Is TGW Golf Legit? (Read Before You Buy!)

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If you’re in the market for new golf equipment or apparel, you have probably come across lots of different retailers offering you a huge range of golf gear at impressive prices.

One such retailer is TGW. The Kansas-based company has been operational since 1998, and you can choose equipment from the biggest brands in the game.

But what’s the deal with TGW? Is it a legit online store? And what equipment can you buy from their online store? Let’s find out.

Who is TGW Golf?

TGW Golf is an online golf store with a range of discounted equipment and clothing available at great prices. TGW started as a golf warehouse in 1998 before taking advantage of the internet and transforming its business into a popular commerce site.

After starting out as a family-run business, TGW is now a huge operation with more than 250 employees and an incredible collection of golf stock. We explain everything you need to know about TGW Golf in the following sections.

Is the TGW Golf Website Legit?

Yes, the TGW Golf website is 100% legit. In fact, having started in 1998, TGW is one of the oldest and most trusted golf retailers out there, specializing in a whole host of golf equipment and apparel at good prices.

All of the clubs and apparel that you can buy on TGW are authentic, so you don’t need to worry about fake clubs that often circulate online.

You can buy your chosen equipment from the likes of PING, TaylorMade, and Callaway, safe in the knowledge that you’re getting what you paid for!

The same is true for all of TGW’s apparel and their various other pieces of golf equipment. It’s essentially a one-stop shop for all your golf needs, and you can fully equip your wardrobe and golf bag with everything you need from TGW.

Their customer service is on point, and they have received thousands of verified positive reviews. In other words, you can shop on TGW Golf with confidence and add to your collection of golf equipment and apparel without breaking the bank.

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What Golf Gear Can You Buy on TGW?

TGW stocks a comprehensive inventory on its golf website. They stock all of the biggest brands in golf and have a huge selection of new clubs from driver to putter, and you can equip your bag with all the latest gear from the well-known makes.

TGW’s range of clothing is also impressive, with stylish lines from brands including Under Armour, Nike, and Adidas. Whether you’re looking for gear that the tour pros wear or are hoping to add some bargains to your wardrobe, you will find what you’re looking for on TGW.

What’s more, you can pick up a broad selection of golf balls to add to your bag, whether you’re a fan of Bridgestone, Titleist, or any other ball, for that matter.

Just check out the TGW YouTube channel where they review the latest golf gear.

TGW’s range of bags and golf carts is just as broad and impressive, meaning you really can pick up everything you could possibly need on the course.

Finally, TGW also stocks golf tech, including rangefinders, GPS watches, and swing analyzers, which are great for anyone hoping to improve the fine margins of their game.

So, no matter what golfing gear you’re looking for, you will almost certainly find it on TGW.

What Does TGW Stand for? 

TGW stands for The Golf Warehouse. The company started as precisely that in 1998 before the internet dominated every part of our daily lives. However, as e-commerce emerged as a viable solution, TGW became one of the first golf retailers to offer its products online.

20+ years later, TGW is still one of the leading e-commerce sites for golfers, and the sheer volume of clubs and apparel they stock is super impressive. The name of the company is still relevant, given that they house their stock in a 230,000 square ft. warehouse.

TGW stocks between 30,000 and 50,000 items at any given time, and they also serve baseball and softball players, in addition to their golfing reputation.

So, if you’re looking for a trusted and reliable online golf retailer to buy from, you can’t go wrong with the aptly named The Golf Warehouse.

Is there a TGW Military Discount?

Currently, TGW does not offer a specific discount scheme for military personnel. The website does, however, publish a specific web page called TGW Coupon Codes. This section covers a wide array of offers and codes you can enter at checkout.

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Visit the TGW promo codes section here.

While some golf retailers are proud to announce the details of their military discounts within their terms and conditions, we couldn’t locate details of any special discounts that TGW offers for military personnel or veterans.

Given that TGW is a discount golf retailer, they might justify the omission of specific discounts to their customers because all prices are already heavily reduced, particularly when compared to industry-standard prices.

If you visit the discounts and coupon page of the TGW site, you can see the latest discounts and special offers that are available store-wide. These offers often include flash sales and significant reductions on clubs and apparel.

So, while it’s not clear if TGW offers a military discount, you can still access great deals and bumper offers from TGW; you just need to sniff them out or access them by signing up to their mailer.

Where is TGW Golf Located?

The Golf Warehouse is located in Wichita, Kansas. This is an ideal location for TGW customers, as it makes things easy as far as shipping and returns are concerned. In fact, TGW’s shipping policies are great, and they offer free shipping on all orders over $99.

If you’re an international customer, you will be responsible for the shipping charges plus additional taxes stipulated by the Department of Commerce.

Still, TGW ships to more than 200 destinations worldwide, so you may well be able to order from the store if you’re located outside the US.

The fact that TGW is based in Kansas, USA, makes it an ideal place to buy your golf equipment and apparel. If you buy equipment from some online sources, you can’t be sure of where they are shipping from, which can lead to delays and potentially an increase in taxes.

You don’t need to worry about ordering from TGW as you’re buying from a trusted American retailer, and you will receive your goods within the stipulated timeframe.

How Do I Get Hold of TGW Customer Service?

There are 4 main ways number of ways that you can get in touch with TGW customer service. These are by phone, email support, mail, and fax. This is one area where this golf store thrives, offering customers multiple ways to ask questions and check on their orders.

  1. By phone: 1-888-838-5551
  2. By email:
  3. By mail: The Golf Warehouse, 8908 East 34th Street North Wichita, KS 67226
  4. By fax: 1-316-858-0456
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TGW’s customer service hours are from 7 am – 11 pm CST Monday to Friday, and then from 9 am to 5.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday. So, no matter the day of the week, you should be able to get hold of a TGW customer service representative to help you with your order.

Should you have an issue with an order from TGW, or if you need to contact their customer service department, you can click here to do so.

Are There Good Alternatives to TGW Golf?

While TGW is one of the original online golf retailers in the US, they’re certainly not the only choice that you have. Another great option for golfers is Rock Bottom Golf, another e-commerce site with a great reputation for providing golfers with exceptional value for money.

Rock Bottom Golf’s club trader and selection of pre-owned clubs are particularly impressive and have helped the company develop a stellar reputation online.

Just like TGW, Rock Bottom Golf provides a huge collection of golf equipment, apparel, and gadgets, serving as your one-stop shop for everything you need out on the golf course.

You can also check out Golf Galaxy, which is another online golf retailer well worth your consideration. They stock clubs, balls, bags, and apparel, making it another stellar choice if you’re hoping to buy all of your golf equipment from the same place.

So, while TGW isn’t the only online golf retailer of distinction, the fact that it’s one of the longest-serving golf e-commerce sites in the US makes it a great option for anyone looking for golf equipment at a great price.


TGW – The Golf Warehouse – is an excellent online store with a huge selection of brands, equipment, apparel, and gadgets available at great prices.

As golf equipment can be expensive, it’s undoubtedly worth buying from a specialist discount retailer like TGW, as you can save yourself a decent amount of money on the latest releases.

So, if you’re looking to add some new equipment to the bag at the start of this year’s golf season, there’s no reason not to shop with TGW.