Golf Shaft Adapter: How to Remove & Fit Quickly!

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Removing and installing a golf shaft adapter is a relatively simple job, and it’s a great way to save money when buying new shafts or club heads.

But if you’ve never worked on your golf clubs, it can be a fairly daunting process. With that in mind, we run through everything you need to know about installing or removing a shaft adapter.

By the end of the article, you will have all the information that you need to ensure that you can make the necessary adjustments to your golf clubs.

What is a Golf Shaft Adapter?

A golf shaft adaptor enables you to easily change the golf club shaft if you need to connect it with a club head of a different brand. For instance, an adapter would enable you to take the shafts from your current Callaway clubs before installing them on your new set of PXG irons.

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The reason why a shaft adaptor is important is that the club head connectors are different from brand to brand, and not all golf shafts are universal. This is why it’s so handy to have a shaft adapter at hand, particularly if you find yourself changing clubs frequently.

Shaft adapters that you can order online have been designed in such a way to ensure that they are compatible with practically all club make and models and make your life so much easier when switching between brands.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about buying, installing, and removing shaft adapters, to help you as you make the change to a new set of clubs or shafts this season.

What Does a Golf Shaft Adapter Do?

Golf club shaft adapters make it possible to switch your shafts onto new club heads, which is important if you want to change your clubs but keep the same shafts. Equally, shaft adapters allow you to make minor adjustments to the performance of your clubs.

Shaft adapters are sometimes called shaft adapter sleeves, and they can be installed in the section of your club that links the shaft with the club head. Without an adapter, it’s pretty difficult to make the changes that you need between clubs.  

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The great thing about shaft adapters is that they make it possible for golfers of all abilities to change between the clubs and shafts in their bags instead of necessarily buying brand new clubs and shafts.

As we explain below, most shaft adapters are interchangeable, meaning that you can use them on various shafts and club heads, regardless of the brand in question.

Are Golf Shaft Adapters Interchangeable?

While most golf shaft adapters are interchangeable, it depends on the type of adapter that you invest in. However, most adapters can be secured to your shafts with an Allen wrench, and you can then use them to install the shaft on your chosen woods, drivers, or irons.

Remember, the reason that shaft adapters are required in the first place is that not all shafts are interchangeable with other brands. This can make it difficult (or impossible) to take your current shaft and place it on a new set of club heads.

However, with a suitable adaptor, you can easily utilize your current shafts and add them to your new golf clubs, which is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your golf equipment this year.

One thing to note is that you may need to buy different shaft adaptors for specific clubs, so you might have one adapter for your driver and another for your irons, for instance.*

How to Remove an Adapter from a Golf Shaft?

Although it’s relatively straightforward to remove an adapter from a golf shaft, it can be daunting if you’ve never taken your clubs apart before. Therefore, you will find this video super helpful to walk you through the steps that you need to follow.**

However, if you have some experience working with your golf clubs, here are the basic steps you need to follow to remove the adaptor from your shaft:

  • Use a heat gun to apply heat to the barrel of the adaptor in order to remove it from the shaft. Next, grab a hook blade or Stanley knife and slice into the barrel. It should then be easy to prise off.
  • Insert an adaptor screw (widely available online) into the shaft adapter and screw it tightly into the shaft. It will serve as a brace that you can use for the next steps, and it will help you remove the epoxy.
  • Using your heat gun, add some more heat to the adapter to soften it up. You can then load the adapter into a vice, which will help you break down the epoxy and remove the adaptor.
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As mentioned, the process is relatively straightforward if you have the know-how and tools, but it’s a job best left to the experts if you’re not confident.

How Do You Install a Golf Shaft Adapter?

To install a shaft adaptor, your first job is to clean it out with a drill (if you’re using a used adaptor). This is important because it removes any residue from previous epoxy applications.

You can then apply your chosen epoxy to the adapter before securing it in place on your shaft. It’s best to use a maximum strength solution, as it’s really important that the adaptor is secured in place and doesn’t come loose.

Again, you need to have the necessary tools at your disposal to correctly install a golf shaft adaptor, and it’s helpful to follow a tutorial if you’ve never taken your shafts apart before.

This helpful tutorial from McGolf Custom Clubs is ideal if you’re looking for a step-by-step club fitter guide on how to install a golf shaft adaptor.***

What Epoxy is Best to Use for Application?

We recommend using a maximum-strength epoxy solution when installing a shaft adapter to your golf clubs. As mentioned, this is because it’s extremely important for the adapter to be solidly affixed and not come loose when you swing the club.

GolfWorks has a great full-strength epoxy that is trusted by club fitters around the world and is a great place to begin your research.

However, you can also buy epoxy from Home Depot or any other hardware store that should work well for installing a golf shaft adaptor, but you should make sure that it’s max strength wherever possible.

After all, the last thing you want is for your adaptor to come loose when you swing your golf club on the range for the first time!

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Can You Reuse a Shaft Adapter?

Yes, you absolutely can reuse a shaft adaptor, and it’s a good idea to do so. However, if you’re planning to reuse a shaft adaptor, you need to be really careful when removing it, as you won’t be able to reuse a damaged adaptor.

We introduced the steps above that you can follow when removing an adaptor, and they will help you remove it safely from your shaft without damage.

Don’t forget to use a drill to clean out the residue of epoxy, as old epoxy will affect how well the new application keeps your shafts in place on your new golf clubs.

If you end up damaging your shaft adaptor during the removal process, it’s best to order a new one, as it’s not a good idea to add a potentially damaged adaptor to your clubs just to try and save some money.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Shaft Adapter?

The cost of replacing a shaft adaptor largely depends on how you go about doing it. For instance, if you have the skills and necessary tools at your disposal, you can replace your shaft adaptor for next to nothing. You only need to buy epoxy.

However, if you aren’t confident about doing it yourself, it will cost anywhere between $10-$50 to hire a club fitter to replace a shaft adaptor on your behalf. Of course, if you need to buy a new shaft adapter, you also need to factor this into the price of the replacement.

Shaft adapters themselves are cheap and cost anywhere between $10 and $20, depending on the type of golf club and shaft that you have.

So, replacing the shaft adapter on your golf clubs is a relatively inexpensive job, particularly if you set about doing it yourself.


Shaft adapters can be an excellent addition to your golf clubs, particularly if you’re planning to make slight adjustments to your clubs or if you’re hoping to use your current shafts on new club heads.

We hope that you now have all the information that you need to install or remove a golf club shaft adaptor or feel free to reach out to a local club fitter to ask them to do the work on your behalf.