Tathata Golf Reviews – Is this Training Course Legit?

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There are a huge variety of ways in which you can access golf instruction. The most common method is to approach a pro at your local golf club or range and schedule a number of one-to-one or group lessons. Another, less popular option is to sign up for Tathata Golf.

Should you be impressed by Tathata Golf’s method of online instruction, providing you with over 200 hours of content that promises to improve your game dramatically, you’re probably wondering if the course is actually legit?

Well, it’s undoubtedly popular and has many positive aspects.

With more than 15,000 members across 84 countries, golfers of all levels have undoubtedly seen improvements in their game after signing up to Tathata’s innovative program.

As a fusion of western golf instruction and eastern philosophy, it’s a unique approach to golf training that has attracted lots of attention.

In this post, we examine Tathata golf in detail, introducing you to their method of golf instruction before helping you decide whether it’s a suitable golf training method for you. Let’s begin by looking at what Tathata Golf actually is.

What is Tathata Golf?

Tathata Golf is a subscription-based training program that proudly boasts a “new era in golf instruction” and is an innovative approach to improving your game. Through a series of instructional videos, Tathata seeks to eliminate the three largest barriers in golf, which they define as time, difficulty, and cost.

Founded by Bryan Helper, the core curriculum of Tathata is “based on a combination of movements from the greatest golfers and athletes of all time, and timeless martial art movement and striking truths.

Helper trained under PGA coach Marc O’Grady and followed it up with his training in Shambala and Satori, two meditation and mindfulness methods rooted in Buddhist principles.

His exposure to western golf instruction and eastern philosophy inspired him to bring the two together to form Tathata Golf.

This in itself means “suchness,” or “a sense of complete understanding and all-knowing.”

It’s fair to say that Helper takes a multi-disciplinary approach to golf instruction, and his strong emphasis on Eastern philosophy and wisdom makes it notably different from many more traditional training approaches.

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How Does the Tathata Golf Training Work?

The Tathata training program is diverse and comprises several components.

This helps it stand out as an innovative and unique approach, compared to more traditional methods of golf instruction.

To join Tathata, you’re required to become a member, which then provides you with access to the array of content hosted on the site.

Members of Tathata have access to the following aspects of the course:

Instructional Golf Videos

This is the bread and butter of the Tathata Golf offer.

More than 200 hours of instructional video content cover a range of aspects of the game of golf.

For example, you can watch for yourself an introduction video aimed at improving your backswing

These videos are stored in an online library and can be accessed by members at any time.

Sixty-day Course

The main training element of the Tathata course is a sixty-day training program, which is designed to be completed on sixty consecutive days.

The course helps golfers develop their mind, body, and swing, based upon the eastern philosophy of Tathata’s founder, Bryan Helper.

We introduce the content of the course in the section below.

One-on-One Training

After completing the sixty-day training program, members are invited to visit the Tathata Training Centre in Scottsdale, Arizona, for a one-on-one training session with a certified Tathata coach.

Alternatively, an online video session is offered to those who can’t travel to Arizona.

Informative TV Shows

Your membership provides you with a subscription to Tathata TV, which broadcasts a weekly Q&A with trainers.

There are featured interviews from pro golfers and instructors, as well as the popular ‘Take it to the course’ feature.

This sees the Tathata team evaluate different golf situations and demonstrate their training in action.

Access to Certified Body Movement Specialists

Tathata Certified Movement Specialists are based in fourteen countries around the world.

The movement specialists are not necessarily golf coaches and come from a variety of athletic backgrounds.

Their focus is on helping golfers improve their movement only.

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While members are offered the chance to schedule a session with a movement specialist, their fee isn’t included in the membership package.

What Do They Teach at Tathata Golf?

Fundamental to Tathata’s teaching methodology is the interconnectedness between mind, body, and golf swing.

While it might sound a little airy to some, founder Bryan Helper is confident that his focus on the following three distinct areas of golf instruction will transform your performance on the course:

  • Mind – specific instruction in the importance of mental discipline on the course.
  • Body – understanding the anatomy of your body and how to move effectively.
  • Swing – a comprehensive analysis of how the best golfers in the world play the game.

The primary structured course provided by Tathata Golf is the sixty-day training program.

This is the starting point for any new member, and you’re encouraged to complete one lesson every day for sixty days to get the most out of it.

Tathata’s course is unique because Helper places a heavy emphasis on mind training and movement practice, beginning with the smaller movements necessary to develop the perfect swing.

As the lessons progress, you eventually work your way up to a full-swing action after it has been thoroughly deconstructed and explained.

In addition to the focus on movement and swing, the course covers six key areas, which are described as:

  • The energy of greatness
  • Body movements
  • Club movements
  • Short game
  • Putting
  • Take it to the course

Following the completion of the sixty-day training, members have the opportunity to complete courses in uneven lies, trajectory, and mind training on the go.

How Much Does Tathata Golf Cost?

If you would like to benefit from Tathata Golf’s instructional course, you need to become a member. You can join as a rolling, month-to-month member and pay $24.99 per month, or you can sign up for a whole year in one go and pay $199.99 as a one-off fee.

Given that one-to-one lessons with a golf club pro can cost upwards of $50 per session, it’s fair to say that Tathata golf represents pretty good value for money.

Providing you think your game would benefit from a remote form of golf instruction.

With more than 200 hours of videos, a weekly TV show that provides an insight into various elements of the game, access to “Certified Movement Specialists”

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But that’s not all..

A community of like-minded golfers, the members fee for Tathata Golf provides you with much more than just golf instruction.

Is Tathata Golf Legit?

While Tathata golf certainly won’t be for everyone, it’s a legitimate and relatively popular method of golf instruction.

For those interested in improving more than just their game, Tathata presents a unique opportunity to align improvements on the course with progressions in your mental wellbeing and flexibility.

As mentioned in the introduction, there are currently more than 15,000 members of Tathata Golf from around the world, highlighting the fact that they must be doing something right!

Having been operational since 2010, Tathata has helped thousands of golfers improve their game over the past decade.

Helpfully, Tathata Golf has published a number of independent reviews on their site, which give you an insight into the course from past and present members. You can read the views for yourself by clicking here.

Every golfer benefits from some form of instruction to help improve the finer aspects of their game.

Tathata is one of a number of options available to you if you like the sound of their innovative and unique method of instruction.

Try Tathata if All Other Golf Training Doesn’t Work

Tathata Golf is undoubtedly an unusual subscription-based golf training program, and it won’t be for everyone.

That being said, the course has been delivered for more than a decade and has received a wealth of positive feedback from past and current members.

What’s more, membership of the site is competitively priced, particularly when compared to traditional one-to-one golf lessons delivered by a pro.

And with an exciting curriculum based upon eastern philosophy, it might just provide the insight into your game that you’ve been looking for and help you lower your handicap.

As you would before signing up for any other type of golf instruction, we’d advise you to do your homework and research Tathata Golf as much as you can before you become a member.

This will ensure that the method of instruction is correct for you and will save you from wasting money on the subscription if it doesn’t fit the bill.