TXG Golf Review: Tour Experience Fitting Guide

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The vast majority of the club and recreational golfers purchase their equipment either online or by visiting their local golf store, and tend not to worry too much about the precise fit of the clubs they select.

But golfers who use poorly fitting clubs have to make swing adjustments to compensate and struggle to perform on the course to the best of their ability.

TXG seeks to address this issue. Tour Experience Golf (TXG for short) is a Toronto-based expert golf fitting service launched by Ian Fraser. The primary objective of TXG is to fit and build the best golf clubs for your game, using cutting-edge technology and unparalleled analysis.

Fraser has also launched a top-rated YouTube channel, on which he presents and analyses a range of golfing equipment launched by the biggest brands in the sport.

In this article, we review TXG golf and look at the various aspects of their innovative service, presenting you with an appealing opportunity should you wish to have your clubs custom-fitted by industry-leading experts.

What is TXG and What Does it Do?

The core service offered by TXG is golf club fitting.

But it’s the way they do it that is innovative and pioneering. By utilizing cutting-edge fitting technology, TXG experts analyze your performance with your current clubs and custom fit and build every club in your bag.

Their analysis is conducted by the Foresight GCQUAD, a launch monitor that utilizes “quadroscopic imaging,” which essentially analyses your ball flight in minute detail.

For putting, TXG experts make use of a Quintic Ball Roll, which comprises high-speed cameras that have “the ability to understand 45 different parameters.”

Following this comprehensive analysis, it’s time to select your equipment.

TXG offers more than 30,000 club combinations from the biggest brands in golf.

Their designers are capable of combining any shaft and clubhead to create the perfect clubs for you.

They offer different levels of fitting, including full bag, long game, short game, and even individual clubs.

So, whether you want your whole bag customized or are just looking for a slight advantage with a particular aspect of your game, you can book a fitting with TXG to suit your requirements

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Where is TXG Based?

TXG has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada.

Their HQ is equipped with three fitting bays, a putter fitting studio, and a build shop explicitly designed for repairs.

Master club fitter Ian Fraser is based at TXG Toronto, who has worked with several PGA Tour Pros in the past.

There is also a TXG fitting studio in Mississauga, Ontario, which is the company’s self-described “state-of-the-art build shop.”

Being close to the airport, TXG’s Mississauga branch is the preferred location for their international clients.

You can book a fitting through TXG’s website by selecting your preferred location.

If there are no available slots in the upcoming weeks, you can join the waiting list and be notified when a fitting becomes available or if there’s a cancellation.

TXG Golf on YouTube

One unique aspect of TXG is that expert club fitter Ian Fraser began marketing the company through a series of insightful and popular YouTube videos.

With more than 160,000 subscribers from all around the world, Fraser and his colleagues release new video content on their channel every day and offer a compelling insight into the equipment and custom fittings of some of the biggest names in golf.

Here is a video on club fitting:

Their shows also include interactive Q&As where TXG experts respond to viewer’s questions.

TXG Tour Experience Golf also has a series of instructional and informative tutorials covering topics like correct tee heights, the differences between blade and cavity irons, as well as reviews on the latest releases from brands like Callaway and TaylorMade.

TXG’s YouTube channel is an excellent source of high-quality golf content and offers a compelling insight into the equipment used by pros at the very highest level of the game.

You can subscribe to the TXG golf YouTube channel here. TXG also hosts a popular podcast, which you can listen to here or via Spotify or Apple podcasts.

Ian Fraser Golf Expert from TXG

TXG is the brainchild of CEO and founder Ian Fraser.

Having worked in the golf industry for eighteen years and turning pro after leaving high school, he turned his attention to TXG after a hugely successful tenure in club fitting with TaylorMade Europe.

During his time at TaylorMade, Fraser worked with golfers including Colin Montgomerie, Gary Woodland, Eduardo Molinari, and Paul Lawrie before designing and operating the TaylorMade Performance Lab at the Trump Turnberry Golf Resort in Scotland.

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Leaving Scotland for Canada in 2011, Fraser was asked to start a company called Modern Golf by a Canadian Investment Group.

After building Modern Golf into one of Canada’s most prominent golf fitting facilities, Fraser left to begin work on TXG with the goal of providing fitting to golfers of all abilities and levels while pioneering the latest in modern technology.

He has assembled a talented team of fitters at both the Toronto and Mississauga facilities, and TXG attracts players of all levels from around the world, who hope to improve their game by benefitting from Fraser’s expert fitting skills and insight.

TXG Tour Experience Golf Club Fitting Service

TXG has developed a reputation as one of the most trusted names in golf fitting in Canada, and their two fitting facilities attract players of all levels who are keen to improve their game.

“The Tour Experience” provides every golfer with the same level of service and attention, whether they’re a current PGA pro or a “weekend warrior.”

This is central to TXG’s philosophy, as founder Ian Fraser wants to provide all golfers with the opportunity to access the best, tailored equipment.

The Tour Experience allows you to have your clubs built the way tour players do.

TXG fitters guarantee precise weight sorting, frequency matching, rigorous loft and lie checking, as well as club stamping, providing you with tour-spec clubs, whatever level of the game you currently play.

Fittings for the Tour Experience can be made for specific clubs or your full bag, and you can select which location to visit for your fitting.

Other TXG Golf Services

While TXG is renowned for its club fitting facilities, you can access a range of other custom services and equipment, including:

  • Custom drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, utility irons, irons, wedges, and putters. TXG’s online store stocks the latest equipment from the biggest brands in golf and offers unique customizing opportunities.
  • Custom shafts incorporating a range of materials, designs, and colors, giving you the chance to make your bag really stand out from the crowd.
  • A range of high-end golf accessories, including arccos, headcovers, golf bags, soft goods, and towels.
  • TXG bundles and gift cards, making the perfect present for a loved one on a special occasion.
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You can see a complete catalog of TXG’s other services and equipment by visiting their online store here.

TXG Golf Prices for Fitting

So, how much does it cost to have your clubs fitted like a pro?

It really depends on the level of service you require. As of this summer, the TXG golf prices are as follows:

  • Full bag – $400 (3-4 hours) – inclusive of all clubs in your bag from driver to putter.
  • Long game – $250 (3 hours) – inclusive of driver, woods, hybrids, and irons.
  • Short game – $200 (2 hours) – inclusive of wedges and putter.
  • Driver – $100 (1 hour) – inclusive of fitting one driver.
  • Woods – $100 (1 hour) – inclusive of fitting one wood.
  • Irons – $100 (1 hour) – inclusive of fitting one iron.
  • Wedges – $100 (1 hour) – inclusive of fitting one wedge.
  • Putter – $100 (1 hour) – inclusive of fitting one putter.
  • Distance reviews – $100 – (1 hour) – inclusive of lie adjustment for irons.

TXG offers a 50% discount for junior golfers under the age of sixteen.

As you can see from the price points, the best value for money option is to get your full bag fitted at the same time.

If you want to purchase new equipment to be customized during your visit, you will have to budget for them separately.

Is a Club fitting from TXG Worth it?

Yes! Thanks to the latest advancements in golf analysis and the skill and experience of founder Ian Fraser, TXG golf has emerged as one of the most innovative and trusted golf club fitting providers in Canada.

Attracting golfers of all levels from around the world, the TXG fitting facilities in Toronto and Mississauga offer fittings throughout the week, as well as expert advice from golf experts who have worked with some of the biggest names on the PGA Tour.

TXG customers and followers also get value from their popular YouTube channel and podcast.

Staff dissect the game of golf and provide insight into the equipment and performance of the pros, which is an awesome addition to their core club fitting service.

For more information about TXG or to book a fitting, you can visit their website here.