Tittle X Home Golf Review – E6 Simulator Rated!

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The home golf simulator is just the thing for golfers who want to improve their game but don’t have the time or patience for the real thing.

Bringing you the fun and enjoyment of the game without the risk, hassle, and experience, the home golf simulator from Tittle X is a great way to stay on top of your game and improve your game for less than it would cost you to join a driving range.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the review!

7 Cool Features of the E6 Golf Sim

tittle X Home Golf Simulator 2021 E6 Connect Edition - Indoor Real Golf Game Experience with Smart Micro Sensor Swing Analyzer (Compatible with iOS and PC) (Stick Package)

1. Compatible with E6 Connect Golf Gaming Software

E6 Connect is a state-of-the-art golf gaming software that allows you to play and enjoy a realistic golf experience.

Boasting superior, life-like graphics & accurate physics simulation makes every shot count in real-time.

The sophisticated swing analyzer tracks your swing using smart microsensors fitted on clubs, providing instant feedback with each strike!

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The system can be connected wirelessly to Smartphone/Tablet through Wifi (internet), turning your device into an advanced remote control for extensive information such as club distance, distance measurement, and social media connectivity during games.

Practicing at home has never been more enjoyable.

Your golfer data will also be saved onto your device for further analysis and sharing with friends.

In essence, E6 Connect is the epitome of indoor golfing experience, and with the Tittle X home golf simulator package inclusive of E6, you’ll have everything needed to begin playing immediately

2. Enjoy Life Like Indoor Golfing In 4K HD

Thanks to the latest advancements in virtual gaming technology, companies like tittle X and E6 Connect are now able to provide an indoor golfing experience that feels remarkably similar to actual outdoor play.

You can feel confident that you’re hitting a real ball, that it will respond exactly as you’d expect outdoors, and that you won’t end up smacking your television with a club.

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With its enhanced hardware, the tittle X Home Golf Simulator can render 4K gaming sessions with utmost precision, providing players with crystal clear visuals and state-of-the-art immersion.

tittle X Home Golf Simulator 2021 E6 Connect Edition - Indoor Real Golf Game Experience with Smart Micro Sensor Swing Analyzer (Compatible with iOS and PC) (Stick Package)

With both beginner and professional modes at your disposal, you’ll never run out of things to do in your new home golf simulator setup; download unlimited course updates straight from their servers at no extra cost!

Enjoy advanced HD sound effects for added realism, connect to iOS (except Mac) and Windows devices for on-the-go gaming, and match up with up to 8 friends and family members for unlimited fun and competitions.

3. Impressive Reaction Rate of Just 0.1 Seconds

Reaction rate refers to how quickly your golf simulator reacts after you’ve swung. This is important because one common issue with cheaper simulators is that it takes too long for them to catch up after you hit a ball.

If your simulator’s reaction time is too slow, then there will be a noticeable delay between when you swing and when you see your shot on screen.

This results in distracting and unnecessary confusion and makes practicing difficult (and boring) due to repetitive inaccuracy.

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The E6 Connect Edition has an ultra-fast reaction rate of 0.1 seconds, allowing you to practice precisely without these issues.

tittle X Home Golf Simulator 2021 E6 Connect Edition - Indoor Real Golf Game Experience with Smart Micro Sensor Swing Analyzer (Compatible with iOS and PC) (Stick Package)

Take your swings over and over again just like real play – only much faster than in real life.

And for you techies wondering how it’s possible to have such low latency, note that unlike most home golf simulators on the market, the Tittle X Home Golf Simulator features an ultra-light sensor (weighing only 0.28 oz) for a fast and seamless response.

It comes ready assembled, so you don’t need to struggle to put it together or worry about missing parts at home.

4. Free Smart Stick Included

It is one thing to simulate golf in your home. It is entirely another thing to be able to really play golf in your home.

This real golf simulator actually lets you swing a real club while standing at a real, moving green.

The ball spins true, too—thanks to advanced technology that tracks your swing speed and distance.

It displays flight direction on an actual screen, like your TV or smart device.

Now all you need is a big corner and serious room to store it, as well as space for swinging.

5. Handy Detachable Cradle

One key feature that sets Tittle X Home Golf Simulator apart from other golf simulators is that it comes with a cradle to hold your clubs so you can practice your swing.

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This allows you to practice anytime, anywhere without having to worry about bringing along a set of clubs.

It is not limited to just holding your club, but it gives you an option to improve on some specific parts while you are there on some work or leisure time.

You can even choose different options based on how many players would be taking up space.

This cheap, budget golf sim is packed with two multi clips and four single cradles for keeping more than one player at bay.

6. Powerful Lithium Polymer Batteries

The Tittle X Home Golf Simulator, just like every other simulator, is powered by batteries to deliver a true-to-life, on-the-go golf game experience.

It comes with a built-in lithium polymer battery which provides 8 hours of usage after 4 hours of charging.

Lithium polymer batteries are known for their safety and reliability since they don’t have liquid in them.

Hence, there is no risk of electric shock, short circuit, or leakage.

Also, one can expect these batteries to last long without any signs of wear or tear that typically affect regular alkaline batteries.

7. Responsive UI/UX Touch Panel for Enhanced Experience

The E6 comes with a very user-friendly touch panel to operate, giving you direct access to games, statistics, and sensor control for a great experience.

You can easily download golf courses, update system software through our cloud server, visualize the golf course before playing and share scores with your friends.

It’s equipped with all that you need for enjoying an amazing indoor real golf game experience.

tittle X Home Golf Simulator 2021 E6 Connect Edition - Indoor Real Golf Game Experience with Smart Micro Sensor Swing Analyzer (Compatible with iOS and PC) (Stick Package)

Even if you’ve never tried a golf simulator or have no skill in using one, you’ll have no problem using it right away because it offers clear instructions on its touch screen and also comes with detailed video and text guides.

What’s Good and Bad about this Home Golf Sim?


  • A good solution for golfers who want to train at home, due to bad weather or it’s the end of the season.
  • Suitable for all levels of golfer.
  • The sensor is super responsive even at high swing speed.
  • It’s wireless, allowing players to move freely while hitting shots like on an actual golf course, which other simulators rarely can provide.
  • Practice makes perfect! If one’s goal is to become better at golf games, then one should need an excellent golf simulator.
  • Boasts superior battery life when compared to most competitors.
  • Extremely easy setup process – easy to get started right out of the box.
  • Compatible with both Windows and iOS devices (except Mac).
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  • Lacks all the functionality of a premium golf simulator.
  • Tittle is not a household brand.

Who Would Benefit from this Golf Simulator?

If you are an avid golfer or like to play virtual games on your computer, then the Tittle X golf simulator is a great choice for you.

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This simulator has several different modes, offers high-quality graphics, and really gives the impression of a realistic playing experience.

The game simulates actual conditions (wind, temperature) and even provides accurate swing mechanics in order to give players optimal feedback when they make mistakes during their game.

tittle X Home Golf Simulator 2021 E6 Connect Edition - Indoor Real Golf Game Experience with Smart Micro Sensor Swing Analyzer (Compatible with iOS and PC) (Stick Package)

The sensor system in place gives players real-time feedback during their game in order to analyze what went wrong with their technique, helping them improve in future rounds by seeing exactly where they need improvement.

Overall, Tittle X offers incredible value to those who enjoy indoor games as well as those looking for some practice before hitting up their local golf course.


1. What Are E6 Connect System Requirements?

For the best experience, the company recommends that you have a modern PC with at least 8GB of RAM, an Intel i5 processor, an Nvidia 1070 GPU or higher, at least 25GB of free storage space as well as the Windows 10 operating system and an active internet connection.

2. Can You Create Multiple Profiles?

Yes, you can create as many profiles as you like.

This is useful if you’re not alone in your family or live with roommates.

When each person logs into their own profile, they will be able to keep track of their own stats and make changes to their swing with ease.

Is it Worth Buying?

A lot of attention is paid to detail and realism, and it really shows.

There are no cheap parts in this system. The technology is modern and provides a good representation of a real-life golf course.

tittle X Home Golf Simulator 2021 E6 Connect Edition - Indoor Real Golf Game Experience with Smart Micro Sensor Swing Analyzer (Compatible with iOS and PC) (Stick Package)

And there are a lot of options for you to choose from, making it very flexible for any type of player or skill level.

Overall the E6 is a very good home simulator that will keep you busy in the winter months or when the weather is so bad you have to stay at home!

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