Tomberlin Golf Carts Reviews: Good or Inferior? (with Video!)

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Today, golf carts have come an awful long way since they first appeared on golf carts around the country.

Some manufacturers kit out golf carts with high-spec safety features that make them more like miniature electric vehicles as opposed to the traditional low-spec golf course vehicles that they once were.

And one brand that has taken golf carts to an entirely new level is Tomberlin. These guys manufacture serious low-speed electric vehicles that are road-legal in most US states.

But what’s the deal with Tomberlin golf carts? Are they worth the price? And where can you buy one from?

We take a look at these questions in a little more detail throughout these Tomberlin golf carts reviews sections and help you decide whether or not you can justify the high price tag these luxury golf carts command.

Are Tomberlin Golf Carts Any Good?

Tomberlin golf carts are amongst the highest rated, low-speed electric vehicles on the US market. There are various Tomberlin models that incorporate features like leather seats, power steering, and a range of safety features that ensure the carts are street legal in most states.

As part of the Nordic Group, Tomberlin carts are manufactured exclusively in the US and are exceptionally popular with people looking for road-legal golf carts that look great and drive smooth.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of Tomberlin golf carts that make them such a popular option.

How Much do Tomberlin Golf Carts Cost?

Tomberlin golf carts cost anywhere between $15,000 and $25,000, making them amongst some of the most expensive golf carts on the market. For instance, this year’s Tomberlin E2 Ghosthawk retails at $19,999, while the E4 is $21,999.

When you consider the fact that many other golf carts are around half the price of a Tomberlin, you will understandably question whether it’s worth forking out so much for a brand-new cart.

But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for!

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Tomberlin carts are feature-rich and built in the USA, so their pricing is more than justified.

What’s more, Tomberlin manufactures a range of electric golf carts, including:

  • E-Merge FT (2 or 4 pax)
  • E-Merge SS (2 or 4 pax)
  • E-Merge Ghosthawk (4 or 6 pax)
  • E-Merge LE Plus (2 or 4 pax)
  • E-Merge E6 LE (6 or 8 pax)
  • E-Merge Revenge (2 or 4 pax)

The latest Tomberlin carts come with additional features like leather seats and power steering, which ultimately contribute to the higher price point.

It’s perhaps better to think of a Tomberlin golf cart as a shrunken electric vehicle rather than a typical fleet-style golf cart!

Who Makes Tomberlin Golf Carts?

Tomberlin golf carts are manufactured by the Columbia Vehicle Group, which in itself is a subsidiary of the Nordic Group of Companies. The Nordic Group is responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of a broad range of electric vehicles in the US market.

Other companies operating under the Nordic Group include Duncan, Seats, and Flambeau.

One of the indisputable advantages of buying a Tomberlin golf cart is that you benefit from the expertise and industry know-how of the Nordic Group, which is widely accepted as one of the leading producers of electric vehicles in the US market.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a feature-rich golf cart from a trusted American brand, then a Tomberlin golf cart is a great option for you.

Where are Tomberlin Golf Carts Made?

All Tomberlin golf carts are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Leesburg, Florida. Tomberlin’s parent company, Columbia, is based in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. The firm acquired Tomberlin in 2016 in a commitment to expand the scope of its electric vehicle range.

In spite of this somewhat confusing structure, you can be assured that Tomberlin carts are built in the US, using the highest-quality electrical components that guarantee the optimal performance of your chosen golf cart.

Tomberlin distributes its electric vehicles and golf carts through a network of nationwide dealers, and you can locate a dealership close to your home by exploring the state dealer database on Tomberlin’s website.

How Fast is a Tomberlin Golf Cart?

Tomberlin’s electric vehicles come with a two-speed key switch that enables you to alter the top speed. Your first option is to operate your cart in PTV mode, limiting you to a speed of 19.9mph. If that’s not fast enough, you can flick the switch and operate your Tomberlin at speeds of up to 25mph.

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What’s more, Tomberlin’s latest releases enable you to go from 0-25mph in just six seconds, which is pretty impressive for a low-speed electric vehicle!

While you’re probably not planning to head out in your golf cart for a street race, it’s good to know that your Tomberlin packs a little punch.

When you consider the top speed of a Tomberlin golf cart, it’s industry standard and what you can expect from the likes of Yamaha, EZGO, and Club Car.

If you’ve never driven a golf cart, then trust us – 25mph is more than fast enough!

Are Tomberlin Golf Carts Street Legal?

Tomberlin golf carts are street legal in most US states and come with a wide range of impressive features that ensure your journey is both comfortable and safe. You can be sure that your street-legal Tomberlin cart will be equipped with road-ready accessories.

These include the following:

  • 3-point safety seatbelts
  • 4-wheel hydraulic brakes
  • Headlights, brake lights, and self-canceling turn signals
  • Power steering
  • LED operating screen (certain models only)
  • Windshield and windshield wipers
  • Leather seats

As far as street-legal golf carts go, Tomberlin models are up there with the best in the business.

It’s probably a little misleading to describe Tomberlin electric vehicles as golf carts, given their slew of impressive features.

It’s much more accurate to describe them as personal transportation or low-speed electric vehicles, as they’re packed with features and impressive safety aspects that are absent from many golf carts.

If you’re looking for a cart to use exclusively on the golf course, you don’t necessarily need to opt for a Tomberlin vehicle, given that they’re very much designed with road use in mind.

Where to Buy Used Tomberlin Golf Carts for Sale?

You can buy used Tomberlin golf carts via one of the company’s official distribution partners. You can find a state-by-state list of distributors on their official website. While many of the dealers sell new Tomberlin carts, you will also find that they stock used options at the same time.

Aside from official Tomberlin dealers, it’s also worth checking in with your local golf cart dealer and asking what they’ve got in stock.

Within communities throughout the US, there’s a roaring trade in used golf carts, so you might be able to pick up a Tomberlin model at a fraction of the recommended retail price.

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If you have no joy at an official Tomberlin dealer, consider looking for a used cart in all the usual places, including Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook marketplace.

You will find various makes and models for sale on each platform, and there’s no reason why the odd Tomberlin won’t appear.

As is the case when buying any used golf cart, we’d advise you to do your homework before agreeing to buy a used Tomberlin, particularly from a private seller.

Check all of the component parts of the cart are in good working order before buying the cart and organize a test drive if you can.

The last thing you want to do is buy a used cart that needs its batteries and motor replaced within a few weeks of getting it home!

What About Tomberlin Parts and Accessories?

There are several ways that you can source Tomberlin parts and accessories. You can find many Tomberlin component parts on eBay, and there are various other online retailers that stock relevant parts and accessories for your specific cart.

Although there’s no dedicated parts section on Tomberlin’s website, you could always drop the customer service team a quick message to ask them to point you in the right direction.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, then we’d advise you to go back to the dealer who sold you the cart.

You can ask them to use their connections to help you find the parts and accessories you’re looking for.

Tomberlin Carts Right for Me?

There’s no doubt that Tomberlin golf carts are one of the most feature-rich and attractive options on the US market.

As we’ve alluded to throughout this detailed review guide on Tomberlin golf carts, it’s a little misleading to describe these vehicles as golf carts, as they’re so much more than that!

We would even go as far as to say that they’re not overly well-suited exclusive golf course use, given the slew of high-spec features included.

The bottom line is that a Tomberlin golf cart is an excellent choice if you’re in the market for a high-performing, top-quality low-speed electric vehicle that you can use out on the road.