One Bad Golf Cart Battery? (Best Option to Fix!)

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Golf cart batteries and powertrain setup are not like cars, they have a layout of 4, 6, or 8 batteries and are connected for optimal power, voltage, and lower resistance.

If you’re having difficulties with your golf cart battery, we’ve got practical solutions for you to implement. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about replacing just one battery, charging them, and the prices of golf cart batteries.

We have also handpicked three good-priced individual golf cart batteries and one pack of 6 in case you were looking to replace one bad golf cart battery or a complete set.

Can I Replace Just One Golf Cart Battery?

Technically it is possible to replace just one battery on your golf cart, but it is not recommended to do so. It may seem like a cost-saving idea to change the one faulty battery but it can cause technical issues, lag in performance, and overall charging problems.

Golf carts have 4-6 batteries working together, and any of them could go bad. Although it might look smart to change that faulty battery only, that doesn’t make sense in the long run.

If you’ve been recommended by someone to replace just the faulty battery, get a second opinion from a qualified, expert technician. If only one battery in the circuit is replaced, certain problems can appear such as charging issues, poor battery life, and battery imbalance.

Replacing all the batteries for just one problematic piece can seem costly and time taking, it is better for your golf cart in the longer run.

How Do I Know Which Golf Cart Battery Is Dead?

To check which one of the batteries has gone bad in your golf cart, there are various ways to check and narrow down the dead battery. The 3 standard checks to make are looking at electrolyte levels and checking the current with a multimeter or voltage meter.

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If you’ve felt a recent performance decline in your golf cart or have noticed discharge coming from the battery area, there’s a chance that one of your golf cart batteries is dead and needs replacing.

Use any of the following methods to diagnose which one from the battery chain of your golf cart has died:

  • To check the voltage of each individual battery, use a multimeter to inspect all the batteries and find the one with the lowest voltage.
  • Using a hydrometer to analyze the gravity of each battery’s electrolytes might help you find the source.
  • Check the acid level in each battery and inspect the terminals.
  • You can also seek expert assistance from a specialist to get a diagnosis.

How Can You Tell the Age of a Golf Cart Battery?

The proven way to check the age of a single golf cart battery is look at the printed code on the terminals. The first letter represents the month and the number that follows is the year of manufacture. An “F13” stamp for example, would indicate a June, 2013 production date.

If you’re planning to buy a used golf cart or looking to change your own cart’s batteries, you ought to know how old they are.

You can also have a rough idea by looking at the condition of the batteries, but to know for sure, always check code written on the side of the terminal that tells the exact age.

Can You Mix and Match Golf Cart Batteries?

It won’t stop your golf cart from running but mixing different types of batteries or older with newer batteries would be harmful to the performance and overall range of the cart. So it is not recommended to do so.

Golf carts have 4 to 6 batteries working in harmony and making a complete circuit, powering the motors and other components. It is important that voltage, amperage, and resistance values are matching so that then charging/discharging cycles, along with the performance remain optimal.

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If you mix and match golf cart batteries, the 3 following problems can occur:

  1. Battery overcharge, leakage, and damages.
  2. Poor performance and reduced electric range.
  3. Expensive repairs and maintenance repairs.

How Much Does a Single Golf Cart Battery Cost?

Golf cart batteries are of different types, voltage, and ampere value. So, all of these have different prices. Expect to pay $150-400 for a single battery and $800 to $2,000 for a full pack of batteries. The best, lithium batteries are the most expensive.

Usually, you would be paying for a pack of batteries, but in some cases, you might only need one battery. It is a cheaper option and easier to replace, so let’s have a look at the prices of individual batteries:

  • Weize 12V 75Ah Deep Cycle Battery: approx $150 (web link)
  • 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery: approx $320 (web link)
  • 12V 20Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery: approx $190 (web link)

For a full pack of 6 deep cycle golf cart batteries we have found the Trojan to be an excellent choice at a cheap price (web link).


How Often Should You Replace a Golf Cart Battery?

On average, batteries on a golf cart should easily last 6 to10 years if looked after properly, but the exact replacement time depends on the usage of the owner and how well they maintain it.

Golf cart batteries are usually quite sturdy and long-lasting, but the actual time of replacement depends on the usage and care, such as:

  • How often is the golf cart used? Frequent usage demands early replacement.
  • Are the batteries properly charged? (no over-charging).
  • Are the batteries and motors serviced regularly?
  • Cart is not left plugged in for days.

On average, you’d need to change the golf cart batteries every 6 – 7 years, and it is ideal that you replace the whole pack together, and not individual batteries.

Signs that indicate the time has come to change your golf cart batteries include:

  • Poor performance and reduced power output.
  • Quickly discharging batteries and reduced electric range.
  • Leaking or sparking batteries.
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Can Golf Cart Batteries Be Charged Individually?

Yes, golf cart batteries can be charged individually, especially if the cart was parked in the garage for months. There are several ways to charge your golf cart batteries individually and are not that complicated to do.

You can charge your golf cart batteries individually by different methods. You can either use an automobile or car battery with jumper cables or use a 6V/12V car battery charger.

Before you try to charge the batteries individually, make sure that the water level in your batteries is topped up to the optimal level.

Of the two methods mentioned, the jumper cable method using a car battery is the least expensive but a bit complicated, while the one with a portable charger is relatively simpler and makes it easy, even for a layman to charge the golf cart batteries individually.


Golf carts are powered by a pack of 6-8 batteries, that form a complete circuit and power the motor.

These batteries usually have the same voltage and amperage, with a low resistance to allow maximum output. If any of the batteries in the car pack goes bad, there are different solutions to that problem.

Although you could technically change the one faulty battery, it disturbs the circuit and power distribution which hampers the efficiency and turns out to be costly in the longer run.

It is ideal that you change your golf cart batteries all at once and get expert services for that.

It is also not advised to mix and match different batteries and the best idea is to use similar batteries. The batteries on a golf cart usually last 6 – 10 years with proper care and the age of a golf cart battery can be judged by a code written on the battery terminal.

Golf cart batteries cost somewhat between $800-2000 and can even be charged individually in case, it is required.