Golf Cart Keys Guide (Need New Replacements?)

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Losing your keys or misplacing them is one of the absolute worse things that can happen to you and can be a massive inconvenience.

Knock on wood, you’ve never had a key snap in the ignition or lock. Luckily, unlike replacing keys on a car, golf cart keys are much easier and simple to replace.

Some golf carts don’t even have keys, just a button to turn it on off, what a world we live in. Most golf carts come with a universal key by the manufacturer so you don’t have to worry about replacing the entire ignition lock cylinder.

This article is intended to help you overcome the dread of losing your keys for your new or used golf cart and how to find replacements easily and fast!

How Do I Replace My Golf Cart Keys?

Replacing your golf cart keys is as simple as going to a dealer to get a new one or order a new set online. All you need is the make, model, and year of your golf cart and you can pick up replacements keys in 24 to 48 hours online or shorter if you visit a dealership near to where you live.

Q-Claw Club Car Replacement Golf Cart Keys (2 Pack)

If you are not one of the lucky ones who has a keyless golf cart, losing or having to replace your keys can be extremely annoying. Luckily for you, if you lose your golf cart keys it isn’t the end of the world.

If you or one of your clients or customers were to lose one, they aren’t too hard to replace. Most dealers or auto parts stores may have them in stock. The other thing is they are readily available online in major stores, so if you needed them delivered it wouldn’t be bad as well.

There are some methods on video websites that cover how to start your golf cart without a key, but we will not mention them or recommend them. We personally feel like it promotes bad acts and not a lot of helpful advice, but it is there if you need it.

Are Golf Cart Keys Universal?

Golf cart keys are universal by the brand. So EZ-GO golf cart keys are universal for EZ-GO golf carts, some for other brands like Club Car, Evolution and Yamaha.

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One key will not work on all golf cart brands, and that is for a reason. If you lost your golf cart keys for your EZ-GO you could not use keys from an Evolution model. Golf cart keys are specific to the manufacturer.

Golf cart keys do change over time, to prevent theft, but they are similar or the same for all models of the same make.

Some people do replace their golf carts ignitions and keys just to deter theft. This process is typically cheaper than replacing the golf cart itself. Most courses do something similar too.

Golf carts are very easy to steal and should be properly locked up or have the keys replaced from the universal ones.

Club Car Golf Cart Keys

Replacing the keys for your Club golf cart is simple and straightforward. Most of the dealers have these keys on hand as they are universal for most of their models. Finding new keys for this popular golf cart is simply a case of calling your local dealer to arrange pick up.

9.99WORLD MALL Replacement Golf Cart Keys,Ignition Key for Club Car DS 1982-Up ,2 pcs,Two styles at random

They are also readily available on most golf cart parts websites. On a popular shopping site right now, two of the keys go for under 5 dollars. You also can replace the switch as well and get a key with it for about $40 on some sites.

It is always recommended that you check your model number while searching for new keys, it never hurts to give the manufacturer a call. If you have an older golf cart and you lose the keys, you more than likely will have to replace the ignition switch.

For Club Car keys, you absolutely should replace the ignition switch and get a custom key in it. You don’t want someone with a universal key walking up and walking off with your Club Car.

Yamaha Golf Cart Keys

There are two different variations of golf cart keys when it comes to Yamaha models. One works on the G1, G2, G8, G9, and G11 models, the other works on G14, G16, G19, G22, and G29 carts. Yamaha golf carts are pretty common, and replacement keys are easy to come by.

10PCS JU2-H2511-00 J44-85211-00 Key for Yamaha Golf Cart G14 G16 G19 G22 G29 Drive Gas Electric Golf Cart

The price to replace Yamaha car keys is around $4 for one key and $8 for two keys, slightly more expensive than a Club Car replacement key.

Similar to other golf cart manufacturers, if your golf cart has been serving you faithfully for a few decades and you suddenly lose them or have them stolen, you may have to replace the entire ignition switch.

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There is of course the less civilized method involving a screwdriver if you lose your keys in a pinch, but that can damage the switch if done incorrectly.

Make sure your key is comparable to your model, you don’t want to order a new key and be out of cart usage for a few more days. Sometimes it is just simply easier to replace the entire housing and have a new key.

EZ-GO Golf Cart Keys

EZ-GO golf cart key replacement is possible. The only difference is that carts manufactured after 2008 have a different key than the ones that came out before then. To replace, get in touch with your local dealer or parts shop and pick up a new set of keys with an ignition switch for extra security.

9.99WORLD MALL Golf Cart Key for Golf Cart EZGO 1982-up (Gas/Electric) Ignition Key Replacement Part 17063-G1 17063G1 (2 PCS)

Also similar to Yamaha and Club Car, these replacement keys are easily found online, going for about $4 for two, the cheapest of all the replacement keys. Some replacement switches even come where you can control neutral, reverse, and drive from the key switch itself, which is pretty neat.

All EZ-GO carts do not use the same key and they can vary by year, but most are similar. You of course, always need to check your specific model which can be easily done with the owner’s information or by giving EZ-GO a call.

Unlike an automobile, this process is easy and usually only takes a few hours.

Best Place for Golf Cart Keys Near Me?

Overall, the best place to pick up genuine replacement golf cart keys near me is to purchase from an authorized dealer in your local area. They may advise you to replace the ignition switch as well so that your keys are unique to your cart – this adds an extra layer of security.

In reality, there is no shortage of golf cart key replacement options available to you if a dealership is not close to you. Sometimes auto part stores will keep them on hand, especially in popular golfing states like Florida, California, New York, and Texas.

NAPA has been known to carry replacement keys as they cater to repair shops at golf courses. A quick phone call will answer any questions you may have.

Another good place to look is a place that sells light equipment like Bobcats or something like that. They may or may not have the ability to make one or they may even have one on hand.

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Some land care companies use golf carts so these places may have some, doesn’t hurt to look.

The easiest, most cost-effective, and timely way is probably to order them off of the biggest shopping website, after confirming with the seller the key will fit your cart. Often, they can ship that day so you only have to wait a maximum of 24 hours.

A good option if you need golf cart replacement keys fast!

Can Lowes or Home Stores Make Golf Cart Keys?

If all other options are exhausted and you need keys made in a pinch, Lowes and Home Depot can make golf cart keys if they have the key mold in stock. All locations have the key cutting equipment, so it just depends on if they have the keys in stock.

Other hardware stores do have the ability to make keys, but we cannot tell you for certain if the mom-and-pop place down the street or if Ace Hardware has the ability to make these keys.

Golf cart keys as well all know are typically much different than other keys. These keys are usually less than half the cost of buying them online.

Locksmiths can also make these keys, but you can expect to pay much more for this specialized service.

Hassle-Free Way to Replace Golf Cart Keys!

Golf cart key replacement isn’t the most frustrating thing that can happen but can be very inconvenient. This is probably one of the most inexpensive repairs you can possibly have on a golf cart, with the recommended key and switch combo going for somewhere around $40.

Unlike cars which can be about $200 or more so if you have lost or had your golf car keys stolen then you can at least be comforted in knowing that it will not cost the earth to get fixed.

Golf cart keys are typically universal to the manufacturer and not to all carts as a whole. You need to take a look at the model and make sure the key you buy is comparable but other than that there is no headache in getting new keys made or purchased.

We hope this helps keep your golf cart on the course and saves you from some early grey hairs!