Vokey Golf Wedges Review: (Simply the Best?)

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Choosing the wedges to carry in your golf bag is a big decision. Do you go for a PW, SW combo? Or do you want something with a little more loft or bounce than standard wedges?

Whatever you decide to carry, one of the brands that you will undoubtedly hear about is Vokey. Celebrated as the finest wedge maker in the game, Bob Vokey is a legend in his own right.

In this article, we take a deep dive into Vokey wedges and explain why these golf clubs enjoy such an impressive reputation in the sport.

What are Vokey Golf Wedges?

Vokey wedges are among the very best wedges in the game of golf. They are the work of Bob Vokey, who has spent decades working on clubs that are designed to help golfers in and around the greens. Speak to any golfer at any level, and they have almost certainly heard of Vokey wedges.

TITLEIST SM8 Tour Chrome Wedge, Men, Chrome, 52.08

He launched his business in 1976 when he opened Bob’s Custom Golf Shop at Fallbrook Country Club in San Diego. By 1980, demand for Bob’s services had increased, and he moved to Vista, California, where he would go on to make a name for himself in the golf industry.

Bob then closed his store to work with TaylorMade, with a stint at FoundersClub to follow. However, it wasn’t until 1996 that Vokey signed with Titleist, and there started one of the best relationships the golf industry has experienced to date.

He only started specializing in wedges when he arrived at Titleist, and by the early 2000s, Vokey wedges were the most sought-after clubs on the PGA Tour. Today, Vokey wedges are still regarded as the best in the business, as we explore below.

Are Vokey Golf Wedges the Best You Can Get?

If you ask any golfer at any level of the game about the best wedges in golf, they will probably at least mention Vokey. So much so that Vokey is a name that is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, and Bob’s relationship with Titleist propelled his design to the forefront of the game.

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Of course, there are other reputable brands of wedges for you to consider, but the consistency and build quality of Vokey wedges over the years is what helps the brand stand out ahead of the rest.

Something that helps Vokey wedges stand out is the fact that Bob spends a considerable amount of time with PGA professionals, gathering feedback and understanding how to improve his designs. In fact, he regards the PGA Tour as his R&D lab, and most of his innovations come directly from the players themselves.

Vokey wedges are so popular that approximately 40% of all sand, lob, and approach wedges in play each week carry the Vokey label. That’s something to be proud of and helps cement Vokey at the very top of the tree as far as brands of wedges are concerned.

How Much Are Vokey Wedges?

The latest Vokey wedges retail at $159.00 from online retailers like Golf Galaxy, or you can buy them directly from the Titleist store. While you might think that $160 is a little steep for one wedge, you are buying from the biggest and most trusted brand in the game.

Titleist Vokey Design SM9 Jet Black Wedge 56 10

If you don’t want to splash out on a new set of Vokey wedges, you can always look for a used set of clubs via marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. This is actually an excellent way of saving yourself some money, as there are lots of Vokey wedges available on second-hand sites.

You will find that the build quality of all of Vokey’s wedges meets the same exacting standards, and provided the clubs that you find are in good shape, it shouldn’t really make a difference that they’re not brand new or the latest release.

You can find used Vokey wedges for sale for under $100, so it’s a great option if you don’t have a great deal of money to spend on new golf equipment this season.

Are Vokey Wedges Worth the Money?

Given the fact that Vokey wedges are trusted by the best players in the game, we would say that they are worth the money. All wedges that pass through production at Titleist HQ are personally checked and verified by Bob Vokey, ensuring his exceptionally high standards are met.

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Therefore, if you’re looking for wedges that are the very best that money can buy, it’s hard to look past Vokey. It has been the most popular brand of wedges on the PGA Tour since 2004, and each iteration gets better and better.

However, if you think that $160 is a little too much to spend on a single wedge, then you can undoubtedly find more affordable wedges elsewhere. In fact, many brands offer wedge sets for under $160, enabling you to pick up two or three wedges for the price of one.

So, as is the case when you’re buying any type of golf club, make sure Vokey wedges are in your price range or look elsewhere for an alternative.

What is M Grind on Vokey Wedges?

The M-grind Vokey wedge is a medium-bounce wedge that is perfect for shallow attack angles and helps you play out of sandy and tight lies. In recent years, Vokey expanded the M Grind range into 50 and 52-degree lofts, which provides golfers with an alternative to the popular F Grind gap wedge.

New Titleist SM7 Wedges - Choose Your Loft & Finish (Brushed Steel, 60-08-M)

One of the most impressive features of the M-grind wedge is the full crescent heel, toe, and trailing edge sole grind, which are all behind the versatility of this high-performing wedge.

Vokey introduced it to give golfers who play a two-wedge setup a better choice, as it can be played with a variety of face positions. At present, Cameron Smith, Patrick Cantlay, and Charles Howell III all play the Vokey M wedge on Tour.

Cam Smith, in particular, has wowed us all recently with his exceptional short game, and the way he dials into the pins is quite remarkable. So, if the M-grind wedge works well for Smith and Cantlay, it could be worth trying it out if you’re looking for something a little different around the greens this season.

What is T Grind on Vokey Wedges?

The T-Grind is a low bounce wedge from Vokey. Inspired by Vokey’s collaboration with Tom Pernice, Jr., the T-Grind is already popular on Tour. Will Zalatoris, Jordan Speith, and Web Simpson all currently play the T-Grind as their lob wedges.

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If you’re familiar with the SM9 line, you will appreciate the T-Grind. It has a front-of-face center of gravity position, which helps you square the clubhead at impact. As you would expect from all Vokey wedges, spin control is exceptional, and consistency has been achieved.

One thing to note is that low-bounce wedges aren’t suitable for all golfers, and many recreational players might find them particularly difficult to play.

This is why we always recommend trying out different golf clubs before adding them to your bag, as what works for those at the elite level of the game might not be suitable for beginners and improving players.

What Does BV Stand for on Vokey Wedges?

The BV etched into Vokey wedges simply stands for Bob Vokey, the man behind these stunning golf clubs. However, there are a number of other numbers and letters present on Vokey wedges that you need to be aware of.

For instance, Vokey includes a description of the wedge bounce on the club. High bounce wedge grinds such as D and K are more forgiving and are therefore better for beginners and other recreational players.

You will also find the loft of the wedge listed on the club head, which is fairly common practice from all golf club manufacturers.

So, the BV on Vokey wedges is a tribute to the master craftsman behind the clubs. You can also personalize your Vokey wedges with a range of designs and graphics, which is something that lots of players on the PGA Tour spend time doing.


If you’re looking to buy the best wedges in the game of golf, it’s difficult to look past Vokey. Crafted but the legendary Bob Vokey, they are built to extremely high specifications and are based on the requirements and preferences of PGA Tour pros.

Although the $160 price tag might put some people off, the fact that Vokey wedges are trusted by the best players in the game speaks volumes about why they’re priced as they are.

Ultimately, Vokey wedges are very much the best in the business, and you will need to pay a premium price to carry them in your golf bag this season.