What KBS Golf Shafts Should I Use? (Chart and Fitting!)

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There are several crucial component parts to your golf clubs, and the shaft type is certainly one of them. One of the leading golf shaft manufacturers is KBS, with a stellar reputation among Tour professionals and amateur players alike.

But what KBS golf shafts should I use? And what are the different shafts you can buy?

Here, we take a closer look at what you can expect from KBS golf shafts and help you decide if this impressive brand of golf shafts is a good option for you this season.

Are KBS Golf Shafts Good?

KBS shafts are among the best in the business and are trusted by Tour players and amateur golfers alike. Created by renowned shaft designer Kim Braly, the KBS Tour Series features advanced steel shaft technology and offers outstanding results.

More than 150 Tour players equip their clubs with KBS shafts, highlighting their popularity with golfers at the very top of the tree. KBS shafts have been popular on Tour since 2008, with various iterations and releases available.

As you are probably aware, choosing the right shafts for your golf clubs is extremely important and can make or break your performance out on the golf course. So, the fact that KBS shafts have such a great reputation means that you can buy them in the confidence that they will serve you well.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about KBS shafts, from the different options available to you and the ideal shaft for your game.

What are the Different KBS Shafts?

Having been manufacturing golf shafts since 2008, there are so many different KBS shafts available to golfers.* Options include:

  • 560 series
  • 580 series
  • $-taper
  • $-taper HT
  • $-taper LITE
  • C-taper
  • C-taper LITE
  • FLT series
  • Hybrid
  • Tour
  • Tour V
  • Tour LITE

Each of the shafts is available in different flex configurations and has different features and properties, meaning it makes sense to consider the different options available to you before settling on the perfect option for your game.

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As the name suggests, the Tour options (Tour, V, and LITE) have been designed with professional players in mind and are those which are typically used by players competing on the PGA and other tours.

What Flex are KBS Shafts?

As is the case with most shaft manufacturers, KBS offers their shafts in various degrees of flex. This is important, as the ideal flex of the shaft on your clubs depends on a range of factors, and what is suitable for one won’t be suitable for another.

For instance, you can order the $-taper KBS shafts in R, R+, S, S+, and X, offering you multiple configurations depending on your preferences as a golfer. Regular shafts are ideal for most players and come as the standard option on most shop-bought golf clubs.

The fact that KBS are steel shafts means that they come with a greater emphasis on control and are particularly popular with better players. Graphite shafts are more popular with beginner and recreational players.

So, be sure to consider the flex options available to you before ordering a KBS shaft, as the shaft flex that you choose will significantly affect your game.

Do Pros Use KBS Shafts?

According to KBS, more than 150 professional golfers use their shafts on their clubs, highlighting how popular KBS shafts are at the top of the game. Specifically, the likes of Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, and Adam Scott all use KBS shafts.**

Most professional players use the stainless steel KBS Tour series shafts, as they have been engineered with long hitters in mind. They support guys with high swing speeds to get maximum distance, which is what elite-level golfers are hoping for off the tee.

But just because KBS shafts are used by pro golfers, it doesn’t mean that they’re not appropriate for recreational players, too. As introduced above, there are so many KBS shafts available, meaning there is an option for every golfer’s preference.

However, if you’re keen to replicate the likes of DJ, Lefty, and Adam Scott, you should take a look at the KBS Tour shafts and see which you would like to add to your golf clubs this season.

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What KBS Shaft Type Should I Use?

While KBS has long been known for producing outstanding steel shafts, they have also included graphite and wood shafts in their range in recent times.*** Graphite shafts are a great option for beginner golfers, as they’re more forgiving and are the ideal option for game improvement clubs.

When choosing your shaft from KBS, it’s important to think about what you’re looking for before settling on the ideal shaft for you. You need to think about flex, performance, and cost, all of which will influence your decision.

For recreational golfers, the 560 and 580 series are good options, while single-digit handicappers and elite-level amateur players are likely to benefit from the KBS Tour Series shafts. If you’re not sure about which shaft to opt for, you can always reach out to the customer service team at KBS for further advice.

Equally, you will find the following chart really helpful as we run through some of the key characteristics of KBS shafts and help you decide which is best suited to your game.

KBS Shaft Chart

Given the fact that the specifications vary from shaft to shaft, the table below is a helpful illustration of what you can expect from the different models within the KBS range:

Shaft Weight Flex OptionsFinish
$-Taper110-130gR, R+, S, S+, XChrome/Blk PVD
$-Taper Lite95-105gR, S, XChrome/Blk PVD
C-Taper110-130gR, R+, S, S+, XBrushed satin
C-Taper Lite105-115gR, S, XBrushed satin
KBS MAX102gR, S, XChrome
FLT110-130gR, S, XChrome/Blk matte
Tour steel110-130gR, R+, S, S+, XChrome
Tour V100-120gR, S, XChrome
Tour 80100gR, SChrome
Tour 9095-102gR, SChrome
Tour 105105-115gR, S, XChrome
560/580 series80-89gR, SChrome

As you can see, there are lots of differences between the shafts available from KBS, so it’s worthwhile thinking carefully about what you’re actually looking for in a shaft.

The chart provides you with accurate metrics in terms of weight, flex, and finish, enabling you to choose the ideal KBS shaft for your game.

What is the Heaviest KBS Shaft?

There are several KBS shafts that weigh up to 130g, including the $-Taper, C-Taper, FLT, and Tour steel shafts. If you opt for a heavy KBS shaft, your ball is more likely to fly low and generate less spin than if you play with a lighter shaft.

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As a result, heavier shafts can help you hit the ball further, but it’s certainly not a guarantee that you will, given the various other factors that contribute to your distance.

If you’re looking for what KBS golf shafts should I use – we recommend you consider a lighter shaft, KBS includes several ‘Lite’ options within their range, and the $-Taper LITE and C-Taper LITE are particularly popular options for players looking for something less heavy for their irons.

The weight of a shaft is an important metric to consider when you’re looking to increase the quality of your golf clubs, so be sure to use our KBS chart above to help you identify the best shafts for your game.

What are KBS Shafts Made of?

The vast majority of KBS shafts are made of stainless steel, although they have introduced graphite and wooden shafts to their range in recent times.

Generally speaking, steel shafts are heavier and more durable than graphite shafts, weighing anywhere between 90 and 130g. Another thing to note is that torque or lateral twisting is lower in steel irons than it is in graphite shafts.

As a result, many professional players and single-digit amateurs choose stainless steel over graphite shafts, while beginner golfers and those looking for game improvement clubs typically choose graphite.

KBS is one of the leading producers of stainless steel shafts on the market, so you can buy from them in confidence that their shafts will help your game progress.


While many people overlook the importance of shafts when buying or amending golf clubs, the reality is that it’s such a crucial aspect of the club’s makeup to consider.

As explained throughout, KBS shafts are of extremely high quality, and the fact that they’re made from high-quality stainless steel makes them a great addition to your clubs this season.

So, if you’re on the fence about investing in KBS clubs and wondering what you should use, we advise you to go for it, as they will help your game in numerous ways.


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