When Did Tiger Woods Start Playing Golf? – Resolved!

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Tiger Woods is one of the most famous golfers in the world. He has won 15 major professional golf tournaments, and he’s got a total of 79 PGA Tour victories under his belt.

He is known for being an excellent golfer at all levels, not just as a pro player. But when did Tiger start playing?

At What Age Did Tiger Woods First Swing a Golf Club?

Tiger Woods started playing golf when he was two years old. This is when his father, Earl Woods started teaching him the basics of the game and from this point, he was destined to become one of the all-time great golfers.

Growing up in the spotlight, Tiger Woods was a child prodigy of golf. At three years old he toured TV studios to demonstrate his putting prowess with professional golfers such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

By five years old, Tiger became so competitive that Golf Digest featured him in their magazine where he excelled at playing standard courses against other players of a good standard.

Even though by this age most children have not even started playing!

As he reached his teenage years, Tiger was already a household name.

The Teenage Years

By 12 years old, he won the National Pee-Wee Golf Championship and also became a member of the Nike Tour at just 13 years old.

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At 16 Tiger had already become one of the youngest golfers to play in an event on The Professional Golf Association (PGA) Tour when he played in the prestigious Los Angeles Open.

He also claimed his first golf tournament at just 20 years when he won the Las Vegas Invitational.

Reaching the Sumit of the Golfing World and then Disaster!

In the year 2000, Tiger became one of only six golfers to ever win at least four consecutive professional major championships when he won The Masters Tournament for the third time in a row.

It was at this time that he was talked about being the best ever golfer that has ever played.

He continued to win tournaments but his victories became less frequent as the decade progressed before bottoming out at the end of 2006 when he was forced to take a break from playing due to a public scandal that severely affected his personal life.

But his golfing prowess in the modern era is clearly unmatched…

He has been named PGA Player of the Year six times and Associated Press Athlete of the Year twice, in addition to winning numerous World Golf Championships events.

But there remains an underlying darker side to his personality which has caused him and his family unfortunate personal grief over the years.

A Complex Character and Teammate

Some people have called him one of history’s greatest athletes ever but many others have criticized him for his impulsive and uncompromising nature on the golf course.

It is said that Ryder Cup teammates have labeled him as a “loner”.

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He has been criticized for being difficult with interviewers and often gives terse answers which frustrate journalists.

Some people have blamed his father’s influence when he was growing up and it is clear that being in the public eye at such a young age has taken its toll on Tiger.

Has Tiger Woods Won the Most Majors in Golf?

Tiger Woods does not hold the record for the most major wins in golf. He currently has 15 major wins. Jack Nicklaus leads the way with an astonishing 18 major titles.

Tiger has won the following majors: 5 Masters, 4 PGA Championships, 3 U.S. Opens, and 3 British Opens.

His most recent major win was in 2019 where at Augusta he wore the famous green jacket for the 5th time.

Check out the video and be in awe at the amazing talent of Tiger Woods…

How Many Hole in Ones Does Tiger Woods Have?

In his professional career, Tiger Woods has 20 official hole in ones. The fact that only one of those hole in ones was sunk after the glory years tells us so much about the rise and fall of this golfing legend. Yes, 19 hole in ones before 2001 and only one thereafter which was in 2018.

Is Tiger Woods Still Playing Professional Golf?

Tiger Woods is not currently playing professional golf and it is not clear when he may return if at all – there are rumors that he will never return to the golf course as a pro.

At the moment Tiger is recovering from an injury that occurred in 2021. It is hoped that he will resume his career when the injuries he sustained in a car accident have fully healed and he feels ready to return to the golf course.

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In the meantime, he does occasional charity work and spends time with his children. He currently lives with his current girlfriend, Erica Herman who has been helping Tiger recover after his car crash.

What Does the Future Hold for Tiger Woods?

Most golf fans will be hoping that Tiger Woods returns to PGA golf and the majors very soon – he is simply a box office golfer who can still attract massive crowds when he tees up.

For all his faults his talents remain supreme and there is a good chance he could still win a major championship once again.

Other than sporting reasons it could be beneficial to Tiger to start playing for financial reasons.

Woods has also lost several sponsorship deals after his well-known trouble involving extramarital affairs and substance abuse.

Nike is the only major brand left to give Woods its multi-million dollar backing after household names like Gillette and EA sports ditched the superstar golfer.

Although a billionaire – it must be tempting for Woods to return to the course where he is almost guaranteed to earn millions of dollars once again.

Now You Know All About Tiger!

Tiger Woods is one of the most famous golfers in history. We’ve compiled a list of interesting facts about his life and career that you may not have known before including when he first started playing.

If you are new to golf then be sure to check out some of the amazing shots that Tiger Woods has made over the years on YouTube – at his best he was un-surpassable and righty classed as one the living legends of the game.