Oban Golf Shafts Review: Are They Worth It?

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When it comes to buying the component parts for your golf clubs, the shafts you choose have a big difference in the performance of your clubs. One of the leading brands in the golf industry is Oban, a Japanese company renowned for producing high-quality shafts.

But what exactly can you expect from Oban shafts, and are they worth the money? Also, how do you know which Oban shaft to add to your golf clubs?

In this article, we explain everything that you need to know about fitting Oban shafts to your clubs and introduce you to the different options within the current Oban range.

What are Oban Golf Shafts?

Oban is a manufacturer of high-quality shafts for irons, woods, and hybrids and is a brand that has developed an impressive reputation in recent years. They produce a range of steel and graphite shafts, which are ideal for players at different levels of the game.

Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue 45 Graphite Wood Shaft, Senior Flex - 44g .335 Tip

One of the most impressive things about Oban shafts is that they are extremely stable, durable, and offer high levels of performance, which are all important for golfers at different levels of the game.

Oban shafts are also available for a good price when compared to some other branded shafts, which is another reason why they’re so popular with golfers at all levels of the game.

So, read on to find out everything you need to know about Oban golf shafts as you decide whether this leading brand is a good option for your golf clubs this year.

How Much Does Oban Golf Shafts Cost?

Oban shafts start at $75, which is a reasonable price for such a high-quality golf shaft.* You can order Oban shafts for your irons, hybrids, and woods, whether you’re looking for replacement shafts for your current clubs or an entirely new set of shafts for a custom set that you’re planning.

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Of course, when you’re buying new shafts for your golf clubs, you need to take into account the other costs associated with the purchase. For instance, you need to budget for the epoxy and a shaft adapter (if required), depending on the brand that you opt for.

Alternatively, and if you’re not confident with installing the shafts yourself, you can pay a custom club fitter to work on them for you. Although this significantly adds to the cost of your shafts, it’s worthwhile if you don’t have any experience working with golf clubs.

But the RRP of Oban shafts is $75 per shaft, and you need to think about the other associated costs before committing to a purchase.

What Clubs Can You Install Oban Shafts On?

You can fit Oban shafts on irons, woods, or hybrids. They have graphite and steel shafts available, meaning they’re ideal for players at all levels of the game. Whether you have the latest blades from PING or a game improvement set of clubs, you can find Oban shafts to suit your clubs.

Oban Kiyoshi White 65 Stiff Shaft + Callaway Epic/Rogue/Bertha Tip + Velvet Grip

One thing that you need to be mindful of is that some shafts don’t necessarily fit with specific club heads, and compatibility largely depends on the manufacturer. But to solve this issue, you can invest in a shaft adapter, which enables you to connect practically any club head to any shaft.

This is an important step to take if you’re switching your current shafts to Oban, and the good news is that shaft adapters are relatively easy and inexpensive to install.

But given the impressive selection of shafts in the current Oban range, you can install these high-performing graphite and steel shafts on practically any club that you have in the bag, making them a great option for recreational players.

Oban Shaft Fitting Chart

If you’ve decided that you want to install Oban shafts on your golf clubs this season, the following information will be super helpful as you make preparations for your new shafts:


Shaft Weight Launch Spin
AirBurst Cobalt67’Mid-highLow-mid
AirBurst Burgandy55’Mid-highLow-mid
Kiyoshi Tour LTD58’Mid-highMid
Kiyoshi white58’MidLow-mid
Isawa GLD58’Mid-highLow-mid
Devotion HB58’MidLow-mid
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Shaft Weight LaunchSpin
Kiyoshi black hybrid92’MidLow-mid
Revenge hybrid67’HighMid-high
Kiyoshi purple hybrid98’Mid-highLow-mid
Devotion hybrid84’MidMid
Kiyoshi white hybrid96’MidLow-mid
Isawa red hybrid70’Mid-highMid


Shafts Weight LaunchSpin
OI Series graphite75’MidHigh
Steel CT88-125gMid-highLow-mid

As you can see, there are lots of different shafts available within the Oban range, and you can also choose your preferred flex. Hopefully, the above charts will help you as you decide on the best Oban shafts for your game.

Who Makes Oban Golf Shafts?

Oban shafts are made in Japan by the company itself. Their tour-designed shafts feature AirBurst technology and ultra-thin ply fabrication techniques. In other words, Oban shafts are an outstanding option for golfers of all abilities.

In terms of the company’s profile, Oban is a subsidiary of Shimada, a giant Japanese manufacturing company that is known for its expertise in manufacturing products and appliances in various industries.

As such, Oban is one of a wide variety of high-profile Japanese brands that are extremely popular in the golf industry, alongside the likes of Mizuno and Honma, for instance.

Therefore, if you’re looking for shafts for your clubs from a leading manufacturer, you can buy in confidence that Oban shafts are among the best in the business and will provide you with outstanding quality and value.

Do Any Pros Use Oban Shafts?

While Oban shafts are super popular in the game improvement market, they are also trusted by some of the biggest names in the game. For instance, the likes of Kevin Streelman, Matt Every, Billy Horschel, Jerry Kelly, and John Rollins all play Oban shafts.**

What’s particularly impressive about Oban’s prevalence on the PGA Tour is that no players are paid to play the brand, and those that have Oban shafts do so out of preference as opposed to a paid sponsorship agreement.

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This is significant, as it highlights the fact that many of the best players on the PGA Tour have sought out Oban shafts because they’re excellent, not just because they’re paid to use the brand.

So, given the fact that lots of professional golfers use Oban shafts, you can be confident that these high-performance steel and graphite shafts are a great option for you this season.

Oban Shafts for Sale?

Helpfully, there are lots of places online where you can buy Oban shafts for sale. The easiest place to order them is directly from the Oban online store, but you typically need to order them in advance due to their popularity.

Another option is to order Oban shafts from Dallas Golf.*** Something that we like about the collection of Oban shafts available at Dallas is that they are available as combos, so you can buy the shafts, adapters, and even grips that you need to affix to your golf clubs.

As mentioned, you can buy Oban shafts for irons, hybrids, and woods, so you can essentially equip your entire bag (wedges and putter excluded) with the latest graphite or steel Oban shafts to improve your game.

The bottom line is that Oban shafts are among the best in the business, as evidenced by the fact that they’re popular with recreational and Tour players alike. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality shaft for your clubs, Oban is a brand worth considering.


While it might not necessarily be the first brand that you think of, Oban is a serious player when it comes to manufacturing and producing outstanding golf shafts, as explained throughout this article.

The Japanese manufacturer is renowned for quality graphite and steel shafts, the latter of which are trusted by some of the leading players on the PGA Tour.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether Oban is the brand for you, we encourage you to consider this leading Japanese manufacturer, as their shafts are of outstanding quality.

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