Are Vice Golf Balls Good? – (Should I Use Them?!)

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You’re probably here because of the hype! Most recreational golfers have heard of Vice golf balls, even if you haven’t played them – yet.

With lofty aspirations to be the best golf ball in the world, the German company doesn’t mince its words when it comes to appealing to the golf masses. But if they’re so good, why don’t we see them being played on tour?

Well, in this article, we put Vice golf balls under the microscope and find out whether they live up to the hype. Let’s begin with a simple one – are Vice golf balls actually any good?

Are Vice Golf Balls Any Good?

Vice golf balls are regarded as one of the best performing balls in the game, with excellent spin and distance control for players looking for that extra edge out on the golf course.

And one of the most appealing aspects of Vice golf balls is that they’re a fraction of the price of Titleist and other brands while carrying many of the same specs.

To help you work out if Vice golf balls are ideally suited to your game, we explain everything we know about this high-performing golf ball below.

Are Vice Golf Balls Good for Beginners?

Not every type of Vice golf ball is suitable for beginners, but the Vice Drive is perhaps the best option for those just starting out or players with a higher handicap. The two-piece ball comes with 312 dimple patterns and helps players execute shots with a good flight and an impressive carry distance.

The Vice Drive is a low compression ball and feels super soft, particularly when compared to other entry-level balls on the market. This helps beginner golfers feel their way around the course a lot more, without having to worry too much about how the ball will perform.

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Vice Drive Golf Balls (Package May Vary)
Another reason that we think the Drive balls are best suited for beginners is the price. A dozen starts from just $14.95, which is remarkable value for such a high-performing ball. And the lower price point won’t make you wince as much when you shank your ball out of bounds and can’t find it!

All in all, if you’re a beginner golfer and you want to try out a Vice golf ball for feel and control, start with the Drive and go from there.

What Company Makes Vice Golf Balls?

Vice is a hugely successful internet-based golf brand that manufactures and retails its own golf balls – following a direct-to-consumer model. The company was formed in Germany in 2012 by Ingo Duellman and Rainer Stoeckl.

The company initially focused on the European market before transitioning into the United States in 2015.

The secret to Vice’s success is that they can keep their prices low by cutting out the middlemen, which saves them from mark-ups that ultimately drive the cost of the balls up.

All of the golf balls that Vice manufactures (there are currently five) are engineered and shipped from Germany.

The ball is the official ball of the German Golf Association and is played by many European players, in particular.

The company has done an exceptional job of bringing a top-quality golf ball to the middle of the market, and it’s no surprise that Vice balls are starting to be played all around the world.

Are Vice Golf Balls USGA Legal?

Yes, all of Vice’s golf balls are USGA and R&A legal. This means you can play them in competitions or when you’re out on the course with your buddies for a recreational game.

Every Vice golf ball is manufactured to the company’s high standards, so you don’t need to worry about any gimmicks or defections.

Typically, illegal golf balls come with some type of promise – such as dimples designed in such a way to ensure the ball flies straight (think Polara).

Vice balls don’t fall into this category and are built within the legal remits of what is permitted in the game of golf.

If you’re unsure of whether a ball that you have in your bag is USGA legal, you can review the Conforming Ball List to ensure you don’t break any rules before heading out to play a competition.

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What Compression Are Vice Golf Balls?

The compression of Vice’s golf balls depends upon the model. For instance, the Vice Pro has a compression of 86, which positions it between the Bridgestone Tour B XS and the Srixon Z Star, which are two of the softest balls that are currently played on the PGA Tour.

Compression is often a metric overlooked by recreational golfers, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect from a ball.

Vice Pro White Golf Balls (One Dozen (12 Golf Balls))
High compression balls are typically 90+, while medium compression falls into the 66-89 range, and low is 65 or less.

Vice’s golf balls fall into the medium and low compression range and are best suited for players with medium-high swing speeds, as they will provide you with a good level of control and distance.

What Is the Difference Between Vice Pro and Pro Plus Golf Balls?

There are several notable differences between the two. The Vice Pro is a 3-piece cast urethane golf ball that has been designed specifically for golfers hoping to shoot lower scores who have a swing speed in the region of 95mph and 110mph.

It’s comparable in feel and performance to the Titleist Pro V1.

In comparison, the Pro Plus is a four-piece urethane golf ball that has been designed for lower spin control but extreme distance control.

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls White, One Dozen(Packaging may vary)

It is best suited for players with a swing speed in excess of 110mph, so it won’t be for everyone!

And because it focuses primarily on distance, you will need to have the ability to exercise ball control in and around the green.

So, while the Vice Pro golf ball is ideal for mid-low-handicappers and professionals, the Pro Plus is designed exclusively for those with low-single-digit handicaps and players at the very top of the game.

It’s a great example of the fact that the very best golf balls aren’t necessarily the best golf balls for every player, so you should select a ball that is appropriate for your current skill level to give you the best possible chance out on the golf course.

What Golf Balls Are as Good as Pro V1?

Reviewed by the likes of Golf Spy and Golf Digest, Vice balls have been proven to perform as well as – and in some cases better than – Titleist Pro V1s, which are widely considered to be the best ball in golf.

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If you’re looking for the Vice ball that correlates to the quality of a Pro V1, then the Vice Pro is a good option.

And in spite of the fact that Vice Pro golf balls are considered to be of similar quality to Pro V1s, they are available for a fraction of the price of the undisputed best ball in golf!

A dozen Vice Pro golf balls start at $34.95, while a dozen Titleist Pro V1s begin at around $50.

If you’re not selective about branding and are just looking for a golf ball that is of PGA Tour quality, then you can do a lot worse than Vice Pro golf balls; there’s no doubt about it!

Do Professionals Use Vice Golf Balls?

Although Vice golf balls are undoubted of tour quality, you don’t see many professionals playing them. The main reason for this is that the company doesn’t spend a great deal of money on endorsements or sponsorships, and they don’t currently sponsor any PGA Tour professionals.

But as highlighted on the company’s official website, Vice Golf balls are the official ball of the German golf association.

Multiple up-and-coming European players and amateur golfers play Vice golf balls thanks to their exceptional quality and cult-like reputation the balls have developed.

If you’re looking for a golf ball that is of tour quality and you want to try something different from the biggest brands in the sport, then Vice golf balls are undoubtedly well worthy of your consideration.

Vice Golf Balls: Good All Rounders with 5 Models in the Range

So, what do we make of Vice golf balls? We think they’re a fantastic ball to play, and the fact that there are five different balls in the Vice range, there’s a ball on the site for golfers of all handicaps and abilities.

Another reason why we love Vice golf balls and think they are good is the price, and for the quality of the ball you’re getting, it’s hard not to be impressed at the retail price.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a high-quality golf ball that feels great and plays well, then you won’t be disappointed with Vice.