Is Topgolf a Franchise? (and How to Apply!)

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Topgolf is the popular indoor golf facility where fans of golf go and enjoy playing golf in a social but competitive environment.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to own your own Topgolf center and is it even possible?

This article will help you learn all about the Topgolf franchise process, the potential opportunities, requirements, what it entails, how much it costs, how to apply for one, etc.

Let’s start off with the number one question…

Does Topgolf Franchise?

The official line from Topgolf is that they do offer franchise opportunities but only through their international partnership program. There are however strong online indications that US Topgolf facilities could be franchised by getting in touch with Topgolf through their online contact forms.

Topgolf is very proactive in promoting franchise opportunities abroad and they are looking to expand their reach in faraway countries like Australia, The Middle East, and Greater China.

For US entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of Topgolf franchise opportunities, there is certainly chatter about how much these indoor golf centers cost, the ground size required to open a facility, and recent news about new centers opening up.

It could be that Topgolf does not actively seek to advertise but are open to inquiries from serious businesses who could help grow and expand the brand.

topgolf center

How Much is a Topgolf Franchise?

It is estimated that an average Topgolf franchise costs around $20 million. It should be noted however, there is a big gap in individual franchise costs with reported figures of $18 million for a facility in Austin, Texas right up to $50 million for a Las Vegas Topgolf center in Nevada.

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Actual costs depend on the location and size of the facility but it’s clear that in order to meet the necessary requirements of opening up a Topgolf franchise you need deep pockets.

International franchising centers are prevalent in UK and other areas of central Europe and to get an idea of what you can expect when you partner with Topgolf check out the Topgolf Entertainment Group Franchise website.

A team of experts can help your facility become a success by assisting you with:

  • site development
  • building construction
  • marketing campaigns
  • floor operations
  • food and drink catering advice
  • business A.I. to help your center become as profitable as possible

How Much Does a Topgolf Franchise Owner Make?

The average annual salary for a Topgolf owner is approximately $58,000 per year. On top of this, the owner also can expect to receive additional payments in the form of profit bonuses that the Togolf facility makes in any trading year.

Owners may also be entitled to company dividends that can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on how profitable their facility is.

This is just a reward for the risks involved.

Investing millions of dollars into a new startup is always high risk, even in what many people would consider a safe bet in a successful franchise operation like Topgolf.

If you are a big golf fan, can see a good opportunity in your local area, and have the necessary finance in place then being a Topgolf Franchise owner is something you should consider.

How Much Land Do You Need for a Topgolf Center?

You would need at least 60 thousand square feet of land (or over 13 acres) in order to have enough space to build a Topgolf facility. The land must also be able to support a three-floor building along with the necessary space for parking lots and ancillary services.

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If you’ve never been to a Topgolf center before then these are amazing places that offer not only authentic golf simulators and fun golfing games for the family but also great bars, restaurants, and other facilities for non-golfers to relax or host corporate team building events in a comfortable environment.

Out-of-city land costs less than premium real estate near the urban areas so if you can do your homework and find a suitable location you could be looking at a good return on your initial investment.

Yes, this is the type of project that requires patience and financial commitment.

But with the growing popularity of indoor golf and the accompanying food and drink services that bolster annual profits then Topgolf is clearly a franchise that can deliver results.

With the Topgolf franchise, you could be receiving not only a well-known brand name but also access to numerous resources that will help you grow your center into an even bigger success.

Who is Top Golf Owned By?

Topgolf is owned by Callaway Golf in a takeover deal that was officially announced in October 2020 at a cost of an estimated 2.6 billion dollars. This new ownership is seen as a smart move by the Carlsbad-based business in order to further promote the brand to a new indoor golf-based demographic.

This is a serious investment by a billion-dollar company that is a leading brand in the US golfing equipment business and further reinforces the argument that Topgolf is a good option for potential franchise investors.

After all, you would be receiving specialist support from two US golf powerhouses that know how to sell to a captive audience and deliver high-quality products and services to golf fans.

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Topgolf Franchise Application Contact Process

So how do you get in touch and ask about Topgolf franchise opportunities in the US?

The best way to apply for a possible Topgolf franchise in the US is to use their general inquiry form that is displayed on their website. Be sure to select the real estate option from the drop-down subject selector and ignore the warning message in red.

If they didn’t want to hear from prospective franchise investors then they wouldn’t have this option, they are most likely trying to deter time wasters.

Alternatively, you could try with a direct email to the media/press inquires person: Kara Barry ( or search online for the Director Of Real Estate at Topgolf who is currently Matt Smith who is on LinkedIn.

Are You Ready to Invest in Topgolf?

In this article, we’ve covered the basics of what you need to know about Topgolf and answered the question of is Topgolf a franchise? and how it can be a great investment opportunity for anyone in search of an indoor golf franchise.

If you have a passion for golf and a sound business brain then the Topgolf franchise ownership could be a very lucrative opportunity.

The biggest challenge is finding the right site for your future center, but once you have that sorted then it’s a case of putting in an application to the right people and waiting to see if you get accepted.

Best of luck in your search for a Topgolf franchise!

* Topgolf image credit by Washington County Chamber via Flickr | CC BY 2.0