Tour Striker Smart Ball Review: How Does it Rate?

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Golf is not an easy sport to master; it takes patience, hard work, and a little help from the Tour Striker Smart Ball. The market is awash with golf training aids to help golfers fix their swing, gain more distance, or simply correct some bad golf habits. In our Tour Striker Smart Ball review, we find out if this training aid is worth the hype.

The Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball

There are benefits to using a golf training aid and every golfer must choose one that will solve a persistent problem. So it’s important to identify what needs fixing in your game so that you can determine which training aid will help you improve your performance on the golf course.

One important device that’s helping golfers with their swing is the Tour Striker Smart Ball.

Essentially, what it does is to help establish an effective golf swing every single time. Many golfers don’t realize that the inconsistency in their swing has a lot to do with how to synchronize their arms to their body. The swing faults can be corrected with the help of a smart ball.

This review will give you all the details you need about the Tour Striker. You’ll learn about its design, features, benefits, and whether it actually works.

Alternative training aids are provided for comparison and to see how well the smart ball stacks up against the competition. In any case, this review will help you make an informed purchase decision about golf training aids.

What is the Tour Striker Smart Ball?

The Tour Striker Smart Ball is an inflatable little ball that attaches to a lanyard. When fully blown up, the ball measures about 6 inches and weighs as much as a golf ball.

The lanyard can be adjusted to fit any height. It’s another product invented by Martin Chuck, the renowned golf instructor who created the Tour Striker Training Club, which is a very successful training product used by golfers of different levels worldwide.

The Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball

Following the same blueprint, the smart ball helps users to understand how to position the arms and body when taking a swing.

The idea is to keep the arm and body movement synchronized when swinging and striking the ball. There’s a tendency for some golfers, especially beginners, to separate the arms from the body was they swing.

This is known as the “chicken wing” form. The smart ball corrects such poor form and serves as a nifty golf trainer to get your rhythm and timing in sync.

How Does it Work?

The smart ball has two parts—the ball and the lanyard. After inflating the ball, connect it to the adjustable lanyard, which you will then wear around your neck.

You can adjust the strap so that the ball hangs down and fits between your forearms. You’ll know that you have the right position if you can capture the ball between your forearms.

There are different drills you can do with the ball, but for starters, you can start hitting shots with a hybrid or a full iron club (e.g. 6-iron).

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You are not expected to hit full shots with the smart ball between your forearms. By making small abbreviated swings, you’ll get used to synchronizing your arms and body as you swing.

Professional golfers can control their arms as their body turns or extends, but for beginners or casual players, their arms usually move separately from the body so the movement is not fluid. You’ll know when your arms aren’t in the right position when the ball comes off from your forearm.

The aim of this golf trainer is to keep the smart ball between your forearms throughout the swing. It will feel strange on the first few swings but you’ll notice right away that your arms and elbows are working together as a single unit.

As you get used to the short shots, you can progress to the full swing.


There’s nothing complex in the way the smart ball is designed. It’s essentially just a small inflatable beach ball that can be clutched between the forearms or used under the armpit. It’s one of those things that’s so simple but highly effective in addressing some golf swing pain points.

The Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball

The materials used are similar to that of a normal beach ball but with flocked texture to provide friction so it wouldn’t slip. It does not require an air pump as it can be inflated by mouth.
The thing that the Tour Striker smart ball got right is the size.

The ball measures about six inches when inflated. It does not stick out like a sore thumb when you start with your drills. It’s also not heavy so it does not put a strain on your arms even at prolonged use.

The addition of the lanyard is a genius idea because if the ball falls out, it will not drop to the ground and roll away. You don’t have to waste your time chasing it.

The smart ball is not the first of its kind to be released in the market but it certainly addresses many issues when it comes to ease of use and convenience.


Using the Tour Striker Smart Ball is quite intuitive and can be used on different drills to improve your swing.

One of the most popular drills is the swing sequence drill. You situate the ball between the forearms just below the elbows. You can give the ball a squeeze using your forearms to get used to its presence.

The aim is to do repetitive swings back and forth without letting the ball fall out from its position. When your arm and elbow are not synchronized with your body movement, the ball will fall out.

The Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball

So you are forced to get into the proper position.

In your first few small shots, you’ll immediately see and feel the difference because your arms are working cohesively with your body and your elbow is not flying all over the place. If you have complete control of the smart ball, you’ll have control of your arms.

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With repetition, you’ll find that you’re successfully hitting good shots because your arms and body are in unison.

Once you get used to the swing, you’ll gain confidence and you’ll be ready to move to full shots. However, keep in mind that although it’s simple to use, the learning curve is a tad higher for people who are inflexible.

This is because as they take the club back, they feel the need to separate their elbows, causing the ball to be dislodged from its position.

With the smart ball, you can learn to let your lead shoulder work under your chin so that it helps you transport the smart ball a lot further during your backswing so it stays in place in your backswing and follow-through. It helps stretch out your arms and avoid the flying elbow.

As simple as this golf trainer is, the smart ball really helps correct the wrong positioning of the arms during the swing. It delivers on what it says it will do.


  • No complicated parts – just a ball and a lanyard.
  • Does not require an air pump to inflate; it just takes seconds to inflate by mouth.
  • The smart ball deflates easily when you’re done using it.
  • Can be easily stored in golf bag pockets.
  • Suitable for golfers who are struggling with their swings.
  • The smart ball helps golfers learn how to control their arms and elbows so that they move cohesively with the body during the swing.
  • The size and weight of the smart ball are ideal for different golfers—men, women, kids, and seniors.
  • Eliminates the problem of “chicken wing” and flying trail elbow (i.e. when the elbow flies way out when the player gets on top of the backswing).
  • Improves golfer’s rhythm and timing.
  • Helps develop great swing habits to correct swing faults and flawed swing form.
  • Provides immediate feedback if you are doing things wrong, therefore, you can quickly correct your mistakes.
  • Promotes consistency and steadiness in your ball striking.


  • A little expensive for a mini inflatable ball.
  • As with any other beach ball-type training aid, it’s susceptible to sharp objects.

The Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball


Question: How big is the Tour Striker Smart Ball?
When fully inflated, the smart ball measures six inches in diameter.

Question: Can the Tour Striker Smart Ball be used by kids?
The smart ball can be used by older children but maybe too big for very young ones. For small children, the suitable size is that of a tennis ball (2.7 inches).

Question: How do I use the Tour Striker Smart Ball?
The smart ball can be used flat (deflated) or inflated.
As you swing back, there’s the tendency for your arm to get disconnected from your body. Your right elbow comes out and your arm comes off your chest.

To correct this, you can place the flat (deflated) smart ball under the left arm to keep the connection between the left arm and the body. It keeps the pressure points in the swing.

The very same problem can be rectified by using the smart ball between your forearms to ensure that your arms and body are working in unison throughout the swing.

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Question: How does the Smart Ball help improve my swing?
The smart ball unifies the movements of your arms and body. When they are synced up, it adds consistency to your swing and helps improve your performance.

If you are able to keep the arms and elbows the same distance apart throughout the swing (from backswing to through swing), you’ll more likely to strike the golf ball well. Doing the drills will make you understand how the arms and body should work to have an effective swing.

The Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball

Alternative Training Aids

There are other golf trainers that you can use as alternatives (or complementary) to the Tour Striker Smart Ball to improve your golf swing. Here are some noteworthy golf training aids.

Total Golf Trainer Arm

TOTAL GOLF TRAINER Arm Aid - Improve Chipping, Pitching & Full Swing, Control Club Face, Straight Lead Arm, Create Lag - Golf Training Equipment for Lead & Trail Hand/Wrist/Arm Movement.

Proper wrist, elbow, and arm position are crucial in successful golf swings and the Total Golf Trainer Arm teaches you how to achieve the ideal positions throughout the golf swing.

It’s designed that it gives you instant feedback so that you can correct the wrong positioning.

Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer Aid, Patented Counterbalanced Golf Swing Aid, Made in The USA, 47'

With a counterbalanced weight on each end and flexible shaft, the Orange Whip is designed to help you improve your rhythm, flexibility, strength, and balance throughout the swing.

The drill doubles as a workout not just to stretch the muscles but also to make them stronger which leads to more power when striking the ball.

SKLZ Golf Tempo Trainer for Right-Handed Golfers

SKLZ Golf Tempo & Grip Trainer for Right-Handed Golfers

This golf training gear helps you improve your swing timing and tempo. It comes with removable weights so that it can simulate wood and iron golf clubs.

It has a built-in molded training grip so that you get used to the correct hand placement.

Time to Rate the Tour Striker Smart Ball

If you’re looking to improve your swing, you must first learn the proper way to position the arms with respect to the body. Many golfers have the tendency to separate their arms during the backswing which leads to poor ball strikes.

This can be corrected using the Tour Striker Smart Ball. It’s a simple but effective way to learn the proper swing sequence to help improve your game.

By keeping the smart ball between your forearms you are building muscle memory for the fundamental swing concepts needed to increase the chance of a successful hit. The more you practice, the more you become accustomed to synchronizing your arms and body.

The Patented Tour Striker Smart Ball

The Tour Striker Smart Ball is an amazing tool that helps golfers use their arms, wrists, elbow, and shoulder in harmony when they swing. A much better golf swing helps improve their short game and putting tremendously.

This golf trainer is recommended for beginners, casual players, and high handicappers because they can get rid of their bad golf swing habits and develop killer swings that improve their scores and elevate their golf game.