Stix Golf Reviews (Is this Golf Clubs Brand Any Good?)

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As a recreational golfer, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to brands that offer game improvement clubs. One of the newest kids on the block is Stix, a company that only launched in 2019.

But thanks to the innovative design and great pricing of Stix’s clubs, the brand is now very much a big player in the game improvement club niche.

But what’s the deal with Stix golf clubs? Are they any good? And who are they best suited to – this Stix golf reviews guide should will in all the blanks!

Is Stix a Good Golf Brand?

Stix is a fairly recent addition to the golf world, and they manufacture top-quality golf clubs for an affordable price. Positioned very much as an intermediate brand, Stix is all about providing high-quality clubs for a fair price, which are easy to play and look great.

Something that Stix has excelled at is providing a game improvement set of golf clubs that outperform cheap, budget box sets and are available for a much lower price than the top-of-the-range clubs that are built with tour pros and low handicappers in mind.

Overall, Stix is a great golf brand to consider if you’re looking for a new set of clubs, as we explain in detail in the following sections.

What Clubs Does Stix Make? 

Stix manufactures every golf club in the bag, from driver to putter. The first thing you notice about Stix clubs is that they look great. The black-on-black minimalist design is a conversation starter in itself, and all of the clubs are ultra-light and fitted with graphite shafts.

The reasoning behind this is that they help golfers generate a much higher swing speed, which should, in turn, help recreational golfers hit the ball further and more consistently.

While you can buy Stix golf clubs individually, you can also buy them as a set, which is a particular draw of the brand. The table below shows Stix’s current offers and what you can expect to pay for a full set of good golf clubs:

Set / Price *

  • Complete set (14 clubs + bag): $1,149 
  • Classic set (11 clubs + bag): $1,049 
  • Casual set (9 clubs + bag): $899 
  • Iron set (5-PW): $549 
  • Wedge set (52, 56, 60):  $219 
  • Distance set (driver, fairways, and hybrids): $549 
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*Prices subject to change and correct at time of publishing

As you can see, Stix golf clubs are available for a great price and are ideally suited to beginner and intermediate golfers looking for a decent set of golf clubs that don’t cost the earth!

Are Stix Golf Clubs any Good?

Stix golf clubs are built to an extremely high spec and can be classed as game improvement clubs. The Stix driver, in particular, is built with beginner and high handicappers in mind, as it has a closed face and a soft, active shaft.

In other words, the Stix driver is set up to correct slice, which is a common affliction affecting those at the start of their golfing careers. The fairways and hybrids look very similar to the driver, and they come with a generous, forgiving face.

Check out the video below from the “Lets Play Thru” golf channel where Gabe takes a new set of Stix clubs out on the course to test them out:

Again, they’ve been designed to help recreational players hit more consistent shots.

As far as the irons and wedges are concerned, they’re among the best game improvement clubs we’ve come across.

They look great with a simple cavity back, which almost replicates bladed irons thanks to the sleek black design of the clubs. The soft shaft means the irons favor the left side, but they’re extremely easy and enjoyable to hit.

The mallet putter rounds the set off nicely and does the trick out on the putting surface.

Overall, the build quality and design of these golf clubs are extremely impressive, which makes them an option well worth your consideration if you’re looking for game improvement golf clubs.

Where Are Stix Golf Clubs Made?

Stix golf clubs are manufactured in Asia and not the US. This is part of the reason why Stix is able to offer such great prices to its customers, as its direct-to-consumer model enables the company to cut out many of the third-party costs associated with retailing golf clubs.

Stix founder Gabriel Coyne has been open about the manufacturing process, confirming that outsourcing production to cheaper labor markets is central to the company’s pricing model.

The fact that many of the biggest companies in golf manufacture their clubs in Asia, shouldn’t come as a great surprise to most players.

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In many respects, it can be all too easy to get caught up on where golf clubs are made. Nearly all brands complete at least some part of their production process in Asia, with true-American brands like PING and PXG in the minority.

The bottom line is that if you don’t want to spend a fortune on game improvement golf clubs, then the chances are that you will have to look to companies that outsource their manufacturing to Asia to strike a sweet deal.

Where is Stix Golf Based?

Stix is based out of Chicago, Illinois, and is a newcomer to the golf industry. Launched in 2019 by founder Gabriel Coyne, the brand is attempting to be the “Harry Razor’s” of golf by offering excellent quality clubs for a fraction of the price typically associated with equipment.

This is an admirable ambition, and as we’ve already introduced, their game improvement golf clubs tick all the boxes in terms of what recreational golfers are looking for.

They’re easy to hit, look great, and are available for an excellent price. Coupled with the fact that Stix is an impressive American startup, it’s hard not to be impressed by this brand.

You might not have heard a great deal about Stix because they’re a direct-to-consumer brand and have cut out many of the third-party costs associated with retailing golf clubs.

They don’t have a huge advertising budget and don’t have any celebrity endorsements, which are two things that cost huge amounts of money in the golf industry each year.

So, if you’re looking for top-quality game improvement clubs retailed by a US-based company out, then you can’t go wrong with Stix.

Do Any Pros Use Stix Golf Clubs?

No, Stix doesn’t currently have any pro endorsements for their golf clubs. The main reason for this is that their clubs aren’t designed with tour pros in mind. They are very much game improvement clubs that appeal to the recreational golfer.

The cavity-backed irons and generous closed-face driver, for instance, help recreational golfers hit straighter and more consistent shots. 

For tour players, the clubs don’t do enough in terms of spin and distance control to merit use. However, it’s super important to realize that this doesn’t mean that Stix isn’t a worthwhile brand to consider!

Game improvement clubs are designed with recreational golfers, not tour pros, in mind, which is why they’re not used at the elite level of the game.

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The biggest brands in golf spend millions of dollars every year on brand endorsements from the biggest names in the game, which is what makes many players think that they should use specific brands over others.

Stix golf clubs are among the best game improvement clubs we’ve come across, and they’re the perfect option for recreational golfers who are looking to shoot lower scores.

As an added bonus, they look extremely sharp and sleek and will make your buddies jealous as you introduce them at the start of your next round!

What About Stix Gear and Accessories?

In addition to their impressive game improvement golf clubs, Stix also retails a broad range of gear and accessories. They sell a dozen golf balls for around $20, which is a great price when you consider the cost of new golf balls from some of the other brands out there.

You can also buy hats, beanies, golf gloves, and magnetic golf towels from the Stix online store, which are all great accessories to add to the golf bag.

These make an excellent gift for your golf-loving partner, and you can even opt for a Stix gift card if you’re looking to treat that special someone.

Another impressive item in the Stix collection is their stand bag, which retails at approx. $185. It looks sleek and is an excellent upgrade if you usually carry your bag (instead of taking a cart), as it’s extremely lightweight and will make things easier out on the course.

All in all, Stix’s online store is the place to go for game improvement golf clubs, and their collection of accessories and golf gear means you can grab all of the needful items for the same place.

The Final Verdict on Stix

Stix is a brand that has only been around since 2019, so it has a long way to go until it can compete with some of the more established brands in the game.

However, they’re going the right way about it as demonstrated in our Stix golf reviews breakdown. Stix’s golf clubs are among the best game improvement clubs we’ve come across, and they look awesome in the bag.

The bottom line is that Stix clubs are made for the modern recreational golfer, and you shouldn’t hesitate to choose Stix if you’re looking to upgrade your golf bag this season.