Best Lift Kit for a Yamaha Golf Cart (in 2024!)

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This guide delves into the details of the best Yamaha golf cart lift kits for the year 2024.

It discusses the features of five different Yamaha golf cart lift kits and explains the best option for you and why.

If you are interested in doing the process independently, the simple steps below can help you with your DIY project.

We also focus on why aligning your lifted Yamaha golf cart is vital and highlight the important steps of the process so you can align your cart on your own.

1. Madjax 6″ 2007-Up A-Arm Lift Complete Kit for Yamaha

MadJax Golf Cart Lift Kit for Yamaha G29 / Drive Golf Cart | 6 Inch A-Arm Lift Kit | Compatible with 2007-2016 Yamaha G29/Drive Models
The first item on our list is the Madjax 6″ 2007-Up A-Arm Lift Complete Kit for Yamaha, which lifts the golf car without needing drilling.

This means that the kit keeps your cart’s body safe from any risk of damage.

The best lift kit for Yamaha golf cart lifts the height of your G29 electric or gas-driven Yamaha golf cart by 6”, allowing you to use your cart even for off-roading.

Being a Madjax product, it comes with the promise of superior build quality and an extremely reasonable price tag.

Using 22” or 23” tires is recommended with this kit. Besides, the kit includes new shocks to ensure ride comfort for passengers.

While most components of the kit can be installed as a DIY project, there are some steps where you might need the help of a professional.

It weighs a total of 28.7 kg and has 11 different parts which can be installed by following the guidelines that come with the package.

The Madjax 6-inch kit is Best for:

The Madjax 6” complete kit for Yamaha would be the best fit for anyone who currently feels uneasy due to the low height of the golf cart and wants to give it a significant height boost but doesn’t want to compromise the ride quality by using a substandard product.

2. ProFormX HD A-Arm 6-inch Golf Cart Lift Kit for Yamaha Drive G29

ProFormX HD A-Arm 6 inch Golf Cart Lift Kit for Yamaha Drive G29. Fits 2007 to 2016 Gas and Electric Yamaha Golf Carts. Includes Front Shocks. Comes with Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty.

Gone are the days when you could only drive your cart on the well-kept golf course lawns as this kit from ProFormX is here to make your Yamaha G29 off-road capable.

This lift kit from ProFormX gives you the confidence to go beyond the confines of a golf course.

With this 6” lift kit, you can take your golf cart off-road or even cruise the trails without a worry in the world. The ability to put 23” tires with this kit gives the cart a whole new purpose.

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The heavy-duty control arms ensure that your off-roading experience goes like a breeze.

ProFormX has used high-quality brass and urethane bushings, heavy-duty spindles, and support gussets.

The 2 Year limited warranty from ProFormX means that you can enjoy your G29 the most and still have peace of mind.

The cherry on top for home DIY installation is that the kit can be easily installed by following clear and concise guidelines.

The Proform Kit is Best for:

This kit is best suited for a home DIY project and cart owners dissatisfied with the limited range of the standard golf cart.

The capacity to mount larger tires gives such benefits as increased ground clearance and the ability to traverse rougher terrains without any issues.

The ProFormX HD A-Arm 6-inch Golf Cart Lift Kit for Yamaha Drive G29 is great value for money and is highly recommended for anyone looking to get more out of their golf cart.

3. Yamaha G22 6 inch Rhox Spindle Lift Kit Gas & Electric

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RHOX carries the distinction of being one of the best when it comes to golf cart lift kits. The brand has become synonymous with safety and reliability in this field.

Available since May 2014, the kit has gone through the test of time and carries several positive reviews showing its high quality.

The unique selling proposition of the Yamaha G22 6” RHOX Spindle Lift Kit is that it is the easiest kit to install, and thus there is no need for a professional when you can do it all on your own.

It’s a bolt-on kit, so all you have to do is tighten a few bolts, and you’re ready to go without having to weld or drill anything into your valuable Yamaha G22.

The kit can lift the Yamaha G22 gas and electric models to 6 inches.

You will, however, need to upgrade your wheels as the kit won’t work with the stock ones.

Weighing only 10.43 kg, the kit is much lighter than several other options from different brands.

The Rox Spindle Lift Kit is Best for:

This kit best suits individuals looking to uplift their Yamaha G22 at an affordable price without compromising on quality.

The easy installation process is a major plus for this kit and can be completed by anyone with basic mechanical knowledge.

4. ECOTRIC 6″ Spindle Lift Kit for 2007+ Yamaha Golf Carts

ECOTRIC 6' Spindle Lift Kit Compatible with 2007 and up Yamaha G29/Drive Golf Carts (GAS & ELECTRIC)
Like other lift kits for the Yamaha G29, this 6” Spindle lift kit from ECOTRIC raises the height of your golf cart to provide more ground clearance and allow you to take it off-road without any worries.

After installing this kit, you can fit up to 20.5-inch tires, making it much better equipped to handle all types of rough terrains than a stock cart.

The cart’s unique single drop-spindle design is especially noteworthy because it provides a longer wheelbase.

This makes the overall setup taller and longer, providing more passenger space.

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The high-quality ductile iron is three times stronger than the commonly used grey iron, implying that this kit is here to stay and can easily last for a long time, even after off-roading.

Because the kit includes a detailed instruction manual, you can easily install it without the assistance of a professional. The best part is that it is a bolt-on kit, so there is no need for welding or drilling.

It weighs 10.5 kg and was first offered in December 2019, making it one of the newest additions to this segment.

The ECOTRIC Cart Lift Kit is Best for:

People who want a kit that is not only strong enough to lift their golf carts with good ground clearance but needs a durable kit looks great and is pretty easy to fit without having to hire a mechanic.

5. SANOVA 4 inch Golf Cart Lift Kits for Yamaha G2

4' Yamaha G2 G9 Lift Kits, 4 Inch Golf Cart Lift kits for 1985-1994 Yamaha G2 G9 Gas and Electric, 4in Front & Rear Suspenison ATV UTV Raise Block Kits Fit up to 20' Tires
Unlike other items on this list, the SANOVA lift kit for Yamaha G2 is suitable if you want to increase the height of your golf cart up to 4 inches. The kit can be used for gas and electric Yamaha G2 golf carts.

The high-quality carbon steel that makes up the entire kit is solid.

The black powder coating on the kit’s body ensures it stays safe from corrosion and rusting, assuring longevity.

Drilling the golf cart’s body is required for installation, necessitating a professional’s use. The additional instructions included in the packaging come in handy during the kit’s installation.

Instead of the MID welding, the kit uses the TIG welding process, which is a more stable method and thus ensures a strengthened structure.

It is a relatively lightweight kit that weighs 5.75 kg and has a package dimension of 9.33 x 5.71 x 4.8 inches.

Who is the SANOVA 4-inch Lift Kit Best for:

It suits people that want to lift their electric or gas-powered Yamaha G2 golf carts by 4 inches only – but you would probably need to hire a professional mechanic to fit this if you are a beginner.


Let’s tackle some common questions home DIY cart enthusiasts want to know before lifting their cart.

How Much Does It Cost to Lift a Yamaha Golf Cart?

A good quality Yamaha Golf cart lift kit is expected to set you back anywhere between $300 and $500, depending upon the lift height and the brand you decide to go for.

Besides this, you will be required to pay around $75 per hour for hiring an expert, as in most cases, you will need professional services.

The process can take several hours, so even the labor charges can be large.

In addition, most people prefer to go with bigger tires for their lifted Yamaha golf carts, which can also be a big expense, sometimes even exceeding all other costs combined.

So, in general, you could easily end up spending close to $1000 for lifting a Yamaha golf cart, so always work out your budget before you start, as costs can quickly spiral out of control.

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How Do You Put a Lift on a Yamaha Golf Cart?

To fit a golf cart lift kit for a Yahama model, you should follow a 5 step process that covers the whole process from start to finish, including prep, fitting, and test driving.

  1. To put a lift kit on a Yamaha golf cart, you must first turn off the switch and engage the cart’s parking brake.
  2. After this, lift the cart with the help of a car jack. Some people also use cinder blocks as they find them convenient to use.
  3. Remove the cart’s wheels and the suspension while keeping the bolts and pins together, as you’ll be needing them later.
  4. Now install the drive axle. Alongside, place the frame stiffener and suspension connector and each end.
  5. The next step is bolting the center of the suspension to the golf cart to connect the suspension to the frame. You are now ready to test drive.

You’re ready to go once all of the bolts have been tightened. After installing the lift kit, it is recommended that you test drive the golf cart on various terrains.

Start slowly, and listen out for unusual noises such as rattles or vibrations – this sign that something is misaligned or not fitted properly.

Fix any problems, then test again.

How Do You Align a Yamaha Golf Cart?

For aligning a Yamaha golf cart, you don’t have to remove the front wheels, and the process is pretty simple; thus, you don’t need a professional who will save you some money.

  • First, measure the distance of the inner side of both front wheels from the center and then repeat the process for the rear wheels.
  • The difference between the two sets should be between 1/8” to 1/4”.
  • To adjust the alignment, loosen the tie rod of the wheel starting from the driver’s side.
  • Adjust the tie rod to the left or right side depending on the direction in which the tire has to be aligned.
  • For adjusting the tire inwards, you will have to turn the rod towards the rear of the cart and vice versa for adjusting the tire outwards.

Ready? Let’s Go Fit a Lift Kit for a Yamaha Golf Cart!

Now that you know much about kits and how much it costs to buy and install one, you can lift your Yamaha golf cart by as much as 6 inches using the high-quality kits mentioned above.

However, there is no way to lift your kit without a proper lift kit for your specific golf cart model. The best lift kit for a Yamaha golf cart has all the necessary fittings and fixings to make the job fast, easy and effective.

Thus, ensure the kit is specifically designed for your Yamaha golf cart’s mode.

Following the steps mentioned in the guidelines provided with the kit, you can install the kit on your own as an interesting DIY project.

After you’ve finished lifting your cart, align your Yamaha cart to avoid pulling, which can cause damage and result in a poor driving experience.