Interstate Golf Cart Battery Reviews: Good or Inferior?

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When you come to replace your golf cart battery, it’s so important to buy from a company that you can trust. You don’t want to be left with an underperforming battery that doesn’t do the job it was purchased to do!

With this in mind, one of the leading manufacturers of golf cart batteries in America is Interstate, a company that has been around since the 1950s.

But are Interstate golf cart batteries any good? How long do they last? And are they worthwhile investments?

To help you select the correct replacement battery for your golf cart, we tell you everything we know about Interstate batteries, and explain why they’re a good option if you’re looking for a reliable, high-performing battery for your cart.

Our Interstate golf cart battery review guide covers all bases for 6v, 8v and 12v golf cart batteries!

What are Interstate Golf Cart Batteries?

Interstate is one of the leading brands responsible for the manufacturing of golf cart batteries. As a long-established American company with its headquarters in Dallas, TX, Interstate batteries are distributed to the automotive industry throughout the Americas.

There are four specific Interstate golf cart batteries that you can choose from, which can be purchased at Costco and various online retailers.

Interstate Batteries 12V 35AH Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) AGM Deep Cycle Battery (DCM0035) Insert Terminals

Let’s look at this brand of golf cart battery in more detail.

Are Interstate Batteries Any Good for a Golf Cart?

Interstate batteries are ideal for golf carts, as they have been specifically designed for this type of low-speed electric vehicle. Interstate’s current range boasts four main types of battery suitable for golf carts, including:

  • Extreme Cycle: These have the highest reserve capacity and the longest-running time, making them the standout choice from the Interstate range.
  • High Cycle: These workhorse-style batteries are ideal for fleet golf carts situated at courses around the country due to their good value and long life.
  • Powerfast: As the name suggests, the Powerfast battery is quicker charging and is ideal for value-minded consumers looking to save on utility bills.
  • M-Line: As one of Interstate’s most affordable options, the M-Line is a great backup option or a good investment if you’re looking for a golf cart battery that doesn’t break the bank.
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As each Interstate golf cart battery has different features, it’s a good idea to review the performance of each before settling on the ideal battery for your cart.

Interstate Batteries 12V 110 AH SLA/AGM Deep Cycle Battery for Solar, Wind, and RV Applications - Insert Terminals (DCM0100)

But ultimately, as Interstate has pioneered a range of batteries for exclusive use within golf carts, you can be confident that the brand is a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality battery for your cart.

How Long Do Interstate Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Interstate golf cart batteries typically last for 5-6 years, providing you look after them. Considering most golf cart batteries last from 3-7 years, you can be satisfied that you will get a decent amount of time out of your Interstate batteries before you need to replace them.

One of the most attractive features of Interstate batteries is that they don’t require much maintenance at all.

You don’t need to constantly water them, and weekly or monthly inspections are unnecessary.

As long as you keep your battery charged and don’t try and run your cart on empty, you should get at least five years out of your Interstate golf cart battery.

While this isn’t as long as Trojan batteries, it’s still a decent amount of time and means that Interstate batteries are a good choice for golf cart owners.

What Company Makes Interstate Batteries?

Interstate Batteries are manufactured by Brookfield Business Partners, Exide Technologies, and Johnson. Interstate is privately owned and has been in operation in the United States since 1952, and it produces and distributes batteries for a range of vehicles within the automotive industry.

It is thought that the Interstate distribution network comprises more than 200,000 dealers in the US, Canada, and Central America, making Interstate one of the biggest and widest-reaching battery firms in the Americas.

Given the historical prevalence of Interstate and the fact that the company has specialized in the production of batteries for electric vehicles for decades, it’s fair to say that you can buy an Interstate battery for your golf cart in the confidence that it will perform as expected!

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Interstate Batteries Automotive Battery 12V 63Ah (Group 34) 800CCA SLI Pure Lead AGM Automobile Replacement Battery for Cars, SUVs, Sedans, Trucks, Vans (MTZ-34)

If your battery is faulty or underperforms for whatever reason, you’re covered by Interstate’s twelve-month warranty, which is another benefit of buying from a trusted American company.

How Can I Tell When My Interstate Battery Was Made? (in 4 steps)

Fortunately, there’s a simple way of checking when an Interstate battery was manufactured, which is helpful if you’re in the process of buying a used cart.

Every Interstate battery is labeled with a code, and this is how to find and understand it with a 4 step process:

  1. Look at the corners of the battery and locate the alphanumerical code, which should be four or five digits long. Write the code down.
  2. This is where things get a little tricky! The letters A, B, C, for instance, represent the months of the year. So, A = January, B = February, and so on.
  3. The second digit of the code is a number, which refers to the year of manufacture. 9, for instance, would stand for 2019.
  4. If your alphanumerical code is located behind the ‘+’ marking on the battery, it may be preceded by a ‘U.’

So, by working out the alphanumerical code printed on your Interstate battery, you can work out the month and the year it was manufactured, with B9, in this example, referring to a manufacture date of February 2019.

Can You Buy Interstate Golf Cart Batteries at Costco?

Yes, you can buy Interstate batteries at Costco. Interstate is one of Costco’s partner brands, and the retailer stocks Interstate batteries for boats, RVs, lawnmowers, and golf carts.

The availability of Interstate batteries will vary from store to store, so you will have to check at your local Costco outlet for current stock levels.

Alternatively, you can search for and order Interstate golf cart batteries on Costco’s online shop, which saves you the hassle of having to head into a store.

If you’re not a member of Costco, you can also buy Interstate golf cart batteries from various other online retailers, including Amazon.

As is the case when you’re buying any type of battery, it’s a good idea to shop around for the best price and to make sure you’re covered by a warranty or guarantee.

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The last thing you want is to be stuck with an underperforming battery that you can’t return!

Does Interstate Make 6v, 8v, or 12v Cart Batteries?

Interstate golf cart batteries are available in 6v, 8v, and 12v. Depending on the configuration of your golf cart, you could always purchase 2 x 6v Interstate batteries instead of opting for a single 12v battery.

Lots of golf cart owners are motivated to buy 2 x 6v batteries, as they tend to last longer than 12v batteries, and they’re lighter.

But if you opt for two batteries, it’s a good idea to replace them at the same time, or you might cause yourself problems in the long run when it comes to maintaining them.

How Long is an Interstate Battery Warranty?

The warranty on Interstate batteries depends on the type of battery you have. For golf cart batteries, all purchases come with a free 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. Some of Interstate’s commercial batteries come with warranties of up to four years, depending on its individual classification.

It’s so important that you check the terms and conditions of a battery’s warranty before completing a purchase, particularly if you’re buying a battery online.

Interstate Batteries 12V 110 AH SLA/AGM Deep Cycle Battery for Solar, Wind, and RV Applications - Insert Terminals (DCM0100)

After all, it’s difficult to discern a battery’s performance before installing it into your golf cart!

Thankfully, Interstate’s one-year warranty is comprehensive and will cover you if you encounter any issues with your golf cart battery.

This offers you peace of mind and ensures you don’t have to worry about receiving a sub-quality battery.

You can find a complete explanation of Interstate’s battery warranty by clicking here.

Interstate Batteries: USA Made and a Good Choice!

Interstate is one of the most trusted battery companies in the business and has been manufacturing high-performing batteries for a range of vehicles for decades.

Our Interstate golf cart battery reviews have touched on all the important facts such as warranty, the company behind the brand and more!

The fact that you can pick up an Interstate golf cart battery from Costco and a range of online retailers makes them an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable, high-performing battery for your golf cart.

Just be sure to select the model that is best suited to your cart, as there are four models of Interstate golf cart batteries to choose from.