Tour Striker Educator work?
A: The educator can help correct and improve the user’s hand position when doing a golf swing.

Are there alternative training aids?

The Tour Striker Educator has been proven to be effective and has garnered good reviews. Despite this, there are other options available in the market that are worth considering.

Watson Hanger is a similar device that aids in tactile and visual feedback. It is a swing aid that helps correct muscle memory, but it is more costly, and it can move every after swing, so it has to be reset every time.

SWINGYDE is a lightweight swing aid that is easy to use because it has a U – shape. It only needs to be set where it belongs & kept there. However, using this may be tedious if one is working with different clubs.


This golf trainer is an excellent product that would be beneficial to beginners regardless if he or she is an early starter or a late bloomer.

It can also be useful for high handicappers and tactile learners. For golf pro teachers, this might be the right training aid to bring in the next lesson tee.

The Educator is a good companion in drills and warm-ups. This device is safe to use indoors and outdoors thus there is no need to practice in the greens and the training aid can be used to practice at home, in the office, or just in your backyard.

Though this tool cannot make you an overnight golf superstar, it can help you improve your golf techniques immensely. It corrects numerous problems that could make or break a shot by providing feedbacks on what you did wrong.

Also, it is a product from a reputable company that offers the most salable golf products. This training aid does not only improve the user’s performance but enhance the enjoyment of playing as well.

Enjoy the satisfaction of improving each day with the Tour Striker Educator and of course, practice and determination too!