Who Owns Titleist? – Facts You Need to Know!

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Titleist is a brand that many golfers know and love. The question on the minds of some is who owns Titleist?

This blog post will answer this question, as well as provide you with other facts about Titleist. You’ll find out what Titleist’s headquarters are located in, who their parent company is, what they sell, and more!

Who is the Name Behind Titleist?

Titleist is owned by the Acushnet Company which is an American business that primarily focuses on the US golfing market. They also own Scotty Cameron, Footjoy, and Vokey Golf.

An American company, Titleist’s headquarters are located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and are known for being a premium golf ball manufacturer and their popular balls include Pro V Series, DT Solo, NXT Tour S Golf Balls, and more.

They also produce a full line of clubs which includes drivers, fairway woods, and irons sets to name just a few.

How Did Titleist Start?

The company was started back in 1932 by Phillip E. Young, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Young had an idea to create golf balls that would be more consistent than anything on the market at the time, his experiences on the golf course led him to find out that most golf balls were produced “off-center”.

In 1935, Young’s first Titleist golf ball was made of a rubber core surrounded by a consistent rubber string.

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Today these are collectively known as “Tour” balls for professional players.

But even though they do not come off-center anymore, other production errors like dimples and surface roughness may occur during manufacturing that can affect performance after being used on the course.

Is Titleist a Good Golf Brand?

Titleist is one of the leading US brands in the worldwide golf industry worth billions of dollars every year.

Titleist has been around for over 85 years, making it one of the most iconic and well-known brands in all of golfing with many PGA professionals using both clubs and balls from the company.

But what about amateur players?

Does Titleist cater for the budding club player with an average handicap?

If you are a club player looking for the perfect set of clubs to help your game, then Titleist is an excellent choice.

With their latest line of clubs and technology, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most sought-after manufacturers in golf today.

From drivers to irons and wedges, every piece has been designed with performance as well as feel in mind – so whether you have a high handicap or are just starting out, Titleist has a set of clubs that will help you get to the next level.

In fact, many golfers who have used Titleist say they’re one of the most forgiving and easy-to-use sets on today’s market.

Let’s take a look at one of their latest drivers, the TSi 1 driver:

The Titleist TSi driver features a variable face thickness technology which allows for an increase in ball speed on off-center hits.

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The crown and sole are also designed to be adjustable so that golfers can get the most out of their drives, whatever level they’re playing at.

Numerous reviews from players who have used this club say it’s one of the easiest clubs to hit – even when you don’t strike the ball perfectly.

Although this is not a cheap club and retails over $500 it benefits the normal golfer by being easy to use, forgiving and long.

Choose Titleist if you want comfortable grips, quality materials, and performance levels that will help your game improve quickly.

Titleist isn’t just about drivers either: they offer irons with cavity backs or blades as well as wedges to suit whatever kind of player you might be.

Are Titleist Clubs Made in China?

You might be surprised to learn that many of the most popular golf brands (TaylorMade, Titleist, Wilson Golf, Nike, Callaway Golf) are not manufactured in America.

Some if not all parts of a Titleist golf club are made in China. Although they don’t make all their clubs on-site there are still plenty of manufacturing facilities for Titleists’ equipment around the world including China.

They do, however, assemble all their clubs in the USA. This ensures that the quality of Titleist clubs is maintained and the correct quality checks are in place.

How Can I Tell if My Titleist Clubs are Genuine and not Fake?

You might be wondering how you can tell if your Titleist golf clubs are fake or not. You want to make sure that the investment of over a thousand dollars in the equipment is worth it.

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Here are four ways for you to check whether they’re real and not some cheap knock-off:

  1. Check the weight of your clubs – counterfeit Titleist golf clubs are often lighter than authentic ones.
  2. Compare the color and texture of the grip, are they the same as genuine clubs?
  3. Examine the club’s markings, including Titleist, and see if they’re consistent with those on other clubs in your bag.
  4. Look for a genuine hologram sticker.

Finally, on your Titleist Golf Clubs, there should be a serial number. The serial numbers help you know whether the clubs are real or fake.

You can take them to an authorized retailer for confirmation or register your clubs online via the Titleist email sign-up web page.

All You Need to Know About Titleist

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about Titleist and how they have changed over time.

Titleist has successfully transitioned from being a Titleist company to an Acushnet Company.

They have made some major changes over the years, but they still want to provide golfers with quality equipment that meets their needs.

With top golfing stars like Justin Thoams and Patrick Reed endorsing the brand – you know it’s a name you can trust on the golf course!