Winn Putter Grips Reviews: Any Good for Me?

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Replacing an old putter grip is an excellent way of giving yourself a much better chance of making more putts out on the golf course. But it’s something that many recreational golfers overlook.

One brand that offers various putter grips is Winn, but are they any good?

In this article, we take a deep dive into Winn putter grips and explain your options, as well as what you need to know about this popular golf grip.

Are Winn Putter Grips Good?

Winn putter grips are up there with some of the best in the game, making them a great option for recreational and elite players alike. Winn grips feature a less tapered profile and increased shock absorption, which leads to improved performance.

Winn’s technology delivers better control and lighter grip pressure, and there are multiple grip designs and styles to choose from. Although it’s often overlooked, the grips that you have on your golf clubs make a huge difference to your shot execution.

There are various grip sizes and types (as we explain below), so it’s really important to consider your options and select the ideal grip for your game.

So, to help you understand why Winn grips are some of the best in the business, we take a closer look at this grip manufacturer throughout this article. We also introduce you to the different Winn grips that you can opt for.

Jumbo Winn Putter Grips

Jumbo putter grips are popular with golfers at all levels of the game and offer an enhanced feel and control when you’re on the putting surface. For instance, Winn’s DriTac Jumbo Pistol putter grip has all the hallmarks of an excellent grip.

Winn DriTac Lite Jumbo Pistol Putter Golf Grip, Dark Gray
It can be affixed to any putter grip and provides an outstanding feel for anyone looking to enhance their control on the putting surface. It’s one of Winn’s best-selling jumbo grips, and it’s easy to see why.

While not jumbo, the Excel Wrap is an oversized golf grip that is extremely tacky and is perfect for dry-weather play. You no longer need to worry about the club slipping out of your sweaty palms when you’re standing over a putt, which is something that all golfers have experienced at some stage.

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Winn Grips Winn Excel 2020-VSN Vision JumboLite Pistol Golf Putter Grip Blue, Blue/Gray
So, if you’re looking for a jumbo or oversized grip to add to your putter this season, Winn has you covered and is an excellent choice.

Midsize Winn Putter Grips

Midsize grips are perhaps the most popular with golfers, as they’re suitable for the vast majority of the market. And as you might expect, it’s a product that Winn also has covered.

Their Dritac AVS midsized grips in gray benefit from additional shock absorption and boast high levels of feel and comfort, making them the obvious choice for people who suffer from gripping issues caused by afflictions like arthritis or joint pain.

Winn DriTac Standard Midsize Grip (+1/16), Dark Gray
The classy gray design and blue tops look sleek and polished and will be a great addition to your clubs. As well as being suitable for your putter, these midsized grips come in packs of up to thirteen, meaning you can attach them to all of the clubs in your bag if you wish.

Ultimately, the thing that impresses us the most about Winn’s midsized grips is the fact that they offer additional protection and shock absorption, which isn’t always the case with standard midsized options.

Winn Putter Grip Sizes

Currently, on Winn’s website, you can order three grip sizes for your putter:

  • Long 21-inch round (in blue)
  • Pro pistol standard size (in navy)
  • Midsized pistol trip line firm (in gray/black)

For more variety, you can shop for Winn grips on Amazon, where you will find oversized and jumbo options as introduced in previous sections.

Therefore, you can find Winn grip sizes including long, standard, midsized, oversized, and jumbo from Winn, essentially covering all ends of the spectrum.

If you’re not sure what grip size to opt for, it’s helpful to consider your glove size. If you wear anything large or bigger, you might benefit from using an oversized or jumbo putter grip. You can always consult the golf professional at your local club if you’re not sure which grip to go for.

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How Much Are Winn Putter Grips?

Winn’s putter grips retail for around $20. For instance, the Pro X grip is $18.95, while the midsized dri-tac putter grip is $19.00. This is fairly standard for a putter grip, although you might find other brands at a slightly cheaper price point.

Equally, Amazon often reduces its prices throughout the golf season, so you might find that when you go looking for a Winn grip for your putter, you can buy a grip for cheaper than the advertised price.

But another thing you have to consider when buying a new grip for your putter is the cost of fixing it. Whether you buy a club fitting kit yourself or take your club to a local pro, you will have to finance the fitting cost.

This won’t typically exceed $5-10, but you should bear the cost in mind when you’re budgeting for the regripping of your golf clubs.

Do Any Tour Players Use Winn Grips?

Presently, Winn grips aren’t used by any of the top 100 players on Tour. What’s more, Winn hasn’t secured any partnerships with top-level players to promote their grips, which might explain their absence from the top of the game.

The vast majority of pros (more than 75% of current tour players) use Golf Pride grips, which have long been regarded as the best and most trusted grips in the business.

In reality, there are lots of brands represented on the PGA Tour, but the fact that Winn isn’t used on Tour shouldn’t necessarily put you off equipping your clubs with this brand.

Lots of recreational players upgrade to Winn grips and are delighted with the performance of their putter and other clubs after attaching the new grips. So, if you’re looking for an affordable and accessible grip for your putter, Winn is definitely a brand to consider.

How Long Do Winn Grips Last?

Winn grips should last at least a year if you play a couple of times a week. However, if you hit the range multiple times a week and play several rounds, you should really regrip your clubs twice a year to ensure you can get the most out of them.

In reality, recreational golfers leave their grips far too long, which significantly affects performance levels. Regripping your clubs is an affordable and practical way to enhance their playing quality, but it’s not something that recreational players often do.

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You will be amazed at how much better your clubs feel and play when you regrip them, so if your putter isn’t feeling great right now, consider opting for a new Winn grip, and you will undoubtedly be impressed by the improvements.

Just like other grips, Winn grips will need to be replaced after a year or so of use to ensure you get the best out of your clubs when you head to the course.

How to Clean Winn Grips? – Top Tips!

Cleaning and maintaining your Winn golf grips are super important if you want them to last. Here’s how to clean them the right way:

  • After every round, wipe your grips down with a damp cloth. You don’t need to perform a deep clean, as doing so can affect their sticking features.
  • Two or three times a season, wash your grips with soapy water and a soft towel. This is important to remove the oil and dirt that has built up throughout the season.
  • Always dry your grips after your round with a hand towel, and leave them to air if you’ve been playing in the rain. Wet grips will deteriorate more quickly.
  • When you’re cleaning your grips, be careful not to scrub them or over-clean them. Doing so can affect the gripping technology and may make your Winn grips ineffective.

Ultimately, looking after your grips is super important if you want them to last that little bit longer. The above tips will help you keep your Winn grips in good shape and will ensure that they play and feel good throughout the season.


There are lots of grips out there if you’re looking to improve the feel of your putter. Winn might not be as well known as other brands, but it’s an affordable and attractive option for any golfer who is looking to upgrade their putter this season.

As explained above, there are various sizes that you can choose from both on the Winn store and Amazon, so consider which sized putter grip is best for your game before checking out and processing your order.