Star Golf Carts Reviews: Good EVs or Unreliable?

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With so many golf cart brands competing for your attention, it isn’t easy to know which manufacturer you can really trust!

Add to that the fact that there are so many models with different specs; it’s easy to get lost in the world of golf carts and low-speed electric vehicles!

In this Star golf cart reviews guide, we introduce you to the Sirius golf cart from Star, which is new for 2021. It is named after the brightest star in the sky – but does it live up to its lofty title?

We explain everything you need to know about the Star Sirius golf cart and suggest why this reliable and high-performing low-speed electric vehicle might just be precisely what you’re looking for.

Are Star Carts Any Good?

Star golf carts are good, high-performing, low-speed vehicles that are street legal in most states in America. They come with a whole host of impressive safety and aesthetic features, making them one of the smartest looking and well-reviewed street legal carts around.

We take a look at many of the impressive features of the Star Sirius golf cart throughout this review.

How Much Do Star Sirius Golf Carts Cost?

A new Star Sirius golf cart retails at a starting price of $12,999. This is for a two-seater Sirius (known as the Sirius 2) and is ideal for golf course use. It incorporates all the features you could possibly want on a golf cart and looks great, too.

Variations of the Star Sirius include:

  • Sirius 2+2 – an additional two back-facing seats.
  • Sirius 2+2 lifted – same as above but with raised suspension.
  • Sirius 4 – Four forward-facing seats.
  • Sirius 4+2 – Six-seater golf cart with four forward-facing and two backward-facing seats.
  • Sirius 4+2 lifted – same as above but with raised suspension.

Naturally, the bigger the Sirius cart that you opt for, the more it will cost. You can expect to pay between $15,000 – $18,000 for the Sirius 4+2 lifted cart, for instance.

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Because the Sirius Star is a brand-new golf cart this year, you might struggle to pick up a used model for considerably cheaper right now, but it’s worth searching online if you’re not willing to pay the MSRP.

Who Makes Star Golf Carts?

Star golf carts are manufactured by Star Electric Vehicles, a company owned by JH Global Services. The company has its headquarters in Greenville, SC, and assembles a broad range of electric vehicles in the USA.

The company was established in 2003, and its first electric vehicle was brought to market back in 2004. Today, Star Electric Vehicles produce a fleet of more than fifty electric vehicles, including:

  • Golf and recreation carts.
  • Street legal low-speed electric vehicles.
  • Off-road electric vehicles.
  • People movers.
  • Commercial electric vehicles.
  • Speciality electric vehicles.

The Sirius is one of the latest models to be manufactured by Star Electric Vehicles and consists of the latest in EV technology, boasting rechargeable, high-performing batteries and a range of safety features.

If you opt for a Sirius golf cart, you can be confident that you’re in good hands, as Star is an American-based company with a proven track record of building high-performing and attractive golf carts, as we explain in more detail below.

Where Are Star Golf Carts Made?

Star golf carts are assembled in Greenville, SC. However, as is the case with the majority of electric vehicles on the market, part of the manufacturing process is outsourced to China.

But importantly, Star Electric Vehicles is very much an American company, meaning you can buy from them with the confidence that the cart has gone through rigorous testing and quality control processes before entering the US market.

What’s more, the fact that Star Sirius golf carts are predominantly assembled in the US means that you can easily access replacement parts for your cart, should the need arise when you take it for a service.

So, if you’re looking for a golf cart or low-speed electric vehicle from an American company, then the Star Sirius is well worth your consideration.

How Fast is a Star Golf Cart?

A Star Sirius golf cart boasts a top speed of 25mph, which is more than fast enough to enjoy out on the golf course. It’s also sufficiently fast to enjoy as a street-legal low-speed electric vehicle and enables you to move around from a-to-b at a reasonable speed in keeping within state laws.

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The Sirius is powered by heavy-duty advanced AC and DC motors, which ensure your cart can carry reasonably heavy loads without affecting its top speed.

What’s more, the cart comes equipped with 48V Trojan batteries that can drive between 50-60 miles on a full charge.

While some people look to derestrict the speed of their golf carts, we wouldn’t advise doing so.

25mph is more than fast enough, and altering the top speed by modifying your cart means you can’t legally drive it out on the street.

When you consider that many golf carts have top speeds of between 18-20mph, the 25mph offered by the Star Sirius is an added bonus and ensures this high-performing cart comes with an additional bite.

Are Star Golf Carts Street Legal?

Yes, Star golf carts are legal in most states in America. This is because they’re regarded as low-speed electric vehicles, as opposed to merely golf carts as they are traditionally referred to.

For a golf cart to be street legal, it has to come with a range of additional safety features that aren’t typically included in conventional fleet golf carts that you can hire from your local golf course.

Some of Sirius’ enhanced safety features include:

  • AS5 windshield and wipers
  • DOT tires and safety belts
  • Headlights, brake lights, and turn signals
  • 4-wheel hydraulic brakes
  • Side and front mirrors

Providing you keep your Star Sirius golf cart well maintained and in a roadworthy condition, you can use it out on the street with very few issues, meaning you can save on your gas bills when you’re moving around your community.

Where to Buy Used Star Golf Carts for Sale?

As mentioned, the Sirius golf cart is a new model introduced by Star in 2021, so your chances of finding used carts for considerably less than the MSRP are limited. That being said, it’s worth looking on the likes of eBay and Craigslist to see if you can pick up a used Sirius that somebody has decided to sell privately.

Another good option is to approach a golf cart dealer in your state and to ask them if they have any used Star Sirius carts in stock.

If they do, you can usually save around $1,000 or so on the purchase price.

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And while you might not find a used Sirius right now, you will almost certainly be able to pick up a different model from one of Star’s authorized dealers.

To help you locate the Star dealer closest to your home, you can use this helpful Dealer Locator tool that can be accessed through Star’s website.

If you’re keen to pick up a used Star Sirius golf cart, your best bet is probably to wait until 2022, as more carts are likely to have become available on the used market by then.

What About Star Golf Cart Parts and Accessories?

As a US-based electric vehicle manufacturer, you can buy a wide variety of parts and accessories for your Star Sirius golf cart directly from Star’s website. Listed under JH Global golf car accessories, some of the parts you can purchase for your Sirius cart include:

  • Lithium iron phosphate battery option.
  • Tires and rims.
  • Seat kits.
  • Steering wheels, sleeves, and adaptors.
  • Electronic accessories – light kits, audio, converters, chargers, programmers.
  • Mirrors and windshields.
  • Off-road accessories.

Although the Star golf cart comes as a high-spec LSV in the first place, you can easily customize or enhance it by picking up some of these compatible accessories from Star’s online store.

This is also good news as your cart ages, as you can easily pick up replacement parts as and when you need them.

This saves you from having to scour local dealers and internet databases to locate foreign-imported parts that may or may not fit your cart.

Star Golf Carts: US Assembled and Fun to Drive!

The street-legal Sirius golf cart from Star is a top-performing low-speed electric vehicle that comes with a range of excellent features.

Assembled in Greenville, SC, you can buy a Star Sirius cart in the confidence that it’s American-made and has gone through all of the necessary quality checks to enter the US market.

And no matter the size of the Sirius cart that you go for as we’ve covered in our Star golf carts reviews, you can use it on the golf course or around your local community thanks to the range of safety features that are included.

All in all, the Star Sirius is an attractive and high-performing golf cart that is well worthy of your consideration.