Working at a Golf Course (Is it a Good Job?)

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If you’re a member of a golf course, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that there are so many members of staff behind the operations at your club.

People are employed in the pro shop, on the course itself, and in the restaurant and bar at your course, highlighting the diversity of jobs on offer at a golf club.

Here, we explore what it’s like to work at a golf course and explain some of the different jobs that you can apply for.

By the end of this article, you will have all the information you need to decide if working at a golf course is for you and will be ready to enter the job market this summer.

What are the Main Jobs on a Golf Course?

There are different jobs available at a golf course. You can work as part of the greenkeeping team, in the hospitality sector, or in the pro shop. Some bigger golf courses also have jobs available at the head office, be it managerial or administrative roles.

Ultimately, working at a golf course can be an excellent way to earn money, be it as a part-time or full-time role, and there are so many job opportunities to choose from. Just be mindful that many golf course jobs are seasonal, and you’re more likely to find employment during the summer months.

In this article, we explain in detail what working at a golf course is actually like and how to apply for a job at a golf course near you. Let’s begin by looking at the seasonality of golf course work and how it can be to your advantage.

Can You Work Casually as a Summer Job on a Golf Course?

Yes, In the summer months, golf clubs require more staff to work out on the course itself, ensuring the greens, fairways, and other areas are in excellent condition.

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Golf is a seasonal sport, and while courses require year-round maintenance, you will find that opportunities are more prevalent from the start of spring until the end of autumn.

The same is true in hospitality. As more golfers play during the summer months, there’s a need for more team members in the bar, kitchen, and other hospitality roles. This opens the door for seasonal workers to land summer jobs at local golf courses as demand for the course’s services increases.

So, no matter the role that you’re looking for at a golf course, you’re likely to find seasonal work at your local course. It’s a good idea to apply for a role in spring, so you can beat the rush and get a position lined up for those busy summer months when you’re not at school.

Is Working on a Golf Course a Good Job?

If you love golf, then working at a course is likely to be advantageous and a great job!. You can interact with fellow golfers, and you will probably also enjoy a range of perks as a result of your employment.

That being said, working on a golf course can be hard work, and it certainly won’t be plain sailing. Whether you work out on the course or are part of the hospitality team, you will probably have to work long hours.

Still, your job will probably have lots of variety, and you will be able to enjoy a broad range of perks of your employment. This could include free golf or at least reduced green fees, and you may also qualify for discounts in the bar and restaurant.

Overall, working on a golf course can be a super job, whether you are employed full or part-time, particularly if you love golf.

Is Working on a Golf Course Hard?

Yes, working on a golf course can be hard work. If you’re part of the greenkeeping team, you will have to work hard to keep the course in good shape all year round, which is likely to involve working outside regardless of the weather conditions.

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What’s more, golf course members are demanding of high standards, so as part of the staff, you will be required to maintain these high standards in every area of your work. This includes when performing your daily tasks and when providing customer service.

Working in hospitality or bookings at a golf course can also be a tough job. There’s a lot to think about as far as the systems are concerned, and you will need to make sure you provide an exceptional level of service.

Overall, working on a golf course isn’t any more difficult than working at any other leisure facility, but it does require hard work and commitment, and you will need to maintain good standards to impress the members of the club.

What is the Best Job at a Golf Course?

Many people aspire to work as golf professionals at golf courses, and it’s a highly sought-after job throughout the US. The course professional is responsible for managing the pro shop, giving lessons, and a range of other daily tasks.

Aside from the professional, working out on the course as part of the greenkeeping staff can be particularly rewarding if you have the right qualifications and experience. Maintaining a golf course requires specialist skills, and getting it right is exceptionally rewarding.

What’s more, if you’re a professional in the hospitality sector, you might covet a job as a supervisor or manager in a bar or restaurant.

In other words, there are so many good jobs that you can apply for at golf courses, and you will need to consider your skill set before applying for the most suitable job for you.

What Should I Wear to Work on a Golf Course?

Your uniform and attire will largely depend on the role that you hold at a golf course. For instance, the head professional at a golf course usually wears golf attire, as do other members of staff within the pro shop.

If you’re part of the greenkeeping staff, you will be required to wear outdoor clothes and hard-wearing boots. You will probably need to invest in a decent pair of waterproofs, depending on where in the country your golf course is located.

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Conversely, if you’re employed in a bar or restaurant, your uniform is likely to be different. Most bartenders and waiting staff wear smart clothes, but again it will largely depend on the uniform requirements of the golf course in your area.

Ultimately, it’s important to check with your employer if there are any uniform requirements before applying for a job, so you can show up to your first day of work in the correct attire.

Are There Any Perks to Working on a Golf Course?

There are lots of perks to working on a golf course, including:

  • Free membership or reduced green fees for all staff.
  • A discount to use in the bar or restaurant.
  • The opportunity to work in an environment where your favorite sport is played.
  • Daily interactions with different people and an excellent opportunity to network with members who come from all walks of life.
  • Opportunities for progression and promotion depend on the department in which you work.
  • If the golf course you work at is part of a chain, you could also be eligible for nationwide discounts and perks.
  • Most golf course workers receive good tips from the members.

If you land a job at a golf course, there are lots of potential perks. While the salary might not be high, there are lots of benefits associated with most golf course jobs, which can more than make up for your level of remuneration.


There are so many jobs you can apply for at golf courses across the country. Whether you’re a talented golfer, bartender, or greenkeeper, you will be able to find employment at a local golf course.

Another great thing about golf course jobs is that they are often seasonal, meaning they’re ideal for students and those looking for employment at specific times of the year.

Overall, if you’re a fan of golf, working at a golf course can be extremely rewarding and is an excellent way to make money.