Strata Boom Golf Balls Review – Are They Any Good?

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There are a lot of golf balls on the market, and it can be difficult to know which ones are good.

In this blog post, we will evaluate Strata Boom Golf Balls by discussing their performance, price, and who might benefit from using them. We hope that our review will help you in your search for the perfect ball!

Who Makes Strata Golf Balls?

The name behind Strata Golf Balls is Callaway Golf. They first got into golf ball manufacturing and design in the early 2000s. The company manufactures a range of balls for every type of player from beginner to expert.

They also make other equipment such as bags, clubs, shoes, apparel and are one of the most instantly recognizable brands on the US golfing market.

Current PGA Pros that are sponsored by Callaway Golf are Jon Rahm, Xander Schauffele, Phil Mickelson, Marc Leishman, Will Gordon, Kevin Na, Francesco Molinari, and Henrik Stenson.

Features of Strata Golf Balls

Strata Boom Golf Balls, (Two Dozen), White

Perhaps not the most widely known brand, the Strata golf ball certainly has been developing somewhat of a cult following in recent years – these balls are designed to fly through the air for maximum speed.

They are instantly recognizable on the golf course thanks to the bright, striking logo that features a number 1 in red surrounded by an explosion design printed on a high-quality 2 piece construction material.

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And although currently they only ship in white (at the time of publishing this review), they are bright enough to be easily seen at dusk when it is starting to get dark or in deep rough.

Extreme Distance From Strata High Energy Core

The Strata Boom is A Callaway golf ball to feature a high-energy core. This new core technology allows for greater distance and control for golfers of all standards and play styles.

The core of a golf ball is important because it acts as the driver of power and control.

The Strata Boom’s core is designed to provide increased energy transfer, which leads to greater distance for golfers while maintaining a high level of spin that makes it easier to keep your shots on target.

High-Quality Feeling Cover With Durability

The Strata Boom features an ultra-durable cover that provides a phenomenal feel while maintaining its integrity over time. In short, these balls are built to last.

Having durable golf balls in your bag will help you avoid the annoyance of having to replace them due to excessive scratching and scuffs.

Side Stamp Alignment Aide

The unique side stamp alignment aide makes it easier than ever to align your shots, resulting in more accurate drives, approaches, and putts.

Strata Boom Golf Balls, (Two Dozen), White

This simple feature will help players of all skill levels maintain their focus and improve performance on the course.

Are Strata Golf Balls Good?

If you are looking for a modern golf ball that’s a little bit different and offers impressive performance, then the Strata Boom is definitely worth checking out and is a good choice for both the beginner and low handicapper.

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The two-piece construction of the ball is ideal because it allows for lower compression and offers greater control.

The technology behind the ball is what really makes it stand out as well, with an aerodynamics system that reduces drag and increases lift without affecting the responsiveness of the ball at all.

The balls are designed to be long off the tee or when you’re putting they are an excellent choice because of the handy alignment aide printed on the side.

When you factor in availability and price then golf balls offer good value for money and are an excellent choice for those looking to improve their golf game without breaking the bank on expensive balls.

With above-average performance and priced at the lower end of the competitive golf ball market, these two-piece construction balls are also recommended for practice play.

Strata Boom Golf Balls, (Two Dozen), White

if you’re looking for something that’s different from what most people play with but still want professional standard performance from your golf ball then check out the Strata Boom.

Is The Strata Voodoo Golf Ball a Good Alternative?

You can still buy the 2018 Voodoo golf ball where it has a softer core and an outer layer made from a more durable urethane material.

It is designed and marketed as an alternative to the Strata Boom Golf Ball.

The Voodoo offers excellent performance for amateurs looking for something that’s different from what most people play with but still want professional standard performance from their golf ball while also being softer than medium-rated compression balls.

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Strata 2018 Voodoo Golf Balls (One Dozen)

The truth is that these balls look very similar to its Boom sister model but play softer and have a skull and crossbones as a logo instead of an explosion graphic.

So for beginners, the Voodoo may actually be better, but why?

Soft golf balls are classed as low compression, they are designed to travel further and benefit newbie players because the ball is easier to hit and control.

The Voodoo balls are classified as low compression, which means they should travel further with less effort and provide the best experience for new players in particular.

The Voodoo is soft enough for anyone who has struggled with a hard golf ball in the past, but not so much that it feels like you’re playing with an oversized ping pong ball either.

The Final Verdict on the Strata Boom Golf Ball

We feel this golf ball is a solid performer that ticks most boxes. It is classed as medium compression, offers above-average durability at a price point that will not break the bank.

It is clear that many golfers are looking for a change in their game. Many of these people have tried out all sorts of balls, but the Strata Boom Golf Ball offers something different which we have covered in the features section of the review.

A traditional ball with good features – why not try the strata golf balls for yourself? It could be a game-changer!