XXIO Golf Clubs Reviews: Should I Use Them?

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In the world of golf, there are so many brands for you to consider when you’re looking for a new set of golf clubs.

Ping, TaylorMade, and Callaway dominate the American market, but there are many global brands worth thinking about when you scratch the surface.

One such brand is XXIO, one of the most prominent golf brands in Japan. XXIO predominantly manufactures game improvement clubs, which have an excellent reputation with recreational golfers.

So, to help you decide if XXIO golf clubs are right for you, we run through some of the things you need to think about before adding them to the bag this season in the following sections.

Are XXIO Golf Clubs Any Good?

In terms of brand reputation, XXIO is a company you can trust. Based in japan, XXIO is regarded as a luxury brand with a successful track record of producing high spec golf clubs perfect for players at different game levels.

Their game improvement clubs are particularly impressive and are one of the reasons why this Japanese brand is so prevalent in the United States.

2022 XXIO 12 Driver 460cc RH 10.5 Graph Reg

So, if you’re considering adding some of these irons to the bag this season, read on to find out what you can expect from this unique brand.

Are XXIO Clubs Worth the Price?

Yes, if you can afford XXIO clubs, you won’t be disappointed. The build quality of all XXIO clubs and their game-improvement irons are among the best on the market.

There’s no getting away from the fact that XXIO clubs are a little on the pricy side for some players, but we’re confident that their quality justifies the price you’re required to pay for them.

Depending on which clubs you go for, you might spend upwards of $1,000 kitting your bag out, which is a little more than many recreational golfers are willing to pay.

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XXIO clubs are a little pricey because they boast remarkably lightweight designs, revolutionary swing technologies, and a bespoke manufacturing process that benefits from the finest Japanese craftsmanship.

Are XXIO Irons Forged?

Yes, XXIO clubs are forged. Forged clubs are made out of a solid metal block before being carved and shaped. For this reason, forged clubs are more sought-after than cast clubs, which are made out of a mold.

Xxio Mens Prime X Driver Xxio Prime Sp-1000 Graphite Regular Right 10.5

XXIO golf clubs have been forged to provide a premium soft feel and to improve distance control. They’re ideally suited to players with moderate swing speeds, so they’re often regarded as the ideal game improvement clubs.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with cast clubs, there’s no doubt that the build quality of forged clubs is that little bit higher.

It’s also why XXIO clubs are a little more expensive than other brands, but the manufacturers would reason that their expertise enables them to create some of the best quality forged clubs on the market.

Does XXIO Make a Senior Shaft?

Yes, XXIO shafts are ultra-lightweight, ideally suited to senior golfers. As well as being designed for players with moderate swing speeds, XXI0 shafts are perfect for older players because they put less pressure on the joints and muscles when you strike the ball.

XXIO Eleven Driver 460cc RH 10.5 Graph Reg

Heavier shafts typically take more of a toll on your body, which can cause aches and pains for many senior players.

For this reason, opting for lighter shafts can be beneficial to senior players. More lightweight shafts also alleviate some pressure on your joints, further illustrating why they’re ideal for seniors.

If you’re a senior player, you are probably best suited to the R-flex shaft within the XXIO range, as it is exceptionally lightweight and has a super soft feel.

It delivers a sense of weightlessness when you’re swinging the golf club, which can help you play golf for longer, even when your joints and muscles tell you otherwise!

Do Any Pros Use XXIO Clubs?

The XXIO global ambassador is legendary South African golfer Ernie Els. The ‘Big Easy’ has won more than seventy times, with four major championships to his name. He’s often regarded as one of the finest South African players, with only Gary Player ahead of him.

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Although he now plays on the PGA Champions Tour, Els is known for his effortless swing and for making the game look easy.

If you’ve ever watched the Big Easy, it’s hard not to be jealous of his impeccable swing and how he looks so at ease on the golf course.

More Tour pros don’t use XXIO clubs because they are tailored to the game improvement market and are not the best choice for players at the elite level of the game.

As we explain in one of the following sections, many pros use Srixon clubs, a sister company to XXIO.

Where are XXIO Clubs Made?

XXIO golf clubs are made in Japan. They are much more prevalent in Asian countries than in the United States and Europe, but you can buy them online and at specific golf retailers in the United States.

It’s fair to say that Japan is a hotspot for quality golf club production, with Mizuno, Srixon, and Honma golf clubs boasting exceptional reputations as far as performance and build quality are concerned. Therefore, the fact that XXIO golf clubs are also manufactured in Japan means that they are in excellent company!

Helpfully, XXI0 has an online store that you can easily access from the United States. You don’t have to worry about international shipping charges when you order directly from the site. You can also pick up XXIO clubs at select retailers in the United States.

So, although XXIO clubs are imported to the US, there’s no doubting their quality. Some of the finest golf clubs in the world are manufactured in Japan, so you can rest assured that your XXI0 clubs are exceptionally well built.

Does Srixon Own XXIO?

No, XXIO and Srixon are both owned by the same company – Dunlop Sports. This leads many people to question whether or not they’re the same brand, but the reality is that there are notable differences between the clubs they produce.

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Primarily, Srixon targets the elite level of the game and golfers with lower handicaps. On the other hand, XXIO clubs are better suited to beginner players and are categorized as game improvement clubs.

However, the clubs that both brands make are manufactured in Japan to very high standards, which is one of the reasons that comparisons are often drawn between the two. 

So, while Srixon doesn’t own XXIO, it’s accurate to say that the brands are like siblings, as they fall under the control of the same parent company.

How Do You Pronounce XXIO?

XXIO is pronounced Sek-si-oh, which seems a little strange to western players. Still, if you head to your local golf retailer and say the brand as it looks like it should be pronounced in English, they should point you in the right direction.

The name comes from the fact that XXIO was born in 2000, and the O can symbolize various things in Japanese at the end.

Potentially in this instance, “oh” is synonymous with power and respect, which is why the company has used it in its name.

Unless you’re golfing in Japan, you don’t need to worry too much about pronouncing the name of the brand correctly, as the vast majority of people don’t realize that it should be pronounced as laid out above. 

Still, knowing the correct pronunciation serves you well and ensures you can accurately describe the clubs that you’re carrying in your bag.


XXIO produces exceptional game improvement clubs among the best in the business. This is reflected by the comparatively high price they’re sold for, but there’s no doubt that you get what you pay for.

We love the fact that XXIO clubs are built to exceptionally high standards, and the expert craftsmanship shown by the Japanese manufacturers is evident for all to see.

Overall, if you’re looking for a new set of golf clubs that will help you improve your game this season, XXI0 is undoubtedly a brand that is worth considering.