Warrior Golf Clubs Review – What Happened?

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Although many golf brands have been around forever, others have come and gone. A mainstay of the recreational golf market in the early 2000s was Warrior Golf, but the company has fallen off the radar in recent times.

So, in this article, we explain what happened to Warrior Golf and look at the reasons why it’s difficult to get your hands on Warrior clubs, in spite of the brand’s seemingly good reputation.

By the end of this piece, you will be armed with all the information you need if you want to buy a used set of Warrior golf clubs, or you might be inclined to look elsewhere for a set of clubs for this year’s golf season.

Who is Warrior Golf?

Warrior Golf was an American custom-golf fitting business that encountered some financial issues in recent times. As well as manufacturing and selling bespoke golf clubs, the Warrior group once owned fifteen golf courses and maintained various other business interests.

The company was founded in 1998 as a custom golf club manufacturer and started buying golf courses eleven years later, with courses initially in Texas and Florida. The founder of Warrior, Brendan Flaherty, worked with investors to purchase six golf courses in just two years.

Warrior 52 Degree Gap Wedge Golf Club (Regular, Right)

In March 2019, the company filed for bankruptcy protection as a result of legal fees and poor business performance. As a result of these financial troubles, Warrior listed a number of golf courses as available for sale for a price of $7 million.

In spite of the bankruptcy and legal issues surrounding Warrior Golf, many golfers are wondering if you can still buy Warrior golf clubs? Let’s find out.

Is Warrior Golf Out of Business?

After filing for bankruptcy protection in 2019, Warrior Golf is no longer manufacturing clubs. At the time of the bankruptcy declaration, Warrior Golf owned fifteen golf courses and a range of manufacturing equipment.

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However, Force 10 Partners were hired to restructure the brand, and the Warrior portfolio has been sold off to various bidders.

The seven golf courses that were put on the market in 2020 followed the 2019 sale of Rio Vista, Limestone Spring, Reems Creek, and Ashboro Golf Club the year before.

Today, if you’re looking for Warrior golf clubs, you can only buy them from sites like eBay and Amazon, and the used market is proliferating as the company no longer manufactures new clubs.

While it’s a sad state of affairs, Warrior went bankrupt due to dwindling interest in their courses, as well as poor financial management from the top. As a once flourishing brand, it’s a shame that you can no longer buy custom Warrior golf clubs.

Who Owns Warrior Golf?

The owner of Warrior Golf before the company filed for bankruptcy was Brendan Flaherty. He launched the company in 1998 and worked with various private investors to acquire golf courses across the United States. Warrior was also renowned for its custom clubs.

When Warrior filed for bankruptcy in March 2019, the LA-based company Force 10 Partners took control of the portfolio and set about restructuring the company. Other companies that were involved with the restructuring of Warrior include Links Capital Advisors and Green Golf Partners.

By June 2019, it was announced that Troon Group had acquired the management company and was now in charge of the various courses. Warrior was essentially split up and sold from within, as the directors were no longer able to meet the financial demands of managing the courses within its portfolio.

Where Are Warrior Clubs Made?

Before Warrior went out of business, all of its clubs were manufactured at the company’s 30,000 square ft manufacturing plant in Irvine, California. Warrior was renowned as a manufacturer of high-quality golf clubs, and their clubs were built to extremely high specifications.

In the early 2000s, in particular, Warrior golf clubs were extremely popular with recreational players, as they were seen as excellent clubs available at a good price.

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The fact that they were made in the USA was another impressive aspect of the clubs, given that the manufacturing of other clubs is often outsourced to cheaper labor markets.

So, if you’re able to pick up a set of second-hand Warrior golf clubs today, you can be confident that they were made in the United States.

One of the best places to buy used Warrior clubs is Second Swing Golf, as they have a dedicated section of the website on which they retail Warrior equipment.

What About Warrior Custom Golf Clubs?

Just like other Warrior clubs, their custom range was manufactured in Irvine, California, before the company filed for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy custom Warrior golf clubs as the company is no longer operating.

There are other options for you to consider if you’re looking for custom-made golf clubs today. Precision Golf is a good place to start your research, as they work with many of the biggest brands in the sport.

Warrior Tomahawk Fairway Wood (Right, Graphite, Senior, 24)

You can also go to your local golf outlet or golf club and arrange for a custom fit-out before choosing the golf clubs that best fit your swing and size.

While most recreational golfers choose clubs off the rack, opting for a custom fit is an excellent way to ensure your golf clubs are perfect for your game.

So, while you can’t get custom clubs from Warrior Golf anymore, there are lots of other options for you to consider, and it’s a good option if you’re looking to get the perfect golf clubs to carry in the bag this season.

How Much is a Full Set of Warrior Clubs Worth?

If you’re looking to sell a full set of Warrior golf clubs, you can expect to get somewhere between $150 and $250 for them, given the prices that used Warrior clubs are currently selling for on the likes of eBay and Second Swing.

You can currently buy a Warrior driver for around $40, while an iron set will set you back at around $100. This is great news if you’re specifically looking for Warrior clubs, as they’re available for a great price.

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Just make sure you check the quality of the clubs before committing to a purchase, as the condition of used clubs varies significantly. eBay is generally a good site on which to buy used clubs, as you can read a detailed description and see several pictures before ordering the clubs.

Alternatively, you can look on Second Swing or other second-hand golf websites for used Warrior clubs, and you will hopefully be able to find a bargain!

Could You Get Free Warrior Golf Clubs?

Depending on where you look, you might be able to find Warrior golf clubs for free. The best place to find free items is a marketplace like Facebook, where some people list items for free, providing you come and collect them.

If someone is having a clear-out and is listing different items, you might get lucky and find some Warrior clubs among their gear.

Equally, you might find other branded golf clubs that someone is giving away for free, which could be ideal if you’re just starting out and don’t want to spend money on clubs.

Another option if you’re looking for free golf clubs is to speak to friends or family members, as many players keep several sets of golf clubs.

While they might not give them to you, they might let you borrow them as you get started, which will save you splashing the cash from the very start.


In the early 2000s, Warrior Golf was a trusted and much-loved golf brand and was particularly popular with recreational players. However, Warrior got into financial trouble and filed for bankruptcy in 2019, and is no longer in business. 

So, if you’re looking to pick up some Warrior golf clubs today, you will have to rely solely on the used market, and you should start looking on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Facebook marketplace if you’re desperate to carry Warrior golf clubs in your bag this season.