The Cost of Golf Club Regripping – Is it Worth the Money?

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The cost of golf club regripping is priced between $75 and $130 and this is for the full set of golf clubs. This is not cheap so is it actually worth it? We advise YES if your clubs are perfectly suited to your game but read on for other factors.

Golfers must have their clubs regripped once every year or after every 40 rounds because this definitely affects their golf swing. As PGA Master Professional Brad Redding puts it when the golfer fails to hold the grip correctly and consistently, expect the same to happen with every swing he makes.

You do not have to think twice about having your clubs regripped to avoid your arm and wrist from suffering from too much pressure.

More importantly, you have to have your grips replaced to ensure that you can hold your club consistently, help stops golf slices and lightly and, later on, help you lower your handicap.

Looking for places or stores that provide golf club regripping service is easy. Visit shops in golf courses or golf retail stores. You can also check online.

The PGA Tour Superstore also offers this. Visit their website to know how to hire them to do golf club regripping.

Does Regripping Golf Clubs Actually Help?

Yes, regripping golf clubs helps a lot, particularly before the beginning of every season. As you get to hold the grip with the least amount of pressure, you can swing the club correctly with acceleration.

On the other hand, without regripping golf clubs, you will tend to hold the grip tighter as it is already worn. In the process, you will suffer from arm and wrist tension that, subsequently, affects proper swing mechanics. Additionally, this also results in a loss of control and power.

The grip is the only part you can touch in your golf club. The traction you get from a new or solid grip allows you to grasp the club lightly, without thinking of losing the club as you swing. However, things become different when your grip is damaged.

According to PGA Master Professional Brad Redding, just the normal wear and tear, dirt, and sweat will take a toll on the golf club’s grip. With the golfer failing to hold the grip properly and consistently, expect the swing to be inconsistent as well.

Yes, you still do your usual swings but, with a worn grip, you can’t expect the same results, with the club slipping and turning.

Redding, also a 6-time PGA section Teacher of the Year, said that anything that causes the club to slip can already impact your control of the club, as well as the clubface.

This leads to a “larger variation in your ball flight.” so there is a definitive argument that the cost of golf club regripping would be beneficial for all standards of golfers, from amateur to tournament pro.

Additionally, you shorten the lifespan of your gloves as you put too much grip pressure on the heel of your hand. Therefore, gripping your golf club properly will prevent this. More importantly, regripping your golf club may help you achieve your goal of lowering your handicap.

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Where Can I Get My Golf Clubs Regripped?

Getting your golf clubs regripped is easy as you have several ways to find locations or people who offer this service.

  1. On-course Shop – Visit shops right on the golf course. You’ll find people who can help you have your golf clubs regripped. More often than not, they offer this service or they know of someone who can do it for you.
  2. Local Golf Retailer ­– Go to your local golf retailer and bring your golf clubs with damaged grips. They may not only sell grips but also have the club repair technicians give you a piece of advice on what to do or what to replace them with.
  3. PGA Tour Superstore – Skip the long queue. If you already know the grip you need, go to this site.
  • Choose the grip you will buy and indicate the quantity.
  • Indicate the date and time you are available to drop off your golf clubs.
  • Choose “store pickup” as the delivery method.
  • Don’t forget to add the service for the grip installation.
  • As soon as you arrive, the associates from the PGA Tour Superstore will check your clubs and ask you for special instructions.
  1. Search online – Type in your Google browser, “golf club regripping near me.” Click the search results one by one or only those that interest you. Call them to inquire. Choose where to have your club regripped.

The cost for regripping depends on the grip you choose, but the estimate is between $75 and $130 for the whole set of golf clubs. Find a PGA Tour Superstore near you.

How Often Should I Get My Golf Clubs Regripped?

You should have your golf clubs regripped at the beginning of every season – as many people do. Don’t be anxious living a day without your clubs on your sight as it will only take no more than 24 hours and you are good to play again.

Regripping your golf clubs is one of the few preparations you need to make before you tackle the course or join a tournament. It is also one of the most important steps because the grip is the only area that gets you connected with your club.

According to the PGA Tour Superstore, the rule of thumb is regripping your clubs once every year or after every 40 rounds.

On the other hand, Redding said that the majority of Tour pros have their golf clubs regripped 3 to 4 times each year. Amateurs, however, do not have to do it this way. Regripping their golf clubs at least once a year for an avid amateur player is recommended.

However, even with this timetable, you must always make an effort to check the grip of each of your golf clubs. The wearing out of the grips happens very slowly over time that you will fail to notice it.

First, you have to observe if they are beginning to lose a good amount of their original feel.

This happens before they become rigid and smooth. It’s important that you are keeping track of the status of the grips because even a tiny slip can affect your performance on the greens.

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How Long After Regripping Clubs Can I Play?

You must wait for 24 hours after your clubs have been regripped before you use them again. They need to dry completely. In the event that you can’t wait that long because of an event the next day, you can use a hairdryer to dry the grips faster.

Are you thinking of doing the club regripping yourself? Discover if you can do it. Here are the easy steps, according to GolfLink:

  1. Find the right grip replacement – To be able to find the proper grip for you, you have a lot of factors to consider:
    • Size
    • Texture
    • Firmness
    • Prevailing Weather

Now, which type of golf grips do you need? The general categories for golf grips are:

  • Wrapped
  • Rubber
  • Corded
  • Hybrid
  1. Remove the old grips – Take off the old grips using a sharp knife. Be careful as you do this. If you can’t find a sharp knife, opt for a razor blade.
  2. Apply a double-sided grip tape – Before you put on the new grips, apply a double-sided tape specific for grips’ use. If you do not know where to find this specialized tape, find a double-sided carpet tape instead. You will notice that this is a bit thicker than the double-sided grip tape, but it is okay.
  3. Use a grip solvent – If no grip solvent is available, look for acetone or lighter fluid as a substitute. When you use a grip solvent, make sure that you are in a well-ventilated location. No open flames, including cigarettes, should be near you.

This is easy, right? You can do the regripping of golf clubs on your own. However, as mentioned above, grip is an important component of the golf club because it goes with the quality of your swing. Therefore, you may want to give this job to the pros.

The cost of golf club regripping (between $75 and $130) is nothing compared to the benefits it can offer to the golfers.

A new grip lets you hold the club lightly and do a swing consistently. Unlike in a damaged grip, your hand slides, your swings are inconsistent, and your arms and wrist may even suffer from tension.

You can do golf club regripping on your own, but it is still best to have the pros do this job for you. You can find golf retail shops or stores in golf courses that offer this service. Even the PGA has stores that service golfers for this purpose.

Often, golfers forget about this. Before they know it, the grips are already hard and slick. If only they noticed the change in the texture or feel of the grips earlier, they could have replaced it already.

Make sure to have your grip replaced once a year or after every 40 rounds. The pros do this so monitor the grips of your golf clubs. Let not this simple task have a detrimental effect on your game.