Trailmaster Golf Carts Reviews (Any Good?)

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If you’re on the lookout for a golf cart to buy for yourself and exploring the market, you must have come across the name TrailMaster and wondered about its vehicles and lineup.

Trailmaster is a manufacturer of golf carts and other utility vehicles based in Texas and has a huge variety of products for enthusiasts. It has been in the industry for decades now and produces high-quality golf carts with long-term durability and enhanced capabilities.

With a stable dealership network, in-house production of parts and assembling, and a range of golf carts to choose from, TrailMaster is a very reliable option to consider.

The popular Taurus models, for example, are the ones you should be taking a detailed look at, as they offer superb performance and utility.

Check out the Taurus 200 model below, video by the Motobuys TY channel:

What are TrailMaster Golf Carts?

TrailMaster golf carts are high-quality, gasoline-powered golf carts that are available in multiple configurations and with different powertrain options. Available in 2, 4, and 6 seat options with flip seats for enhanced usability for loading purposes.

TrailMaster offers a complete range of gasoline-powered golf carts with robust powertrains, suspension, and transmission. Additionally, they are also available in 2, 4, and 6 seat options to meet the needs of the clients.

The most noticeable feature of TrailMaster golf carts is their durability and multi-purpose usability. With rear flip seats, you could either use them to carry passengers or add a dump bed for payload-carrying purposes.

It is the mechanical specs and features of the TrailMaster golf carts that make them such a suitable option. Especially if you want to buy a golf cart for routine golf course usage, as well as for other utility purposes.

Who Makes the TrailMaster Golf Carts?

TrailMaster golf carts are manufactured by BV Powersports, LLC based in Garland, Texas. All the products in the TrailMaster lineup are produced and assembled at the BV Powersports production facility.

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BV Powersports is the manufacturer of all the TrailMaster golf carts, with huge dealership support throughout the country.

The parent company has a large-scale production facility in Texas, with an assembly line and a manufacturing plant. Most of the body panels, plastic parts, and some electrical components of the TrailMaster golf carts are sourced from China and assembled at the BV Powersports plant.

The mechanical parts, chassis, and wheels are either manufactured in-house or sourced from local partners in the country.

This large-scale production also enables the company to maintain a huge inventory of spare parts, so the customers should never have to wait for sourcing them or buying them in the aftermarket.

Are TrailMaster Golf Carts Any Good?

Yes, TrailMaster golf carts are rock-solid in build quality and are manufactured using high-quality raw material with modern engineering techniques in the industry. TrailMaster produces highly capable 2, 4, and 6 seater golf carts that are durable and represent good value for money.

All the models are equipped with a range of mechanical upgrades and features to offer you a good choice of extras which is a good way of fine-tuning to suit your requirements.

You can rely on the rock-solid reliability and top performance of the TrailMaster golf carts. With not such a high price tag and backup of a huge aftersales support network, this brand is a solid choice and a real alternative to EZ-GO or Yamaha, for example.

How Much Are Trailmaster Golf Carts?

The pricing for a brand new TrailMaster Taurus golf cart starts at $6,350 and goes up to $12,299 for the top of the line 6 seater Taurus variant. The prices of TrailMaster golf carts are very competitive and fall in the same category as some of the other well-known manufacturers, such as Club Car.

If you’re looking for a TrailMaster golf cart on an economical budget, the company also offers a complete range of used, certified golf carts that cost in the range of $5,000 – $8,500.

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These are the ex-factory prices and any additional extras, such as an extended roof, or dump bed would be charged separately, just like the shipping and destination charges. The extra options could cost up to $350.

In terms of pricing, the TrailMaster golf carts can be compared to some of the premium products on the market, such as Yamaha.

Is the TrailMaster Taurus a Golf Cart?

Yes, the Taurus model is a golf cart model manufactured by TrailMaster. Available in different powertrain options and seating configurations, the Taurus is a highly capable gasoline-powered golf cart that can be a perfect golf course partner or a purpose-built utility hauler.

These are also available with either 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive with a rugged suspension system.

TrailMaster Taurus is the most popular and top-selling product of the company. It is a gas-powered golf cart that comes with a standard CVT transmission and independent suspension system.

Apart from the mechanical prowess, the Taurus also comes loaded with tech features such as a digital dash, head and taillights, and turn signals.

There are options of 2, 4, or 6 seats depending on the needs of the customer, and a good feature of flip seats. It allows the user to convert their golf cart into a hauler by adding a dump bed at the rear.

Specifications of the TraiMaster Taurus

  • Engine: 4-stroke overhead cam water-cooled engine with up to 28 horsepower and a balance shaft
  • Transmission: CVT with hi/lo gear for better lower end torque
  • Suspension: McPherson 4-wheel independent suspension
  • Brakes: 4-wheel hydraulic disk brakes
  • Drivetrain: 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive
  • Seating Capacity: 2, 4, and 6
  • Payload capacity: 600 lbs

How Fast Does a TrailMaster Taurus Go?

Thanks to a powerful engine and drivetrain, the TrailMaster Taurus can achieve a top speed of 35 mph. TrailMaster Taurus has 2 powerful engine options, a CVT gearbox, and a solid drivetrain that enhances its performance.

The TrailMaster Taurus packs a powerful 4-stroke 350cc engine that produces 25 horsepower, and a CVT gearbox sends this power to all 4 wheels via a driveshaft.

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The 4-wheel drive and Hi/Lo gear provide an extra punch to the Taurus and its sporty, purpose-built tires ensure optimal traction on the surface.

Additionally, there is a fuel injection motor that enhances the performance and particularly, the lower end torque for quick acceleration.

What About Trailmaster Parts and Accessories?

Spare parts and additional accessories for the TrailMaster golf carts are available at authorized dealerships or specialized golf cart parts online stores. In case you cannot find a part, the company may help you source it online.

TrailMaster golf carts are manufactured at the in-house facility of BV Powersports, located in Texas. A few parts are sourced from China while the majority of the parts and accessories are locally sourced and built.

The company also provides strong aftersales and services support through the dealerships and makes sure that the spare parts are available in the inventory.

There are different accessories that you can add to your TrailMaster golf carts to enhance the looks, utility, and performance. These include windshield, extended roof, and dump bed, and fall in the price range of $250-450.


TrailMaster produces a range of golf carts that are ideal for golfing and other utility purposes. TrailMaster Taurus is a lineup of golf carts with 2,4, and 6 seating capacity and flip seats for added utility.

Powered by a solid 4-stroke engine, mated to a CVT gearbox and 4WD drivetrain, there is no terrain that Taurus will struggle to conquer. An upgraded independent suspension, electronic injection, and added tech make it an ideal utility vehicle.

With a price range of $6,500-12,500, the Taurus family is an ideal purchase for golf enthusiasts.

Manufactured at the in-house facility in Texas, the parent company BV Powersports makes sure that state-of-the-art production standards are maintained and aftersales support is maintained throughout.

TrailMaster golf carts are one the most reliable and tough carts available right now, and if you want performance with utility, these are one of the best options to consider.