Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls Review: Time to Switch?

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Do you ever get overwhelmed at the number of choices in the golf ball market and you wonder if they really make a difference? If you have a favorite brand that you use every time then maybe it’s time for a change.

In our Vice Pro Soft golf balls review, we take a closer look at this product, including features, pros, and cons as well as answer some FAQs and see if there is a viable alternative to one of the best-selling golf balls currently available.

Are you ever shocked by the price of premium golf balls?

It is sometimes hard to justify the cost and the margins are simply huge. It can hurt when you lose a brand new $5 ball on the first hole or even worse, lose 3 on the front nine!

Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

Regardless, if you are an elite amateur player or simply like the feel of the high-end golf balls, you are probably always looking for the next best thing.

Ever since the first golfers were hitting wooden balls in Scotland, golf manufacturers have been making changes to improve performance.

You would want to take advantage of the new technology, that’s for sure.

As you know, the right golf ball can make a huge difference in your score.

How the ball jumps off your driver, spins on your wedge shots, and rolls off your putter are all critical to the scores you post.

You are never going to shoot a good score if you don’t like how the ball feels. This can destroy your confidence before you reach the second tee box.

If you enjoy the feel of a premium ball, you have probably tried Titleist, TaylorMade and Bridgestone, and then there is Vice.

Have you ever heard of Vice Golf – It’s reasonable to want to save some money, but still get the performance you demand. Vice is a unique option that we review below.

Overview – Who is Vice Golf?

Vice Golf entered the golf world in 2012 with the goal of being a market disruptor.

Their business concept was simple – make premium golf balls without the premium price tag.

They can offer high quality, without the price and they identified several ways to reduce cost.

First, they kept it simple – only offering a few models of balls.

Second, they decided to not spend significant money paying tour pros to play their balls.

Third, they cut out the middlemen and sell directly to the golfer. Finally, they recommend buying your balls in 5 dozen orders instead of just one dozen – they pass these savings on to you.

The Vice Pro Soft golf ball is one of their most popular models, winning Gold on the 2019 Golf Digest Hot List.

It is designed for medium clubhead speed players who enjoy a soft feel around the greens.

That probably describes 90%+ of all amateur golfers. Long and soft sounds like a better option.

Are Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls Low Compression?

The Vice Pro Soft golf ball is low compression compared to many of its competitors. The development team at Vice Pro designed it this way to provide the player with an extra-soft ball and a greater feel around the greens.

What is golf ball compression?

When you hit the golf ball solid, it squishes against the face or compresses. If you watch a shot in super slow motion, you can see the ball get flat.

This process allows you to hit the ball farther. The higher the compression, the harder you have to swing to compress the ball.

Does the compression rating of a golf ball matter anymore? According to some experts, not so much – 20 years ago golf balls were “wound”, and you would lose significant distance if you didn’t compress it.

The modern golf ball has greatly reduced the importance of the ball compression rating. Manufacturers rarely even share the exact compression rating number anymore, since it is not a critical factor to the performance.

But still, some players still prefer to play with a softer ball such as Strata Boom golf balls that is a real alternative to the vice Pro range.

It also allows players with medium clubhead speed (85mph+) to get quality performance from a premium ball. Most other high-end golf balls are higher compression and won’t work as well for clubhead speeds from 85mph – 100mph.

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Is low compression a good or bad thing? It certainly isn’t bad.

You won’t lose distance because of low compression (you might even gain some).

The best way to describe would be, it was a design decision by the engineers at Vice Golf that doesn’t have a significant impact on ball performance but will make the ball feel soft to the player.

It also allows a broader group of amateur golfers to enjoy the ball.

Features & Performance

How is the Vice Pro Soft made and what are the key technical features of the ball?

The quick highlights: it is a 3-piece ball with a urethane cover and has a durable 336 dimple design.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls, Red (One Dozen)

A cool feature of this Vice ball is the matte finish.

It has anti-glare technology to save your eyes on a sunny day and provides better visibility in the sky or on the ground. You will be able to see your drives flying down the fairway.

The combination of low compression and the urethane cover produces a ball that feels extremely soft around the greens – get ready to spin those wedge shots. Exceptional feel with the putter as well.

The Vice Pro Soft also has the KIL (Keep in Line) putt line on every ball.

The extra-long, highly visible line allows you to point your ball towards the hole without pulling out your sharpie.
This ball has been engineered for distance.

Another benefit of the lower compression ball is that more golfers will compress the ball more consistently.

Could you use a little more yardage off the tee? The Vice Pro Soft is a high-energy ball that jumps off your driver clubface.

And finally, you would want to make a statement on the greens and stand out on the first tee. The Vice Pro Soft is offered in white, neon lime, and neon red.

You might be able to find other yellow balls on the market, but the Vice Pro Soft is the only premium ball that comes in red – it looks like a fireball flying off your club!


  • Can’t start a list of “Pros” without mentioning the price – Vice Pro Soft is sold at an awesome price for a premium ball.
  • The softcover and low compression feels great off the driver, irons, wedges, and putter.
  • Cool, new brand and a market disruptor – playing with a Vice will create a buzz in your group.
  • Matte finish – the finish on this ball is unique – really stands out in the sky or the grass.
  • Long – since it feels soft, you wonder about distance, but this is a high energy ball – it jumps off the face.
  • Great Color Options – love the neon lime balls – the red option is truly unique and fun to play.


  • Not a common brand – if you only want brands you see on the PGA tour, this might not be for you.
  • May feel too soft for some players – doesn’t feel like a rock.


Question: I am a senior golfer, with a swing speed in the upper 80s – is this a good golf ball for me?
Answer: Yes. This ball is designed for medium swing speeds. You will enjoy the soft feel and gain some distance.

Question: White, Lime, or Red? What color should I choose?
Answer: The performance of the balls is the same, so this comes down to your preference.

If you don’t like to be flashy, stick with white. The red balls featured in this Vice Pro Soft review are truly unique – you won’t find anything else on the market in this color.

Question: I currently buy fairly cheap balls ($20 per dozen), but I want to try a premium ball. What difference will I notice?
Answer: If you decide to try the Vice Pro Soft, the first thing you will notice is the feel. It will feel much softer. You will probably notice an increase in distance as well, but this does depend on your swing.

Question: Is this ball designed for high-handicappers or low-handicappers?
Answer: It is truly designed for all players, with a couple of caveats. If you swing faster than 110mph, you would be better off playing the Vice Pro Plus, instead of the Soft.

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Question: I am confused by Vice Golf pricing – if I want to buy a dozen balls, they are more expensive than I expected?
Answer: Correct. Vice Golf offers cheaper pricing if you buy in bulk. In order to get the best possible price, you should buy 5 dozen balls.

If you want to try them before you commit to that many balls, you can typically find deals for your first purchase.

Question: I am skeptical that better balls make a difference – as a beginner, do I really need to buy premium balls?
Answer: If you are truly a beginner and lose more than three balls every time you play, you probably don’t need to invest in premium balls.

If you are a mid-high handicapper who is looking to try something different, the Vice Pro Soft golf balls are worth the money.

A different ball won’t automatically reduce your handicap by 5 strokes, but it can make a difference.

Question: Why don’t I see Vice Pro Soft balls on the shelf in my local pro shop?
Answer: This is part of Vice’s business model. They are able to provide premium golf balls at a lower price by skipping the “middleman”. They only sell online and pass the savings on to the golfer.

Question: Not sure about this – my playing partners will make fun of me if I play a lime or red golf ball!
Answer: Two quick thoughts –
1) If you don’t want the color, you can always select the white version.
2) Will they be laughing when you outdrive them or when you spin your wedge close for birdie?

It can be fun to watch that red ball bounce past their boring white ones!

Alternative Golf Balls

Finding an alternative ball to the Vice Pro Soft is a little bit challenging – they are such a unique entry in the golf world. A rare combination of quality and price.

From a performance perspective, they are similar to the Titleist Pro V1 or the TaylorMade TP5, but they are sold at a lower price point.

Due to the lower compression, they feel softer than these balls.

From a price perspective, they are closer to the Titleist AVX or a Callaway Super Soft but are higher quality.

More of a premium golf ball. Higher energy off the clubface. Longer off the tee. We would consider the Vice Pro Soft is a great alternative to these more well-known brands and models.

Are Vice Pro Golf Balls Any Good?

Yes, the Vice Pro golf ball is highly rated and offers a viable alternative to other named brands such as Strata, Titleist and Srixon. The low compression rating will appeal to golfers who prefer to play a softer, more controllable game on the course.

Are you tired of all the same old golf ball options and are you ready to try something new?

Add some spice back to your game, and from our The Vice Pro Soft golf ball review you might just be thinking that these cool golf balls thing you need to jump-start your next round of golf.

The Vice Golf company was started based on one simple question.

Why do premium golf balls cost so much? They identified several ways to reduce the price, without reducing the quality.

Don’t produce ten different models, only provide a few. Don’t pay tour pros millions to play your ball. Sell the balls direct to consumers and only online.

Since golf balls don’t expire sitting in your closet, offer heavy discounts to golfers buying in bulk. With these things in mind, you can sell a premium ball for a non-premium price.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls, Lime (One Dozen)

Great idea but doesn’t mean much if the ball doesn’t perform. Challenge accepted; the Vice Golf engineers designed a low compression, high tech golf ball that works for the vast majority of amateur golfers.

Long and soft are the best adjectives you can say about a golf ball. You can feel the difference.

So, are you ready to try something new and are you willing to think outside of the box and give a market disruptor a try? If so, the Vice Pro Soft golf ball might just be the key to unlock your potential.

Grab a dozen, head to course, and see what a premium ball feels like – we are hoping you shoot a new personal low round or maybe, win your club championship!