Unique Golf Cart Accessories (for Under $50!)

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Golf carts are among the favorite items owned by people and not only do they love to drive them around the golf course but upgrade the performance and looks as well. There are many aftermarket accessories available in the market that can enhance the looks of your golf cart and improve its utility.

There are items for the golfers as well, such as stylish T-shirts, and caps. The accessories for golf carts include the steering wheel covers, touch-activated roof lights, customizable license plates, and phone caddy.

Let’s go through Windtree Golf’s list of unique golf cart accessories items and explain why they’re great additions to your golf cart.

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1. CartSkinz Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover

CartSkinz Country Collection Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover (United States)

The CartSkinz golf cart steering wheel cover is a versatile golf cart accessory that not only enhances the look of the dashboard but improves comfort and grip as well.

It fits the steering wheels of 13” – 16” size and can be customized for any color and logo of your choice.

Made of soft and durable neoprene material, this steering wheel cover not only enhances your grip on the wheel but also adds to comfort.

Also, it reduces the scratch marks on the wheel, and black marks on the driver’s hands as well. With its tough fabric quality, the washable cover can easily stand 50 machine washes without distorting.

Treated with SiShield, it prevents the spread and growth of microbes while keeping your hands clean. With a weight of just 2 ounces and easy packing, it can be carried along anywhere without hassle.

Best for: all types of golf carts, and especially for those drivers who complain of loose grip and black marks on their hands after usage.

2. Golf Cart Touch Roof Light

10L0L Mini Golf Cart Roof Light Dome Light Universal for Club Cart, Onward, Precedent, EZGO, Yamaha, Garia Carts, Super Bright Touch LED Light Wireless USB Rechargeable Lighting

The touch roof light for golf carts could be a quirky add-on to your vehicle. The wireless and rechargeable light is very easy to install and use with its multiple features.

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With its powerful 1300mAh battery and 8 LED bulbs, it illuminates a wide area under the roof that can be used for finding items, proper storage, and recreation as well. 

With a 120-degree sensing angle and 16 feet of range, it conveniently turns on when someone is in the vicinity and automatically turns off after 10 minutes. It also has a setting for bright and dim illumination and lasts for 15 hours after a full charge. It can be easily charged with a power bank and is equally easy to install.

Simply attach and hold to the surface for 60 seconds, the adhesive tape will bond to it firmly. Apart from utility and recreation, it serves a safety purpose as well by illuminating a considerable area at night to keep others aware of its position.

You simply need to touch the front surface and it would turn, with a longer press letting you choose the dim or bright illumination.

Best for: those who love to drive their golf carts at night and enjoy recreational activities with friends.

3. Desert Fox Golf Cart Phone Caddy


Another useful accessory that enhances convenience and reduces distraction while driving is this versatile Desert Fox golf cart phone caddy. Made of lightweight and durable ABS plastic, this sturdy phone caddy can hold anything that you throw at it.

This caddy can accommodate any type of phone you want to carry, with an easy-to-use thumbscrew to adjust both the width and depth of this holder. Simply rotate the thumbscrews to slide the panel to make room for your phone, and tighten the screws again to secure it in place.

It is sturdy in usage and very easy to secure to your golf cart. Simply loop the Velcro strap around a pole and pull it tightly. No matter which terrain you drive your golf cart on, and which phone you use, it will never give up and hold tight within your reach.

Best for: golfers who drive their own golf carts and have to stay connected to their phones. The Desert Fox caddy will be your perfect smartphone holder while you drive around the golf course.

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4. Golf Cart Funny Golfers T-Shirt

This is How I Roll Golf Cart Funny Golfers T-Shirt

Moving on from golf carts, this fashion item ups the game for golfers and their style on the course. The stylish shirt is made of lightweight fabric that is washable and has a double-needle sleeve & bottom hem.

Customizable in any color and logo, or writing of your choice, this classic shirt is very comfortable to wear as well. Made of imported cotton, there’s a range of similar styles in both men’s and women’s apparel with a huge variety of colors.

The most premium – solid colors come with 100% cotton while other colors are a combination of cotton and polyester.

This shirt can be machine washed, ideally with warm water and less detergent. The classic fit shirt is a top pick amongst the golfers who love the game.

Available in various sizes, this T-shirt is a perfect fashion choice for all the passionate players and a great option as a present for your golf enthusiast friends as well.

Best for all the energetic golfers who want to mix and match the style on the golf course & enjoy more than just the game.

5. Personalized Mini Golf Cart License Plate

Personalized Maryland Mini License Plate | Choose from All 50 States | Bike License Plate | 7 x 4 inch | Custom License Plate for Kids Toy Car and Wagons | Golf Cart Accessories | Motorcycle & Mopeds

With these smart and customizable license plates, you can modify the look of your golf cart. Made using high tensile strength aluminum and carved using precision laser cutting, these are some of the top-quality license plates you can get on the market.

Simply with a click of a button, you can customize the license plate online as per your desire and you can also choose between any of the 50 states.

Also, these plates are printed using the highest quality material and UV-resistant ink to make sure that the plates you get are premium, can withstand the harshness of sunlight, and have vibrant colors.

These are smart in size, lightweight, waterproof, and rustproof, so you don’t have to worry about any damages or replacements. These custom license plates come in a 7 x 4 inches standard universal fit, and predrilled holes for ease of installment.

Log in now and design a custom license plate for your golf cart to give it a classy look, from the comfort of your desk.

Best for: those who want to customize and enhance the outlook of their golf carts with unconventional items.

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What Extras Can I Add to My Golf Cart?

As discussed in the preceding section, there are many aftermarket extras and accessories that you can add to your golf cart to enhance the looks, improve utility & convenience, and even boost its performance.

Some other extras that you can add to your golf cart include:

Stylish and high-endurance aftermarket wheels, such as SS aluminum alloy rims. You can also install fancy wheel covers to improve the looks if you don’t want to change the wheels.

  • Sporty tires, such as all-terrain tires.
  • Aftermarket headlights and tail lights for better usability at night and improved safety.
  • LED light strips and bars for recreational purposes.
  • Radio and sound system.
  • Extended roof kits with bolt-on fitting.
  • Extra rear-facing seats for your friends and kids.
  • Golf cart enclosure with doors for usage in all types of conditions and protection of your cart.
  • Voltage reducer to moderate the electronic extras on your golf cart.
  • High-strength PVC front windshield. 


Golf carts have become fan favorites over the years and they have a huge potential for modification. There are many unique golf cart accessories available in the market that you can add to your off-roader to enhance its looks, as well as its usability and convenience.

Some popular accessories include a steering wheel cover for your golf cart, made of neoprene. Highly durable and comfortable to use that improves the grip over the steering as well.

A touch roof light, which is auto ON/OFF and illuminates a wide area underneath it. With long battery life, quick charging times, and powerful LED bulbs, it is a highly desirable item to add to your golf cart.

Other items include a stylish T-shirt for both men and women, and available in all sizes. A range of color and logo options are available to suit your needs.

A sturdy phone cabby that is compatible with almost all the phones and binds firmly to a pole. With this phone holder, you always feel connected while driving your golf cart. 

There are many other extras that you can add to your golf cart to enhance the performance to improve usability onboard.