Takomo Golf Clubs Review: (As Good as Expected?)

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The clubs you use are of the utmost importance when playing golf. But with so many brands, how do you know which clubs to buy?

In this article, we introduce you to Takomo Golf, a European manufacturer of popular direct-to-consumer golf clubs with a great reputation.

By the end of this review, you will have all the information you need to decide if Takomo golf clubs are a good option for you and whether or not to invest in their irons this year.

Who is Takomo Golf?

Takomo Golf is a direct-to-consumer brand offering premium golf clubs to recreational players. DTC golf clubs have become increasingly popular recently, given their comparatively low price and high build quality, and Takomo is a brand worth considering.

The irons within the Takomo range are cavity-backed for improved forgiveness and performance, making them ideal clubs for beginners and recreational players.

Based in Finland, Takomo is a leading DTC golf brand in Europe and ships internationally, meaning that you can take advantage of their excellent golf clubs no matter where you live and play.

Read on to find out what you need to know about Takomo golf clubs and whether they’re a good option for your golf bag this season.

Are Takomo Golf Clubs Good?

Takomo golf clubs are built to high specifications and feature many premium qualities, making them an excellent choice for recreational golfers, thanks to their affordable price point.

Takomo irons comprise 431 carbon steel and hollow bodies, which promotes power, performance, and forgiveness.

What’s more, the face of each iron is precision milled for high ball compression, offering improved accuracy, even for slightly off-center shots.

There are various clubs within the Takomo range, meaning you can opt for the ideal irons to benefit your game, whether you’re going for improved distance, feel, or forgiveness.

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As you can tell from our Takomo golf clubs review, Thanks to their quality design process, Takomo golf clubs have an excellent reputation.

They are an excellent option for recreational players this season.

What Clubs are in the Takomo Range?

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to Takomo irons, with the following sets available within the Takomo range:

Iron 101

Combining forgiveness, distance, and looks, Takomo’s Iron 101 clubs are cavity-backed irons with a range of shaft configurations to suit the preferences of every golfer.

Iron 101T

The Iron 101T is Takomo’s distance iron with a slightly shorter blade than the 101. It also has a thinner topline and narrower sole, promoting improved distances on the course.

Iron 201

The Iron 201 is precision-forged with S20C steel and features a soft feel and improved responsiveness. An ideal iron for mid-scratch handicappers.

Iron 301

You can choose from muscle back or cavity back 301 irons. It’s the most advanced iron in the Takomo range and offers an outstanding feel and performance – perfect for single-digit handicappers.  

How Much are Takomo Golf Clubs?

As DTC golf clubs go, it’s fair to say that Takomo golf clubs are available at an excellent price point. The table below indicates how much the current range of Takomo clubs costs*:

Clubs Price (Euros)
Iron 101459.00 – 609.00
Iron 101T589.00
Iron 201589.00
Iron 301 (Cavity)649.00
Iron 301 (Muscle)649.00

As you can see, Takomo golf clubs cost between 459.00 and 649.00 Euros, which is a good price point for such high-quality golf clubs.

They’re priced so low because Takomo is a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning they have cut out the middleman and can offer low prices directly to the manufacturer.

As such, Takomo golf clubs provide recreational players with excellent value for money.

Are Takomo Irons Blades?

No, Takomo irons are cavity-backed.** Cavity-backed irons are much more forgiving than blades, as their hollow design makes it much easier to control the golf ball while reducing the likelihood of off-center hits going awry.

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If you’re a beginner golfer, cavity-backed irons are much the better option as they’re forgiving, making the game easier and more enjoyable.

Hacking your way around the golf course with a set of blades is far from enjoyable!

That being said, Takomo does cater to lower-handicappers and even scratch golfers, with their muscle-backed irons proving popular.

The 301 muscle back iron offers much more feel and control than the other irons in the Takomo range and is a good option for players who are more familiar with blades.

But ultimately, Takomo golf clubs are so popular because they’re cavity-backed and suitable for beginners and other recreational players, which certainly isn’t the case with blades.

Are Takomo Irons Forged?

Yes, some of the Takomo irons are forged. For instance, the 201 Iron series is made from precision-forged S20C steel, providing excellent feel and responsiveness.

The clubs *** are finished with a custom milling process for advanced control and performance.

The T301 muscle-backed and cavity-backed irons are also forged for improved performance, making them the ideal option for golfers looking for DTC clubs with the outstanding build quality.

Most brands offer either forged or cast irons.

Cast irons are constructed using molten metal and a standard cast, which makes them cheaper and easier to produce, with less craftsmanship associated with the club’s production.

On the other hand, forged golf clubs have a head pressed and milled from a single piece of metal, allowing for much better performance and finer detailing.

For this reason, forged irons are usually more expensive than cast irons, and the fact that there are forged irons within the Takomo range is a huge plus point for recreational players.

Where are Takomo Golf Clubs Made?

Takomo Golf is based in Turku, Finland, and much of the company’s R&D and quality control is carried out in their Finnish HQ.

As such, Takomo has established a reputation as one of the leading DTC golf brands in Europe, providing outstanding golf clubs at affordable prices.

In terms of the actual manufacture of Takomo golf clubs, the company doesn’t stipulate precisely where the clubs are made, only where they are finished and refined.

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Some manufacturing processes likely occur in China or other parts of Asia, as with most golf brands today.

This is due to the cheaper costs associated with labor and production in Asia and is one of the reasons that Takomo golf clubs are so affordable.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for quality and affordable golf clubs from a trusted DTC brand, look no further than Takomo Golf.

Takomo Golf Clubs for Sale?

The best place to buy Takomo golf clubs is directly from the company’s website. Takomo is a DTC golf brand, meaning they can offer low prices due to the absence of middlemen from their supply chain.

You can buy each of the irons introduced in this article directly from the Takomo Golf online store, and they offer reasonable international shipping from their Finland HQ.

As such, it makes sense to head straight to the Takomo store if you want to buy these impressive clubs.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a set of used Takomo golf clubs, eBay is perhaps your best bet, where you will find a selection of used golf clubs in various conditions.

You can also check for local listings on Craigslist if you’re in the market for used Takomo clubs.

Just be mindful of a seller’s feedback before buying used golf clubs online, as you need to ensure that the clubs are in a reasonable condition before buying them.


Takomo golf clubs have become increasingly popular, thanks largely to their excellent build quality and the fact that they’re available at an affordable price point.

There’s no doubt that Takomo irons are among the best DTC golf clubs you can buy right now, and their cavity-backed design offers excellent forgiveness and performance.

So, if you’re in the market for a new set of golf clubs this season, we highly recommend Takomo irons, particularly for beginners and recreational players.


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