Who Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs? (7 Crucial Facts!)

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As many golf club manufacturers today have outsourced manufacturing to cheaper labor markets, it’s refreshing to learn of companies that have remained true to their roots and are proudly all-American.

And Tour Edge is one such company.

For more than thirty years, Tour Edge clubs have been manufactured in Illinois and have served golfers at every level of the game.

As such, they’re a great option if you’re looking to invest in a new set of golf clubs.

Tour Edge 2020 Lady Edge Full Set Turquoise Grey White, One Size (LWSRGL11.BT)

So that you have all the information you need about Tour Edge clubs, we run through and answer your most pressing questions about these all-American golf clubs, and hopefully present you with sufficient reasons to make Tour Edge your next purchase.

Who Exactly Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs?

Tour Edge was founded back in 1985 by David Glod, and the company has manufactured top-quality golf clubs ever since. Glod’s initial vision was to produce tour-quality golf clubs at affordable prices, and it would be fair to say that he succeeded.

Ever since the launch of Tour Edge, the company’s clubs have consistently ranked highly and are widely regarded as some of the best in the business. Tour Edge clubs are played by golfers at all levels of the sport, from beginners to PGA Tour pros.

We take a look at Tour Edge clubs in more detail throughout this review to help you decide if they’re well suited to your game.

Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good Quality?

Tour Edge golf clubs are among the best in the business, and they are trusted by PGA Pro Tours and amateurs alike. Something unique and impressive about Tour Edge has been the company’s ability to provide top-quality golf clubs to different segments of the market.

Within the Tour Edge range are clubs that are suited to players at all levels of the game, regardless of handicap.

You’re just as likely to find a Tour Edge set in your local golf club locker room as you are at Augusta National, as the brand has enjoyed an impressive 21 wins on the PGA Tour.

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Some of the most popular Tour Edge clubs include their Bazooka, Exotics, and Hot Launch sets, with each appealing to players of different capabilities.

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Bernhard Langer plays Tour Edge Exotics, for instance, and is one of the most decorated players on the PGA Champions Tour.

Tour Edge’s appearance on the PGA Tour is all the more remarkable when you consider the fact that the company doesn’t pay players to use their clubs, as is standard with other brands.

Conversely, players seek out Tour Edge clubs because of the spec and build, not because they’re paid to use them.

You can buy Tour Edge clubs individually or as whole sets, the latter offering remarkable value for money.

We introduce some of the most popular Tour Edge clubs a little later on in this review.

Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Made in China?

No, Tour Edge clubs are built in the United States. This is another thing that stands the brand apart from some of the other big names in the industry, as many golf club manufacturers have outsourced at least part of their process to save on the costs associated with production in the US.

Since 1985, Tour Edge has been manufacturing golf clubs from the company’s headquarters in Batavia, Illinois. Every Tour Edge club is ‘hand-built at the company’s US HQ, which isn’t something that every golf brand can boast.

It’s for this reason that Tour Edge has developed such a stellar reputation at all levels of the game and is the club of choice for pros, including Duffy Waldorf and Scott McCarron.

Another thing to note about Tour Edge clubs is that they come with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.

This means that any manufacturer defects are covered for the entire time that you play your Tour Edge clubs, which is another unique aspect of the brand that has helped them develop an excellent reputation over the years.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with golf clubs that are manufactured in different parts of the world, the fact that Tour Edge clubs are hand-built in the United States is undoubtedly an attractive proposition for many.

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Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good for Beginners?

The beauty of Tour Edge clubs is that they’re suitable for golfers at every level of the game, beginners included. As mentioned, there are different models within the Tour Edge range, which appeal to those at different stages of their golfing careers.

Perhaps the most suitable Tour Edge club for beginners is the Bazooka set, which comes complete with the following:

  • Oversized 460cc graphite driver
  • Low-profile, oversized graphite 3 wood
  • Low-profile 4 hybrid that is forgiving
  • Cavity-backed irons with a large sweet spot
  • Exquisitely weighted putter

All of the above (and a lightweight carry bag) is available for around $300, which is remarkable value for money for those just starting out in golf.

Tour Edge very much dispels the myth that you have to compromise on quality to get a cheap set of golf clubs!

If you’re a mid-low handicapper, you might be better suited to the Hot Launch set, while those at the top level of the game tend to go for the Exotics.

Tour Edge 2020 Mens Bazooka 270 Full Golf Set Blk Grey YEL (B5SRSU11.B)

But no matter which set you opt for, you will benefit from the advanced technology that stands Tour Edge apart and enjoy top-quality golf clubs that have been hand-built in the US.

Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good for Seniors?

It would be fair to say that Tour Edge golf clubs are ideal for seniors. They offer great value for money, play true, and are trusted by some of the biggest names on the Senior PGA Tour.

What’s not to love about that?

Perhaps the best reflection of this is the fact that Bernhard Langer became the oldest ever player (64 years young) to win on the PGA Champions Tour when he won the Schwab Cup in Virginia.

He was playing Tour Edge Exotics, which he describes as “the best feeling and longest metal woods you will ever hit.”

Seniors typically look for clubs that enable them to hit long consistently, and Tour Edge delivers on this very promise.

Langer’s success with Tour Edge at the age of 64 is proof that Tour Edge clubs are ideally suited to seniors.

But you don’t need to be at the pinnacle of the game to reap the benefits of using Tour Edge clubs.

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The Exotics are exceptional, but you could always opt for the Bazookas or Hot Launch clubs if you want something a little more forgiving.

Whichever Tour Edge clubs you opt for as a senior player, you can be sure of high-performing golf clubs that will help you retain much of your distance and accuracy out on the golf course.

Tour Edge Hot Launch C521 Fairway Woods (15, Stiff)

Is there a Tour Edge Outlet Store?

The best place to purchase Tour Edge clubs is directly from the company’s online store, which serves as its outlet store. Not only will you enjoy the best prices, but your purchase comes complete with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee as standard.

The Tour Edge store also carries a wide collection of certified pre-owned clubs that you can trial and return within thirty days if they’re not up to scratch.

In addition to new and used clubs, you can also purchase various accessories, golf bags, and junior sets directly from the Tour Edge online store.

Alternatively, you can purchase Tour Edge golf clubs from various online and brick-and-mortar golf retailers throughout the United States; such is the popularity and prevalence of the brand.

If you’re looking for Tour Edge golf clubs that offer even better value for money than those listed on the company’s official store, you could always search through listings on various online marketplaces.

The likes of eBay and Craigslist are ideal places to start your search if you’re looking for used Tour Edge golf clubs.

Tour Edge: A Great US Golf Club Brand for all Skill Levels!

As an all-American manufacturer of high-quality golf clubs, Tour Edge is undoubtedly a company that you can’t afford to ignore if you’re in the market for new clubs.

The Exotics, Hot Launch, and Bazooka clubs are ideally suited to players at different levels of the game and ensure that Tour Edge clubs can be played on Tour and on club courses throughout the United States.

Tour Edge Men's Bazooka One Out Wedge (Right Hand, Steel, Uniflex, SW Iron)

The bottom line is that no matter your handicap, you will likely benefit from switching to Tour Edge clubs.

And the fact that you know who makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs and that they’re attractively priced and widely available online means that you can easily find the perfect Tour Edge set without breaking the bank.