World Golf Hall of Fame Golf Courses (Cost to Play?) 

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St Augustine, Florida, is home to the World Golf Hall of Fame. As well as a museum and various exhibitions, the site hosts two world-class championship golf courses that are among the finest in the state.

But what is the deal with the World Golf Hall of Fame golf courses? Can you schedule a tee time? And are they open to non-members?

We answer all of these questions and more below as we introduce you to the World Golf Village in Florida and its associated attractions.

How Many Courses Are in The World Golf Hall of Fame?

There are two golf courses in the World Golf Hall of Fame – the King and Bear and Slammer and Squire. The King and Bear were co-designed by Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, and the Slammer and Squire were created by Bobby Weed, Sam Snead, and Gene Sarazen.

Both golf courses are situated at the World Golf Village in St Augustine, Florida. The World Golf Village honors the best male and female golfers in the history of the sport and is supported by a consortium of 26 golf organizations from different parts of the world.

As well as two pristine golf courses, the site is home to the Hall of Fame Museum Building, which was designed and commissioned by Verner Johnson and Associates of Boston, MA.

Both golf courses are open to the public, and membership is split into two categories – competitor and contributor.

The members of the World Golf Hall of Fame must have won at least two majors, as well as fifteen tour wins. In other words, it’s a pretty exclusive club!

Which Is Better: King and Bear or Slammer and Squire?

The King and Bear courses are widely considered to be more testing than the Slammer and Squire. Both the King and Bear and Slammer and Squire are designed to stunning specs and are pristine golf courses, meaning it’s difficult to say definitively which is better.

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For instance, the Slammer is around 400 yards shorter, and the fairways are wider. What’s more, the water hazards are less intrusive, and there are fewer card-wrecking holes, making it a better option for recreational players.

The fact that the King and Bear is the only golf course on the planet designed by Nicklaus and Palmer means it is one of the most sought-after tracks.

After all, a collaboration by arguably the two greatest golfers of all time is bound to provide an awesome golfing experience!

Another thing worth noting is that the King and Bear are currently ranked among the fifty best golf courses in the world, which leads many people to conclude that it’s the better of the two.

Ultimately, whichever you opt for, you can be sure that both the King and Bear and Slammer and Squire will provide you with a unique and memorable test of golf.

What Does It Cost to Play the Slammer and Squire?

It costs anywhere between $59 and $229 to play the Slammer and Squire, as the World Golf Village employs a dynamic pricing structure to cater to all players. All prices include greens and cart fees, while non-playing guests are required to pay $35.

It’s difficult to give you a representation of how much it costs to play at certain times of the day, as the dynamic pricing structure means that the prices aren’t uniform. For instance, a weekend 9 am tee time on the Slammer and Squire will cost around $179.00 per person.

But if you’re happy to wait until early afternoon, you can pay just $99, while twilight golf on the Slammer can be as little as $69 if you play after 4 pm. It’s best to check on the World Golf Village website so you can check the current green fees for the time of your chosen round.

The Slammer and Squire certainly isn’t the cheapest golf course out there, but given that it’s at the World Golf Village, there’s no doubt that it represents excellent value for money and will provide you with a true test of golf.

How Much Does it Cost to Play the King and Bear?

The King and Bear early morning tee times are a little more expensive. For example, if you were to play the King and Bear at 8.25 am at the weekend, you would pay $195, while the Slammer and Squire would cost $149 if you were to tee off at the same time.

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Again, it’s a good idea to check the availability of tee times on the date that you’re planning to visit the Golf Hall of Fame, and you will be able to see the available tees and associated green fees.

As a general rule of thumb for both courses, if you plan to pay at peak time (weekend mornings), you will have to spend anywhere between $149-$229 on your green fees.

However, if you’re happy to play the courses later in the afternoon, you can get on for as little as $59 per person.

So, while the King and Bear and Slammer and Squire aren’t the cheapest golf courses in Florida, they are undoubtedly worth the green fees and are bucket list courses that golfers all around the world want to play.

Where is the Golf Hall of Fame?

The Golf Hall of Fame is located at the World Golf Village in St Augustine, Florida. It’s a unique sporting venue, as the Hall of Fame for women and men is at the same location, which isn’t the case in many other sports.

As well as the two pristine golf courses introduced above, the World Golf Village is also home to a museum and resort, making it an excellent destination for families hoping to learn more about the sport that we all know and love.

The Golf Hall of Fame is also home to exhibits, including THE PLAYERS experience, a member’s locker room containing memorabilia, and a challenge hole. The challenge hole is a 132-yard island green that is similar to TPC Sawgrass, which is not far from the World Golf Village itself.

The Golf Hall of Fame is undoubtedly one of Florida’s premier golfing destinations and is one of the reasons why the state is widely regarded as one of the best golf spots in the country.

Whether you play the King and Bear or Slammer and Squire or test your game at any of Florida’s other 1,300 courses, you will undoubtedly enjoy golf in the sunshine state!

Who Owns the Golf Hall of Fame?

The PGA of America owns the Golf Hall of Fame. The World Golf Village first opened in September 1974 and had an initial class of just thirteen members, and was funded by local Floridians. In 1983, the PGA had taken over the management of the HoF, and by 1986, were the full owners of the facility.

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The Hall of Fame has been at its current spot in St Augustine since 1998, but recent reports suggest that it might be time for a shake-up.

When Tiger Woods was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021, his ceremony was held at the PGA’s headquarters in Ponte Vedra Beach, and the hall in St Augustine was overlooked.

It will be interesting to see if the Golf Hall of Fame remains in its current location or whether it’s shifted to Ponte Vedra or another location.

Regardless, the two courses at the World Golf Village will remain as attractive as ever and are still reasons to make the journey to St Augustine.

What is the World Golf Village Membership Cost?

The World Golf Village doesn’t disclose how much it costs to be a member on their official website, and you need to request membership information directly if you want to sign up.

When you become a member of the World Golf Village, you are afforded access to both the King and Bear and the Slammer and Squire. A golf membership at the World Golf Village works as it does at other courses and allows you unlimited access to tee time reservations.

You can sign up as a playing member or social member of the World Golf Village, and there are multiple social events throughout the calendar, including family BBQs and themed nights.

Given that you’re truly spoiled for choice when it comes to golf membership in Florida be sure to weigh up the pros and cons associated with the membership at the World Golf Village before making your decision.


The World Golf Hall of Fame is a unique golfing experience in St Augustine, Florida. With two of the state’s premier golf courses – the King and Bear and the Slammer and Squire – you can enjoy unrivaled golf in stunning surroundings.

While you’re at the World Golf Village, you can also check out the museum and the various other exhibitions that provide you with an insight into the achievements of the finest players in the history of the game.

So, if you’re looking for a true test of golf in Florida, scheduling a tee time for your group at either the King and Bear or Slammer and Squire will provide you with a memorable experience.