Cricket Mini Golf Cart Reviews: (Should You Use Them?)

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Cricket golf carts are a range of collapsible electric carts, produced and sold in America. Highly customizable, eco-friendly, and portable in size, these mini golf carts are one of the handiest and top-tier utility golf carts you can get right now.

Available in a variety of colors, battery options, and charger types, you can choose between 4 models, based on your needs. There are many add-ons available as well and you can modify your cricket golf cart with different accessories available at the dealerships and aftermarket.

Read our cricket golf carts reviews guide and understand if they’re worth the price or not.

Are Cricket Golf Carts Any Good?

With an eco-friendly powertrain, easy portability, and a reasonable price range, Cricket mini golf carts are ideal for those looking for a smaller but reliable golf cart. These carts can safely carry up to 4 people, making them a viable alternative to larger competitors such as EZ-GO and Club Car.

With good aftersales services, easy maintenance, and great usability, these well-reviewed vehicles are certainly growing their market share in the popular and competitive cart and LSV marketplace.

They can be used on both the golf course and other recreational uses such as transporting guests to parties or wedding receptions.

Watch the official video below on why you should checkout these cool miniature golf carts:

How Much Does a Cricket Golf Cart Cost?

Cricket golf carts are a lineup of electric carts that are priced in the economy range, from $3,500 to $7,500. There are different models which are priced according to the powertrain, charging times, and base-level equipment included.

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Cricket is an American manufacturer that builds electric golf carts for enthusiasts who love to adventure. Apart from fun and utility equipment, the golf carts are quite affordable as well.

Starting from as low as $3,500, these are really great utility carts and economical at the same time.

  1. Cricket ESV: $3,499
  2. Cricket SX3: $4,499
  3. Cricket RX5: $5,499
  4. Cricket Grasshopper: $7,499

How Fast Does a Cricket Golf Cart Go?

Cricket golf carts are available in different trims and powertrain setups and have different performance figures. A base model can go up to 10 mph while the top-of-the-line cart can touch 18 mph of top speed.

The performance and top speed of a Cricket golf cart depending on different factors, which include:

  1. Battery and powertrain: The model with the top-spec battery pack and motor setup will have the maximum torque, and hence the top speed. A good quality AC motor and upgraded battery pack can enhance the top speed significantly.
  2. Weight: Vehicle loading has a substantial impact on a vehicle’s performance. If you’re carrying too much payload and tagging along with a few friends, your Cricket is not gonna hit those top speeds.
  3. Modifications: Top speed can be enhanced by certain modifications to the golf cart. Such as lightweight wheels, sports tires, and other electronic upgrades.

Top Speed of Current Range Cricket Golf Carts:

  • SX and RX-5 model: 10 mph.
  • Grasshopper model: 18 mph.

How Wide is a Cricket Golf Cart? (And Other Dimensions)

Each model in the Cricket Golf Cart lineup has different dimensions, but all of them are built with portability in mind. An RX-5 model has a 32-inch width, while a Grasshopper is 39 inches wide. As these are all collapsible, you wouldn’t have a problem carrying them in your SUV. 

Following are the dimensions of Cricket golf carts:

  • Width: 32 inches (36 inches with handles).
  • Height: Around 80 inches (30 inches when folded down).
  • Length: 58 inches (Transport) 72 inches (Extended).
  • Weight: up to 400 lbs.

Are Cricket Golf Carts Made in the USA?

Yes, Cricket golf carts are proudly manufactured and assembled at their own manufacturing facility in Florida, USA, and distributed through a nationwide dealership network.

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Different parts go into making a mini golf cart and especially the electric golf carts, which require a lot of electronic equipment, apart from the body frame and mechanical components.

A few of the plastic body parts are manufactured in China, which are then shipped over to the USA for assembling.

This saves some manufacturing and production costs due to low labor and other costs. Some of the other components are outsourced from the local partners to be inducted into the manufacturing process.

All these parts and major components after manufacturing are assembled at the Florida production facility. Then sent over to the nationwide dealers for sales and spare parts.

Cricket Golf Cart Dealer – Where to Buy?

Cricket has a huge network of dealers across the country and it is advisable to buy a brand new Cricket golf cart from an authorized dealership. If you’re looking to buy a miniature golf cart, it is ideal to get a certified pre-owned model from a company-certified dealer to get a trouble-free vehicle.

If you’re planning to buy a Cricket golf cart and don’t know what’s the best place, it’s always the company-authorized dealerships. The company has a nationwide network of dealers to help you with your purchase and aftersales services.

Whether it’s a new purchase, a used mini golf cart, spare parts, or services, you’re always covered. Here is a list of some of the Cricket golf cart dealers:

  1. Alabama: Alabama Cricket Gadsden.
  2. Missouri: Freeman Liquidators Joplin.
  3. Michigan: Oak Shores Fun On Wheels, Decatur.
  4. New York: Nella Ent. Alden.
  5. Texas: The Trailer Store, Huntsville.
  6. New Jersey: Crossroads Trailer Sales, Newfield.

Cricket Mini Golf Carts on eBay and Craigslist?

The internet has made it easy to look for your favorite mini golf carts, and there are many platforms that can help you get a great deal. Some of the best options include eBay, Facebook, and Craigslist.

Apart from authorized dealers and company-run outlets, you can also look at other places for a good miniature golf cart, that too from the comfort of your sofa.

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Log on to your favorite website and search for golf carts in good condition and your price range. Make a deal in your vicinity, discuss everything at length and pick from thousands of golf carts available for sale online.

Where to Pick Up Spare Parts?

You can easily get spare parts for your Cricket golf carts from the authorized dealerships or source them directly from the factory. There are also many types of parts available in the aftermarket and can be purchased online.

If you’re in need of spare parts, require some repairs or maintenance, or looking for modifications, you can get all the spares and accessories from the company outlets and dealerships. If the dealership doesn’t have a particular part or component, it can be sourced directly from the factory in Florida.

Another option is to purchase it online and get it delivered to your place. Although buying online is convenient, there is no guarantee of quality or official warranty if bought from the aftermarket.

It is advisable that you always use OEM parts and get them installed by an expert technician for better performance and avoidance of problems.

Some of the Best Minature Golf Carts!

Cricket has a great lineup of electric mini golf carts that are easy to maintain and fun to own. Your weekend adventures would no more be boring as these care collapsible and portable, which can be carried in an SUV or a truck.

The electric powertrain makes them more eco-friendly than gas with a lot of options and accessories to customize them according to your taste. Small size, generous power, and portability make them one of the best in the market.

This Cricket golf cart reviews write-up has informed you of a not-so-expensive price tag, great aftersales services, and a huge dealership network to look after, you cannot go wrong with a Cricket golf cart, be it an MX-5 or a mighty Grasshopper.