Swingless Golf Clubs (Are No Swing Clubs Even Legal?)

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Although there are many golf products that promise the earth and under-deliver, the swingless golf club isn’t one of them. Pioneered by the guys at PowerGolf Club, the no swing golf club is the first of its kind and promises to make the sport more accessible.

But what exactly are swingless golf clubs? How do they work? And can you use it in club competitions legally?

To help you decide if this type of golf club is right for you, we answer these questions and more below as we take a deep dive into this impressive technology, and consider who could benefit from using a golf club that does all the hard work!

What is a No Swing Golf Club?

A no swing golf club is a type of club that does not require a traditional golf swing. Simply place the club behind the ball, line it up, and press the button. The club is made possible by a strong, internal piston mechanism that ensures the ball can fly between 75 and 200 yards each time.


Aimed at any player who can no longer swing a conventional golf club for whatever reason, the swing-less club is perfect if you want to still enjoy everything about playing the game without putting your body through the stress of swinging the club.

Let’s take a look at the no-swing golf club in more detail.

Can You Play Golf with a No Swing Golf Club?

Yes, you can play golf with a no swing club. You can hit adjustable distances (between 75 and 200 yards), so you will need to adjust the club accordingly before you take your shot. Its invention has made golf so much more accessible for those who may not be able to play the sport otherwise.

However, it’s important to note that you can’t play with a no swing golf club in a competition. Given that if flies straight and true for almost every shot, it would undoubtedly give you an unfair advantage over your competition, and it’s not legal with the R&A or USGA.

We should also say that your buddies won’t be particularly impressed if you take to the golf course with a no-swing club while they’re hacking their way around the course with conventional clubs, particularly if you’re playing for money.

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While a no-swing golf club is perfect for some people to enjoy recreational golf, it does have limitations in terms of when it should be used.

How Do Swingless Golf Clubs Work?

The science behind swingless golf clubs is impressive, and although they’re simple to operate, they’re actually extremely complex in their design. In the simplest terms, an internal piston mechanism is triggered from the clubface, which causes your ball to fly in the desired direction.

Before taking a shot, you need to insert power strips that look like bullets into the club for it to work. These are key to the way the swing-less club works internally and is the science behind the incredible ball flight.

After inserting the power strip, you can then adjust the distance via a lever at the back of the club before lining up to play your shot. In other words, operating a swing-less golf club couldn’t be easier!

One of the only frustrating things you might come across is that you have to remove and then re-insert the power strips between each shot. While this only takes a few seconds, you need to remember to do this, or the club won’t work.

How Far Can the Swingless Golf Club Hit?

The swingless golf club can reach distances of up to 200 yards and can be adjusted in 50-yard intervals, starting at 75 yards. Popular pro golfer and YouTuber Rick Shiels performed a distance test with a swing-less golf club and found that the distances were fairly consistent (within about 5-10 yards).

You can watch the video of this experiment below:

For instance, when he tested his swing-less golf club at full power (200-yard distance), he found that it had a carry distance of 183 yards and a total distance of 195 yards.

As such, it’s fair to say that in the summer, when the course is dry, you might be able to exceed the 200-yard distance slightly, and the reverse is true in winter.

The fact that you can send a ball 200 yards without doing anything other than pressing a button is nothing short of remarkable!

The ball trajectory is stunning too, and you can even draw and fade the ball, depending on the hole that you’re playing.

Something worth noting from the distance test is that for shorter distances (up to 100 yards), the ball doesn’t fly particularly high and is more similar to a bump-and-run shot, as opposed to a lofted iron.

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Still, the distances are true, and the swing-less golf club has made the game so much more accessible.

How Much Does a Swingless Golf Club Cost?

The PowerGolf Club swingless golf club currently retails at $995 and is the leading swingless golf club for sale. This includes a headcover, a 3 round play pack, and 3 EZeeGolf Power golf balls that are recommended when you play with the swing-less club.

When you consider the fact that a decent set of golf clubs will set you back around $1,000, it’s a reasonable price to pay for a club that performs all the required jobs in one! As well as buying the club, you will need to also purchase the various accessories that enable you to hit the club.

For instance, it’s $90 for a power strip mega pack, which is good for fourteen rounds of golf on an 18 hole course.

However, PowerGolf Club retails a range of monthly packages that you can opt for to save yourself some money, depending on how often you play. For instance, the above-mentioned Mega Pack is $74.95 per month, offering a $15 saving.

You can also purchase a dozen PowerGolf Club balls that have been designed to get the very best out of the swing-less club. Twelve balls currently retail at $34.95, but given the fact that the swing-less golf club flies straight most of the time, you probably won’t lose many balls.

Overall, to buy the swing-less club, enough power packs for fourteen rounds, and a dozen balls, it will cost you around $1,125, which isn’t too far away from the price you would pay for a decent set of golf clubs with one of the leading brands on tour.

Is the Swingless Golf Club Legal?

While the swingless golf club is legal for use in recreational golf, it’s illegal for use in competitions. So, if you’re just looking to get into golf with your buddies and aren’t too bothered about playing competitions, you can use a swing-less golf club whenever you like.

However, if you’re playing competitively, the swingless golf club isn’t permitted for use by the USGA or R&A so you will have to leave it at home. After all, if this type of golf club was legal, most people would use it.

When you try the no swing golf club for the first time, you will be struck by just how easy it is to get the ball flying straight and true down the center of the fairway. It is incredibly consistent, and providing you line it up correctly; you will keep your ball in play more often than not.

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Who Can Benefit from Using a No Swing Club?

One of the best features of the no swing golf club is that it makes the game of golf more accessible to people who struggle to swing a club, for whatever reason. You might, for instance, have a bad back or suffer from an illness or condition that makes swinging the golf club much too painful.

If this is the case, then you can replace your conventional golf clubs with a no-swing golf club and still enjoy playing golf with your friends.

Granted, the dynamics of the game will change greatly, but it still provides you with an opportunity to get out on the golf course and enjoy the experience.

Equally, the no-swing golf club is ideal for senior golfers who don’t want to put their bodies through the level of strain that’s often associated with playing a round of golf.

If your joints are painful or you’re suffering from arthritis, for instance, opting for a no-swing club is a great way to still get out on the course and enjoy yourself.

While it used to be the case that injuries and illness meant people had to step away from the course, the swingless club means that players can enjoy the game without having to rely exclusively on their bodies to hit good shots.

A Game Changer in the World of Golf Clubs!

The swingless golf club from PowerClub Golf is one of the most impressive inventions we’ve come across in the sport. The piston-powered internal mechanism ensures your ball flies anywhere between 75 and 200 yards, which has revolutionized the way that some people play golf.

Instead of having to rely solely on your swing to get the ball flying towards your target, you can now set up a swing-less golf club behind the ball and press a button!

The technology is so impressive and is perfect for people who can no longer play with conventional clubs for a variety of reasons.

Although it’s not legal for competition use, the swingless golf club is perfect if you’re hoping to get back out on the golf course with your friends after a long time out.

For this reason, we think it’s an awesome addition and would highly recommend it if you can benefit from using it, so go and check out the latest models for sale.