BGT Stability Putter Shafts Review: Over-Hyped?

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In recent times, golfers have become increasingly aware of the important role that the shaft plays in the club’s composition. As a result, players at every level of the game are putting more thought into the shafts that they install on their putters.

With this in mind, this article takes a closer look at the Stability putter shaft from BGT and explains everything you need to know about its installation and performance.

We also explain what makes this shaft unique and help you decide whether it’s an ideal shaft for your putting preferences.

What are Stability Putter Shafts?

Stability putter shafts are the only shafts in golf that fit all putters, regardless of the make, model, and size. The Stability putter shaft is a product of Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) and is popular with recreational and professional golfers alike.

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One of the most impressive features of Stability putter shafts is the fact that it essentially prevents your putter from twisting during the execution of your putting stroke, which gives you a much better opportunity of sinking your putts.

Through patented, high-quality technology and materials, Stability putter shafts are widely regarded as among the very best in the game of golf.

Read on to learn more about this innovative putter shaft and discover the ways in which you can improve your short game by adding a Stability putter shaft to your bag this season.

Are Stability Putter Shafts Good?

There’s no doubt that Stability putter shafts provide an excellent option for golfers of all abilities. The shafts are famed for consisting of no more than one degree of torque, meaning that there’s very little twist possible in your putting stroke.

The Stability putter is the pioneering result of Barney Adams’ design, who is famed for his work with Tight Lies and other prominent brands in the golf industry. The shaft features a unique four-piece design with a carbon fiber upper, aluminium insert and sleeve shaft, and a lower steel shaft.

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As mentioned, you can attach a Stability shaft to any putter, regardless of the make and model that you carry in your bag. This is significant, as many putters require specific shafts due to their core design features.

The short answer is that the Stability putter shaft is one of the best in the business. It’s also available for a reasonable price given its build quality, making it an attractive option for golfers of all abilities.

How Do You Install a Stability Putter Shaft?

While it’s possible to install a Stability putter shaft yourself, BGT recommends that only qualified club fitters install the shaft.* This is due to the fact that installing a new putter shaft requires the right tools and know-how, or you can end up misaligning your putter with disastrous consequences.

The good news is that if you buy a Stability shaft, you can send your putter to BGT, and they will install it for free. Alternatively, you can take your Stability shaft to a club fitter in your area and ask them to fit it on your behalf.

As such, while many golfers feel comfortable with replacing grips on their golf clubs, we wouldn’t recommend changing your shaft without the help of a professional, as it’s a much more technical process.

So, if you’re buying a Stability putter shaft this season, consider sending your putter to BGT and they will take care of the installation for you.

Are Stability Shafts Aimed at Beginners?

Yes, Stability putter shafts are suitable for players at all levels of the game, beginners included. While many bespoke and unique putter shafts are available for specific putters, you can affix a Stability shaft on practically any putter ever produced.

The reason that they’re so popular with beginners and other recreational players is that Stability putters are extremely stiff and help you when it comes to executing straight, consistent putts that are on line. After all, who doesn’t want to improve the line of their putts?

While the Stability putter is well suited to beginners, the Stability Tour is better for professionals and lower handicap players.** The Tour putter is one of the newest within the Stability range and provides an alternative to the core model, which has been widely considered an excellent game improvement option.

The bottom line is that Stability shafts are perfect for anyone who wishes to improve the accuracy and roll of their putts, given the outstanding build quality of these shafts and the fact that they are engineered with very little torque.

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What Models are in the Stability Shaft Range?

There are several variations of the Stability putter shaft from BGT, including:

  • Stability Tour Black
  • Stability Tour Polar
  • Stability Tour Fire
  • Stability Tour Carbon

You can also buy Stability shafts for your wedges and woods, even though BGT has developed its reputation primarily as a brand for putter shafts. The above models are variations of one another and the core technology is the same within each of them.

Stability Shaft BGT Stability Carbon Putter Shaft - Blue, Gold, Red, Grey (Red)

The technology behind BGT’s Stability putters mitigates unwanted flex and twist in the putter stroke, delivering a shaft that is well weighted without being too stiff.*** It also doesn’t eliminate the feel associated with standard putters, which is super important to all golfers.

The resulting models within the Stability shaft range are uniquely designed with patented materials and offer you an unrivaled putting experience out on the greens.

Are Stability Shafts too Heavy?

One criticism laid at the door of Stability shafts is that they are too heavy, but is it warranted?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for in a putter. If you’re used to lightweight graphite shafts that are common in game improvement clubs, you might think that the Stability shaft feels a bit heavy.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and the excess weight is actually a result of the stiffness of the shaft. While BGT has tried not to make the Stability models too stiff, they are still considerably stiffer than what many golfers are ordinarily used to.

Therefore, when you use a Stability shaft for the first time, it might feel as if it’s too heavy but know that it has been designed that way, and it is actually why the shafts are so popular.

When you spend some time out on the range practicing your putting, you will get used to the heavier and stiffer feel of the Stability shaft, and your putting stroke will improve in no time at all.

Can You Extend a Stability Shaft?

You can order the correct size of the Stability shaft for your height, and BGT even offers a long putter shaft, which can be ordered between 37.5 and 40 inches, depending on your preferences.

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As mentioned earlier in the article, the best way to affix your new Stability shaft is to send your putter to BGT, as they will install it for you free of charge with any new order.

Equally, if you’re planning to adjust the length of your putter and other clubs, there’s no reason why you can’t take your clubs to a local club fitter who will be able to adjust the lengths of the clubs on your behalf.

While you can easily change the grips on your clubs, adjusting the length of your shafts is a technical job that takes expertise and know-how, so it’s really important to leave it in the hands of an experienced club fitter.

Stability Shaft vs. LA Golf Shafts

There are undoubtedly some similarities between the Stability Shaft from BGT and the TPZ putter shaft from LA Golf. They are both stiff, low torque shafts that enable golfers of all abilities to improve the accuracy and roll of their putts.

The TPZ shaft recorded an impressive seven wins in its first year on Tour and has set the record for the most strokes gained in a putting tournament. In other words, it comes with some pretty impressive credentials.

LA Golf manufactures its shafts from premium-grade graphite, and it certainly competes with the Stability shaft as far as technology is concerned, meaning that there’s very little to choose between the two.

As such, the Stability shaft from BGT and the TPZ shaft from LA Golf are excellent options if you’re looking for a stiff, low torque shaft to add to your putter this season.


While many golfers don’t put a great deal of thought or attention into the shafts that they use on their putters, the reality is that the Stability shaft from BGT offers remarkable control and roll on the greens.

This is because it has been engineered with a low degree of torque and comes with a stiff shaft, which eliminates some of the motion when you execute your putts.

 So, if you’re looking for an excellent shaft to affix to your putter this season, the Stability putter shaft is undoubtedly worth considering.