SuperSpeed Golf Training System Review

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If you have ever had the chance to watch PGA tour pros play the most amazing part of the experience is how far they hit the golf ball. They pull out the driver and the ball jumps off the face and stays in the air forever.

This distance makes all amateur golfers jealous, but how can they work towards this length? You can try a new golf ball or spend 500 hundred dollars on the driver that was just released. These items may help, but are you guaranteed to hit the ball farther?

SuperSpeed Golf | Swing Speed Training System | Gain Swing Speed and 20 Yards | Speed Sticks used by Padraig Harrington | Includes Free Online Training

You can pay for some expensive lessons and while this will improve your swing, you are not guaranteed to pick up additional yardage.

If you truly want to gain distance and outdrive your friends, the key is increasing your clubhead speed. As they say, speed kills. Unfortunately, you can’t achieve this by simply swinging harder. You need to train your body to move quicker, without negatively altering your golf motion.

The engineers at SuperSpeed golf have developed a simple training program to help everyone from the high handicapper to tour pros gain speed and distance without messing up their swing. If you are interested in hitting your drive farther, you should continue reading our SuperSpeed Golf training system review.


The SuperSpeed Golf training system is a golf-specific workout program specifically designed to teach your arms and hands to move faster. More speed will produce more distance. When you purchase the product, you receive three different weights to swing.

The weights look like golf clubs, but instead of a head, they have a smaller silver weight on the bottom. They have golf grips and a shaft. You shouldn’t hit the ground with them, instead just swing through the air.

The program is designed for you to work out 3 times a week, with at least a full day break between each session.

Each session only lasts between 10-15 minutes and can be performed anywhere you have space to safely swing. You don’t hit balls with this swing trainer, but you should swing it in an open space or into a net.

The most unique part of this training aid is that it can truly help all golfers, regardless of age, skill level, or physical ability.

SuperSpeed Golf | Swing Speed Training System | Gain Swing Speed and 20 Yards | Speed Sticks used by Padraig Harrington | Includes Free Online Training

This golf trainer has been widely popular on professional tours, with 600+ players leveraging the SuperSpeed system. Phil Mickelson, Billy Horschel, John Rahm, Viktor Hovland, Lydia Ko, and Danielle Kang just to name a handful of the pros that believe in this training regimen.

How Does it Work?

The goal of the SuperSpeed Golf Training System is to give you more distance. This is achieved by increasing your clubhead speed. On average, golfers are able to increase their speed by 5% to 8% in the first 4 to 6 weeks of following the program.

The additional increase occurs as you progress through the stages of the program.

The instructors at SuperSpeed have determined that learning to swing faster with lighter clubs will help your body learn to move quickly and can actually reduce some common swing flaws as well.

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When you receive your SuperSpeed equipment (3 different weight “clubs”), you will go back to the website for instruction. Training protocols have been developed for level 1 through level 5. Every player should start on level 1, regardless of their golf skill.

You should stay on each level for a specific amount of time. Level 1 (Week 1 – Week 6), Level 2 (Week 7 – Week 14), Level 3 (Week 15 – Week 26), Level 4 (Week 27 – Week 48), and Level 5 (Week 49+).

If you want some advanced training, the program offers that, but it is only recommended once you have completed 20 weeks of the standard activities.

Each level includes a detailed video on how to perform the exercises and a video on the correct way to warm-up prior to starting your training.

As you will see through this SuperSpeed Golf Training system review, it is a pretty simple workout. You follow the instructional videos and advance through the levels. You only need to invest 30 minutes per week (3 separate 10-minute sessions) to see your distance increase.

SuperSpeed Golf | Swing Speed Training System | Gain Swing Speed and 20 Yards | Speed Sticks used by Padraig Harrington | Includes Free Online Training

This product is also great for junior golfers, looking to develop speed in their golf swing. The best time to learn speed is when you are young.

Features & Tech Specs

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is not dexterity specific, so right-handed, and left-handed players can purchase the same equipment.

You will need to make a choice based on your swing speed and details about your current driver – you have the following choices:

  1. Men’s – driver shaft weighs 60 grams or more and your clubhead speed is greater than 85 mph.
  2. Senior/Ladies – driver shaft weighs less than 60 grams and your clubhead speed is less than 85 mph.
  3. Junior – Ages 11 – 14 years old and driver length is 40” – 43” long.
  4. All-Star – Ages 8 – 10 years old and driver length is 32” to 38” long.
  5. PeeWee – Ages 5 – 7 years old and driver length is less than 32” long.

Once you make this choice, you are ready to order the program. It is recommended that you have a way to measure your clubhead speed during your training. It is not required, but SuperSpeed instructors have found the program is more beneficial if the player can see their speed on each swing.

SuperSpeed Golf | Swing Speed Training System | Gain Swing Speed and 20 Yards | Speed Sticks used by Padraig Harrington | Includes Free Online Training

The SuperSpeed website also offers the training protocols in a visual document you can download and record keeper sheets for each level. A great way to track your progress and see how much speed you are gaining while using the program.


  • Minimal time commitment for real results – 30 minutes a week and you are guaranteed to gain distance.
  • Proven in the marketplace – product is respected and used by hundreds of professional golfers and well-known instructors.
  • Fight Father Time – loss of distance can be truly frustrating for experienced golfers as they grow older – SuperSpeed program can take those yards back.
  • You do not need to travel to the course or driving range – you can perform this program in the backyard or in your garage.
  • Awesome product for junior golfers – most golf training aids are only designed for adults, but the SuperSpeed provides great benefits for younger players.
  • Detailed and proven training protocol videos on the website are very user friendly and easy to understand – training program is built out for a year+ of workouts.
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  • You cannot hit balls with this swing trainer, but it is designed to train your body to move fast.
  • A device to measure club head speed is not included – you don’t need it to perform the program, but it is recommended.


Question: Does this training system come with comprehensive instructions on how to get the best out of the SuperSpeed?
Answer: There is a small pamphlet that comes with your weights, but the key to proper training is following the protocol videos on the website. They walk you through how to properly warm-up and how to leverage your equipment for the best possible results.

Question: Does the SuperSpeed training system come with a way to measure my swing speed?
Answer: It does not come with one. You can perform the program without a device that measures swing speed, but SuperSpeed instructors recommend using one. The goal for each swing during your work out is to increase speed and you cannot be sure you are doing that without a device to measure your speed.

Question: How do I know which system I need? Men’s or Seniors?
Answer: There is fitting information available on the SuperSpeed website. The version you should buy is based on the weight of your current driver and your swing speed. If you are a junior, it is based on your age and the current length of your driver.

Question: Does increased speed really add distance? How much can I gain?
Answer: The SuperSpeed team has done this research and determined that adding 1 mph of speed will give you an additional 2.5 yards of carry.

If you properly follow this program, the average results are 5% to 8% increase within 4-6 weeks. Based on average results, if you currently swing 100 mph, this training system will give you an additional 12.5 to 20 yards of carry!

Question: I know the system says 3 times a week, but can I speed up the results by doing it every day?
Answer: Like other workouts, the recovery time between sessions is important for your body. The SuperSpeed instructors recommend only 3 sessions per week, with a full day of rest between days. They have tried different approaches, and this has proven to be the best program.

Question: I would definitely like some more distance with my driver, but I have also noticed my irons going a shorter distance – will this help?
Answer: Yes. You are teaching your body to move faster and have more speed at impact. This will increase the yardage of all your clubs, except the putter.

Question: I noticed that part of the training includes making swings left-handed – why would I want to swing with my non-dominant motion?
Answer: Correct – part of the workout will be making non-dominant swings. SuperSpeed believes that many golfers lose power because the non-dominant side of the body does not work as well as the dominant. By strengthening both, the body is more in balance.

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Question: Where can I use my SuperSpeed training system? Do I need to be at the course or driving range?
Answer: You can train anywhere you have room to comfortably swing. The range, your garage, your backyard. Make sure you do not hit the ground when you swing and validate no one is close to you when you are leveraging the SuperSpeed weights.

Alternatives to the SuperSpeed Golf Training System

While we believe the SuperSpeed golf training system is a great option, there are others that can help you improve your speed and add distance. Here are a couple of examples.

The Orange Whip Tempo trainer is an extra flexible shaft, with a weighted orange ball on the end. It is designed to help you warm-up before a round and can help players with their swing tempo.

Like the SuperSpeed it can be used by all players, regardless of skill level.

Another option is the SKLZ Smash Bag Golf Training Aid. Simply a bag that you place on the floor and address like you are going to hit a shot – you swing, and hit is as hard as you can. Like the SuperSpeed it can help you with speed training.

When choosing a swing trainer, it is important to consider which one makes the most sense to you and what part of your game needs improvement. The other critical component is selecting a program that you will commit to and follow.


Are you tired of being the shortest player in your weekend group or losing yardage every year as you get older? Maybe you have a junior golfer who hits the ball great but cannot hang with his or her peers off the tee. Regardless of your reason, we can all use more distance.

As you have read in our SuperSpeed Golf Training System review, this is a simple workout that will quickly give you 5% to 8% more distance and if you stick with the program, the sky is the limit. There is nothing more fun than having a wedge to a par 4 or hitting a par 5 in two.

The great thing is that the SuperSpeed training works for all players. Hundreds of tour professionals use the system, but it can also help a beginner, a junior, or a senior golfer.

SuperSpeed Golf | Swing Speed Training System | Gain Swing Speed and 20 Yards | Speed Sticks used by Padraig Harrington | Includes Free Online Training

It does not matter if your goal is to break a hundred for the first time or if you are hoping to play in the Open Championship next year.

In just 30 minutes a week (3 separate 10-minute workouts), you can reclaim lost yardage or start hitting the ball farther than ever before. More distance makes the game more fun and will help you shoot lower scores.

So, get out the Big Dog and let it Eat. Crush the ball down the fairway. Make more birdies and maybe the occasional eagle!