Sub 70 Golf Reviews: Are These Clubs Any Good?

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One of the toughest decisions that a golfer has to make is which brand to choose when it comes to kitting out their golf bag and wardrobe.

After all, because there’s such a huge range of brands and golf manufacturers to choose from, how on earth do you pick the right one?!

And a name that you might not be too familiar with is Sub 70 Golf, a company out of Illinois making a reputation for themselves for all the right reasons.

So, what’s the deal with this brand? What equipment do they manufacture? And are there clubs any good?

To help you decide, our Sub 70 Golf reviews guide answers all these questions and more as we provide you with a detailed overview of this impressive American golf brand.

Are Sub 70 Golf Clubs Legit?

Yes, Sub 70 Golf clubs are totally legit and a viable option if you’re looking for a decent set of golf clubs for a reasonable price. They have been voted as the #1 direct-to-consumer golf brand by My Golf Spy and manufacture a range of irons, woods, wedges, hybrids, and putters.

Their online store also retails an impressive range of golf apparel that will help you look the part out on the golf course, as well as accessories, balls, and golf bags.

Let’s find out more about what makes Sub 70 Golf a brand well worthy of your consideration.

What is Sub 70 Golf?

Sub 70 golf is an American golf brand that focuses on manufacturing high-quality golf clubs and accessories. Their range of clubs is broad and impressive, spanning everything from woods to putters, as well as many aesthetically pleasing accessories and golfing apparel.

Should you wish, you can kit out your entire golf bag and wardrobe from Sub 70 Golf via their impressive online store, and you can even arrange a custom fitting and visit their golf store in Sycamore if you don’t want to shop exclusively online.

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Although not as comprehensive as their new club offering, Sub 70 also retails pre-owned clubs, which is ideal if you’re looking to pick up some golf clubs without spending the big bucks.

Let’s take a look at whether the clubs can compete with some of the biggest brands in the game in terms of quality.

Are Sub 70 Golf Clubs Good?

Overall, Sub 70 Golf clubs are high specced, good and built to last. Their clubs can hold their own when compared to some of the most instantly recognizable brands in the sport. From their 849D driver to their TAIII 254 Wide Blade Putter, Sub 70 clubs are aimed at golfers of all skill levels.

One thing that impresses us most about Sub70 is the fact that they retail a broad range of clubs to cater to players at different levels of the game.

The independent brand was built with quality and efficiency in mind, which has driven Sub70 to produce a broad range of high-spec golf clubs to suit different budgets.

And the reason that Sub 70 golf clubs are priced so competitively for the build quality is that they offer direct-to-consumer pricing.

Their manufacturing and retail processes don’t rely on middlemen or third-party retailers, which means they can keep their prices competitive and budget-friendly.

So, as explained in this Sub 70 golf reviews guide, don’t be fooled by the comparatively low price – these golf clubs are the real deal.

Are Sub 70 Irons Forged?

The majority of Sub 70’s golf irons are forged. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a forged golf iron is one that is made out of one solid block of metal and is carved and shaped from that process. The result is typically a bladed iron, while cavity-backed irons are usually made from a cast.

Sub 70 boasts an impressive range of forged irons for you to choose from:

  • TAIII Forged
  • 649 MB Tour Forged
  • 639 MB Forged
  • 639 CB Forged

Each of their iron sets comes with different specs and is designed with different levels of golfer in mind.

For instance, the TAIII irons are built with the lower handicapper in mind and offer much more control when it comes to approach and spin, while the 639 forged cavity-backed series is much more suitable for mid-high handicappers.

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Where are Sub 70 Golf Clubs Manufactured?

Sub 70 golf clubs are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Syracuse, Illinois. One of the reasons that Sub 70 Golf has gained in popularity in recent years is due to the fact that they’re very much an all-American company.

They don’t outsource their manufacturing or production process to cheaper labor markets.

What’s more, the Sub 70 Golf manufacturing and quality-control team consist of people who have played golf their whole lives, which ensures the clubs that they manufacture are made to the highest possible standards.

Sub70 golf clubs are all handcrafted to guarantee their quality, and the company also offers an incredible refund policy as standard with all new golf clubs sold.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with your clubs after the first sixty days, you can return them for a 100% refund with no questions asked. A pretty sweet deal!

Does Sub 70 Make Left-Handed Golf Clubs?

Due to popular demand and the fact that they wanted to provide golf clubs to as many players as possible, Sub 70 has added some left-handed golf clubs to their range.

And while not every Sub 70 range has a left-handed option available, the following can be ordered as left-handed:

  • 699 irons
  • 849D driver
  • 949X fairway
  • Forged 286 wedges
  • 001 Blade putter
  • 002 Mid-Mallet putter
  • 005 Wide Blade putter

Given the popularity of Sub 70 golf clubs and their recent updates on social media, it seems that they often sell out of their left-handed golf clubs.

If you’re keen to add these clubs to your bag, it’s a good idea to get your order in ahead of time, so you’re not disappointed!

What About Apparel at Sub 70 Golf?

While Sub 70 Golf’s core offer is their impressive range of high-quality golf clubs, they also retail apparel on their online store. And just like their golf clubs, Sub 70’s apparel is varied and impressive and is well worth checking out if you’re keen to smarten up your golf wardrobe!

On Sub 70’s online store, you will find the following apparel:

  • Branded hoodies and tees
  • Branded headwear
  • Tees and polo shirts
  • Zips and pullovers
  • Golf polo shirts
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In addition to their clothing range, Sub 70 also retails various golf accessories that you can add to the bag, including:

  • Golf bags and towels
  • Golf balls and gloves
  • Umbrellas
  • Scorecard holders and ball markers
  • Headcovers
  • Rangefinders

Ultimately, you can pick up everything you could possibly need out on the golf course directly from the impressively stocked online store.

So, if you’re looking to treat your golf-crazy partner on their birthday or for Christmas, then this good golf store is a great place to start looking for the perfect gift.

Who Owns Sub 70 Golf?

Sub 70 Golf is owned by American businessman Jason Hiland. He launched the company in 2018 after enjoying success in the golf industry at various other brands throughout his career.

He started at Diamond Tour Golf back in 1995, where he helped the company become one of the most successful e-commerce golf sites around in the early days of the internet.

He was then appointed CEO of Hurricane Golf in 2008, another role that served him well before launching Sub 70 Golf ten years later.

The inspiration for Sub 70 Golf came as a result of Jason’s love and passion for the sport, as well as his desire to plug a gap in the market that sees his company retail high-quality, handcrafted golf clubs for a reasonable price.

If you’re looking to buy your golf equipment from an all-American company with a commitment to high-spec manufacturing and quality control, then Sub 70 Golf is a brand that you need to take seriously.

Looking for Good Golf Clubs? Go Check These Guys Out

Although Sub 70 Golf might not be one of the most instantly recognizable brands in golf, as we have covered in this Sub 70 golf reviews breakdown, they’re forging an excellent reputation as one of the most affordable, high-quality golf club manufacturers in the United States.

They offer a huge range of irons, wedges, woods, utilities, and putters, in addition to a variety of apparel and golf accessories, which ensures you can equip your entire golf bag and wardrobe from the same online source.

Given their impressive reputation and the excellent build quality of their clubs, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sub 70 Golf to players at all levels of the game.