Uther Golf Balls Reviews: Good, Bad or Average?

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While it’s not the most instantly recognizable brand in the sport, Uther golf balls have attracted lots of hype in recent times.

Since Uther towels became popular with recreational players, the company’s new line of balls captured people’s attention thanks to the awesome designs and great price points.

Uther AIRx Icon Golf Balls – Engineered for Distance, Watermelon Sugar Print (Pack of 12)

But what’s the deal with Uther golf balls? Are they actually any good? And how much do they cost? In the sections that follow, we take a closer look in our Uther golf balls review guide and help you decide if you should add them to your golf bag this season.

What are Uther Golf Balls?

Uther manufactures a range of high-quality golf balls and other apparel that competes with some of the biggest brands in the business. Uther stocks three types of golf balls, including the AirX, Tour, and Pro models. But perhaps the best thing about Uther golf balls is their unique designs, which include:

  • Donut Tour golf balls
  • Hit Bombs Tour golf balls
  • USA Patriot golf balls
  • Icy Icon Pro golf balls

Each of the golf balls within the Uther range has been calibrated with a different spec in mind, ensuring that there’s something for every player. What’s more, the balls benefit from consistent aerodynamics, and the 350 dimple pattern delivers optimal ball flight.

Watch this promo video from Uther as they show off some of their range:

Overall, Uther balls are classy, exciting, and offer something unique in comparison to standard golf balls, making them a great option for recreational players.

Are Uther Golf Balls Good?

As well as looking sharp, Uther golf balls perform well. Each ball in the Uther range boasts a durable urethane cover, which is engineered to perform consistently and provides the ball with the strength it requires.

Certain Uther balls – like the Icy Icon Pro ball – are designed to achieve distance, high trajectory, and an exceptional level of spin. They’re also super soft, which is ideal for lower handicappers who are looking for more control with the ball in and around the greens.

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The hit bombs tour golf balls, on the other hand, are created for maximum distance and help you increase the distances you can achieve with your long game.

Although untested at the elite level of the game, Uther golf balls present an excellent option to recreational players of all abilities, thanks to their affordable price, awesome designs, and great feel.

Are Uther Golf Balls Legal?

Yes, Uther golf balls are UGSA and R&Aconforming, meaning you can use them in club competitions. It’s always a good idea to check the legality of a new golf ball that enters the market, as you don’t want to get caught out.

Playing an illegal golf ball in a tournament will lead to disqualification, which is something you want to avoid when you’re playing the monthly medal! But the good news is that Uther balls conform with the requirements laid out by the USGA, so you don’t need to worry.

Illegal balls typically come with some sort of promise. For instance, self-straightening golf balls are weighted in such a way as to correct slices and hooks, which makes them illegal for use in official tournaments.

Frankly, you should avoid using illegal golf balls during rounds with your friends, as they won’t be happy that you’ve given yourself an unfair advantage. So, if you do pick up some illegal golf balls, it’s best to use them exclusively on the practice range so you don’t upset your playing partners.

What Compression are Uther Golf Balls?

As is the case with all brands, the compression of Uther golf balls depends on the model that you opt for. For instance, Uther’s Tour golf balls have a compression rating of ninety, which is regarded as high.

The compression of a golf ball is tied to your swing speed, and how fast you swing the club should determine the compression of the golf ball that you go for.

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For example, if you have a swing speed of 85mph or less, you’re better suited to low-compression golf balls. High compression balls – like the Uther Tour range – are better suited to players with high swing speeds of 100mph+.

This being said, we wouldn’t get too caught up on the compression of a golf ball, as it’s not something that you need to worry too much about when you’re enjoying a game of golf with your buddies at the weekend.

If you’re attracted to the unique designs offered by Uther, go ahead and play the ball, and don’t worry too much about its compression!

Who Makes Uther Golf Balls?

Uther golf balls are made by Uther Supply. The company describes itself as a “high fashion” golf brand, and as well as golf balls, they manufacture a range of apparel, bags, towels, and other golf accessories.

Uther is located in Toronto, Canada, and is run by Daniel Erdman, a young entrepreneur who has taken the golf world by storm.

At just 25, Erdman was supplying golfers around the world with Uther’s classy towels, and the company has branched out to include various other golf items in recent years.

Now, it’s their golf balls that are attracting a lot of attention, as players are realizing the potential of these fun and affordable balls as an alternative to some of the more tried and trusted brands on the market.

Without Tour representation, Uther is a brand that is focused on the recreational golf market right now, but it will be interesting to see how things progress in the near future.

How Much Are Uther Golf Balls? (Are they Expensive?)

Uther golf balls are reasonably priced and start at just $24.99 per dozen. The table below gives you a good idea of how much you can expect to pay for the balls that are currently in the Uther range:

Balls Price per dozen
Uther AirX (various designs)$24.99
Uther Tour (various designs)$29.99
Uther Pro (various designs)$39.99
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At $24.99, the AirX golf balls represent great value for money, and the fun and funky designs will be a talking point among your golf buddies.

As for the Tour and Pro models, they’re also competitively priced but at a closer price point to some of the more recognizable golf brands on the market.

Ultimately, it’s a good idea to give the balls a try out on the range before playing them on the course, and you can consider for yourself how they feel and perform.

Is Uther Tour a Cheaper Alternative to Pro V1?

Uther Tour golf balls are certainly cheaper than Pro V1s, but you can’t really compare the two. The Pro V1 is the best golf ball in the world and is played by elite Tour pros week in, week out.

Uther Tour Icon Golf Balls – Engineered for Distance & Soft Feel, Donut Print (Pack of 12)

Conversely, Uther Tour balls are played predominantly by recreational golfers. While they do feel good and represent good value for money, it’s unlikely that Tour pros will take up playing Uther any time soon.

But as we suggest when we’re recommending golf clubs, just because they’re not played on Tour, it doesn’t mean they’re not worth playing.
Other manufacturers awesome golf balls at a great price, and we would highly recommend them to any recreational golfer.

If you want the best Uther balls, opt for the Pro range instead of the Tour, as they have the best feel and roll of all the Uther balls currently available.


While you might not have heard of Uther before now, their range of golf balls is undoubtedly impressive. They feel good and roll well, and the striking designs ensure you will never mistakenly play someone else’s ball again!

They’re also available for a great price, and you can pick up a dozen Uther golf balls cheaper than balls from the likes of Titleist and Callaway.

Overall, as covered in our Uther golf balls review we would recommend these golf balls to any golfer in the market for new balls that perform well, look great, and are available for a reasonable price.