UST Recoil Golf Shafts: Super High-Performance?

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If you’re looking for new graphite shafts for your irons or hybrids this season, the chances are that you have come across UST Mayima.

Their Recoil shafts are extremely popular with recreational players and have helped lots of golfers improve their ball striking out on the course.

Here, we take a closer look at what you can expect from UST Mayima’s Recoil shafts and help you decide if they’re a good choice for your golf clubs.

What are Recoil Golf Shafts?

The Recoil range of golf shafts features a number of high-performance graphite shafts for irons and hybrids. The likes of the Recoil Dart and ESX are designed to improve ball striking and distance control, contributing to better scores on the course.

UST Mamiya Recoil 460 ESX F3 Graphite Iron Shafts R Flex 64g .370 Tip

Initially manufactured in Japan, UST Mamiya also distributes shafts throughout the US from its Texas base, making the Recoil range an excellent option for players at all levels of the game. You can easily locate a dealer and arrange a fitting for the ideal Recoil shafts for your golf game.

Given that there are so many shafts to choose from in the golf industry, it can be difficult to settle on a brand that matches your preferences and aspirations.

So, with that in mind, read on to find out everything that you need to know about Recoil golf shafts and whether they’re a decent proposition for your golf game this season.

Are Recoil Golf Shafts Good?

Recoil shafts from UST Mamiya are of extremely high quality and are a great option for your irons and hybrids. In fact, they’re one of the leading graphite shafts in the game and provide players with exceptional feel and control.

Taking the Recoil DART shafts as an example, they are the result of years of R&D and testing and come with optimized shaft hoop stiffness. In simple terms, this is one of the key areas of the shaft as it’s responsible for energy transfer and can help when it comes to ball striking and power.

The reason why the Recoil range has such an outstanding reputation is that the shaft loads and then unloads during the swing, which causes it to be oval. This is what creates the unique spring effect that Recoil shafts are named and renowned for, making the most of the swing vibrations.

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As a result, Recoil shafts are excellent in terms of energy transfer and ensure that very little energy is wasted in the swing, resulting in much more efficient ball striking.

How Much are Recoil Shafts?

The cost of UST Recoil shafts depends on where you buy them from, as well as the model of the shaft that you opt for. The table below provides you with the current MSRPs of some of the shafts currently within the UST Recoil range*:

Shafts MSRP
UST Recoil ES Hybrid$54.99
UST Recoil 780 Iron$38.99
UST Recoil 110 Tapered Iron$54.99
UST Recoil DART Iron$44.99
UST Recoil ESX Iron$38.99
UST Recoil 660 Smoked Chrome Iron$27.99

In terms of the general price point, Recoil shafts represent good value for money, given that they are such high-performance graphite shafts and are a fantastic option if you’re looking to upgrade your irons or hybrids this season.

As you can see from the table, UST’s Recoil 780 iron shafts are the most affordable, costing less than $40 per shaft, which is good value for money for the quality of the shaft.

But remember, you also need to budget for the installation of the shafts on your irons and hybrids, as well as any additional materials and equipment like shaft adaptors, depending on the clubs that you’re installing the shafts on.

What are the Models in the Recoil Range?

As one of the leading graphite shafts for irons and hybrids, there are several models in the Recoil range for you to choose from, including:

  • Recoil Dart – For improved consistency and ball flight precision.
  • Recoil ESX – For maximum distance and control.
  • Recoil 760/780 – For a higher damping rate.
  • Recoil 660/680 – For maximum control and distance for recreational players.
  • Recoil 80 – For discrete length taper.
  • Recoil Wedge Proto – For stability and spin control for your wedges.
  • Recoil 800 – For the lightest shafts.
  • Recoil 120 Prototype – For lower torque and lower ball flight.
  • Recoil 110 Prototype – For lower torque and mid-low ball flight.
  • Recoil 95 Prototype – For lower torque and medium ball flight.
  • Recoil 110 – For more control and medium ball flight.
  • Recoil 95 – For more control and mid-high ball flight.
  • Recoil 65 – For lightweight design and improved club head speed.
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For hybrids, players can choose from the Recoil ES and Recoil Prototype, which are great options that offer excellent control and feel, improving the way that you are able to strike the ball.

No products found.

There are several other models within the Recoil range, but they have been discontinued. Only those in the list above are available for your irons this season.

Do Any Tour Pros Use Recoil Shafts?

While there aren’t currently any PGA Tour players using UST Recoil shafts, they have appeared within the professional game in the past. For instance, Ernie Els tried out the Recoil shafts when he played in an Asian tournament with good results, praising the way they felt and contributed to his ball striking.**

Presently, most professional golfers use other brands like Fujikura and Mitsubishi for their shafts, which has left UST Mayima behind somewhat. Still, the company’s impressive range of graphite golf shafts are ideal for recreational players, and their absence from the PGA Tour shouldn’t put you off.

This is often the case with golf equipment – just because it’s not widely used by professionals, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful to recreational players.

In fact, Recoil shafts come highly recommended by amateur golfers thanks to their feel and performance, and they’re a great option should you wish to install them on your golf clubs this season.

Recoil Shafts vs Steel

One of the main differences between Recoil shafts and steel alternatives is the way that they deal with vibrations. Often, golfers who use steel shafts feel the club’s vibrations more acutely, which can lead to problems with ball striking and even injury.

In contrast, Recoil shafts are designed to essentially soak up the vibrations felt during the swing, optimizing the transfer of energy and resulting in extremely efficient ball striking. As a result, Recoil shafts feel softer than steel alternatives and play a little easier.

The latest innovations in golf technology have seen graphite shafts become exceedingly popular, as players at all levels of the game appreciate the multitude of benefits associated with a shaft that feels softer than traditional steel options.

Overall, Recoil shafts feel softer than steel shafts and are a good option if you’re worried about the impact that your swing vibrations might have on your joints.

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Recoil Shafts for Sale (Cheaper Places to Buy?)

You can find Recoil shafts for sale at several online retailers, as UST Mayima has partnered with a number of authorized dealers for their distribution. You can find a list of UST-approved dealers here, enabling you to locate a dealer close to home or online.***

While we think that Recoil shafts represent good value for money, you can also look elsewhere in order to find slightly cheaper deals on the latest Recoil shafts.

As is the case with most golf brands, eBay is a good place to locate UST Mayima shafts for sale at a slightly lower price, although you need to check the credentials of a seller thoroughly before committing to a purchase.

Still, if you can find a trusted seller on eBay with genuine parts, you might find that you can save money when compared to the MSRPs listed in the table earlier in this article.

Can You Get Fitted for UST Recoil Shafts?

You can get fitted for UST Recoil shafts. The best place to get fitted for this brand is Club Champion Golf, as they are official UST dealers, and there are locations throughout the US.

However, you should be mindful that the ease of the fitting process will depend on which club heads you wish to fix the shafts to, and you may need a shaft adaptor to facilitate the process.

With this in mind, it’s best to arrange an appointment with a club-fitter before ordering UST shafts online, as they can advise you on the ideal model for your golf clubs.

This will save you time, hassle, and even money when it comes to fitting UST Recoil shafts and will ensure that you fit your golf clubs with the best possible shafts this season.


It can be really difficult to decide on the ideal shafts for your golf clubs, and UST Recoil shafts are the only option available to you.

That being said, they’re a very good option for your irons and hybrids, as they’re of extremely high quality and are available at a good price.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether to opt for UST Recoil shafts this season, we recommend going for it, as they can help to significantly improve your game this season.


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