SS Golf Cart Wheels? (Best Super Sport Tires Combo!)

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When it comes to golf carts, the tires and wheels are an important aspect that is often overlooked by enthusiasts.

In this comprehensive guide, we will be discussing the best Super Sport tires combo for golf carts. We will also look at the dimensions, toughness, and usability of these tires.

So if you’re looking to buy a new set of SS golf cart wheels then check out our top 6 for 2022 that are all SS rated and will fit most major brands of carts including EZ-GO, Club Car, Yamaha, Evolution, Polaris and Garia.

1. 10″ Vampire Golf Cart Wheels (SS)

10' VAMPIRE Golf Cart Wheels and 205/50-10 DOT Low Profile Golf Cart Tires Combo - Set of 4

The Vampire range of golf cart wheels is one of the best and well known SS products in the US market, mainly due to their durability and tough performance.

And these 10-inch Vampire machined/black aluminum wheels boast a classy multi-spoke design with central SS chrome caps.

The 10″x7″ wheels are combined with the 205/50-10 golf cart tires to bring one of the most reliable wheels and tire combos available on the market right now. With a combined diameter of 18 inches, this combo can be fitted quite simply without any alterations or requiring a lift kit.

This combo set is easy to install as the wheels come wrapped with the tires from the factory, inflated to the standard pressure, and are compatible with almost all the golf carts brands such as EZ-GO and Club Car.

The low-profile tires are made of tough, durable material and are DOT approved, which means they are good for roads as well as safe for the turf on golf courses.

The tires also have a non-directional tread design, which makes them very suitable for pavements, lawns, and golf course turfs.

Best for: cart drivers who want a reliable, extremely tough, and stylish tire and wheel combo for their golf carts, that is good for roads and safe for turf.

2. 12″ Vampire Gunmetal Golf Cart Wheels (SS)

12' VAMPIRE Gunmetal Golf Cart Wheels and 20x10-12 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires - Set of 4 - NO LIFT REQUIRED (read description)

The Vampire Gunmetal golf cart wheels are combined with highly capable All Terrain (AT) tires for a top-quality and high-end combo. The 12” Vampire Gunmetal is a strong and lightweight wheel made of aluminum and comes finished in black/machined.

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These wheels are built to withstand tough terrains and should only be judged after being tested in real-world conditions. With great reviews online – they seem to hit the mark in terms of high quality and long-lasting durability.

The sturdy wheels are combined with high-performance 20×10-12″ DOT approved, All-Terrain tires. This means it is an ideal combination for tough roads and challenging turfs.

The tires come wrapped around the wheels and inflated to OEM standard pressure and this combo doesn’t require a lift kit on the majority of carts and equips your cart with the ability to conquer most kinds of terrains including bumpy roads and hilly golf courses.

This combination of SS wheels and tires is great for driving the golf carts through tall grass, gravel driveways, dirt trails, and the street (DOT approved).

They are also compatible with most of the golf carts available in the market and comes with SS-badged chrome caps, 4 sets of lug nuts, and an essential guide for installation.

Best for: rough and tough terrains, such as muddy trails, tall grass, gravel pavements, and rough roads. They also look fantastic thanks to the SS styling.

3. 10″ Medusa SS Golf Cart Wheels & Low Profile Tires Combo Set of 4

MODZ® Medusa Machined Black 10' Golf Cart Wheels and Arisun Cruze (205/50-10) DOT Low Profile Golf Cart Tires Combo - Set of 4

The 10 inch Medusa SS golf cart wheels are one of the most popular alloy wheels, and these rims are also machined, like the other top products in the market.

Add the high-quality aluminum alloy wheels with a standard 4×4 bolt pattern, and a multi-spoke pattern with custom color choice and you have a fully styled SS-ready wheel.

The Medusa wheels are coupled with tough 22×11-10 4-ply “X-Trail” All-Terrain tires, which are tough and suitable for any kind of condition.

4-ply manufacturing means these are sturdy and highly durable. The DOT-approved tires come installed with wheels and air pressure set to standard. It can be installed in most of the carts with a 5″ lift and readies your cart for any kind of adventure you want to experience.

This SS combination has a -25 offset, ensuring trouble-free ride and maneuvering on all kinds of terrain. 16 lug nuts are offered standard with the package and the stylish Medusa wheels also bear an SS chrome wheel cap for enhancement of the look.

Best for: those who want to install high-endurance tires in their lifted golf carts, good for all-terrain.

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4. 10″ Storm Trooper Set of 4 SS Golf Cart Wheels

10' STORM TROOPER Machined/Black Wheels and 205/50-10' DOT Golf Cart Tires - Set of 4

The 10″ Storm Trooper golf cart wheel and tire package is one solid upgrade that you could give your golf cart. Not only are these aluminum wheels cool to look at, but great to ride as well with ultimate traction and a smooth ride.

The machined/black aluminum wheels are equipped with 205/50-10″ low profile tires that are durable and able to tackle most tough terrains.

This wheel combo is compatible with almost all the well-known brands and does not require a lift kit, just simply take off your old set of cart wheels, bolt on and drive away.

The tires are DOT approved, meaning they are street and road legal and turf safe as well, so you could take your golf cart on any type of golf course surface. The tires have a directional tread design with a tread depth of 3 inches, ensuring superb traction and stability on rough surfaces.

With a 3+4 offset, these tires would scale any terrain comfortably, that you were reluctant to do with your previous tires.

With a 4 ply rating, be confident to drive your golf cart on any surface.

Best for: all-terrain with good stability. Due to considerable tread depth, these tires are ideal for slippery conditions, tough and uneven roads, and trails.

5. 14″ Vampire Gloss Black Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels SS

14' Vampire Gloss Black Aluminum Golf Cart Wheels and 23X10-14 All Terrain Golf Cart Tire Combo - Set of 4

These 14″ Vampire gloss black wheel and tire combo are highly capable due to their big size and high-quality composites. This combo offers everything you would want in a high-performing all-terrain wheel and tire package for your golf carting adventures.

The Vampire wheels are made of high-strength aluminum and finished in gloss black for a sporty look. The wheels are lightweight, sturdy, and tough, which is partnered with highly capable all-terrain tires.

The tires are DOT approved and Turf Safe, meaning you can drive your SS golf cart on the roads and also your local golf course.

This wheel and tire combo stands 23″ tall from the ground to the top of the tire and would require your cart to have a 5″ or higher lift kit.

With such a raised height and tough tires, maneuvering is not going to be an issue and many drivers also experience a performance and speed boost when fitting these bigger tires.

Best for all types of golf course turfs and tough terrains, especially with tall grass and deep muddy causeways. But they need a lift kit!

6. 10″ VORTEX SS Gloss Black/Red Golf Cart Wheels

10' VORTEX Gloss Black/Red Golf Cart Wheels and 205/50-10 DOT Low Profile Golf Cart Tires Combo - Set of 4

The Vortex 10″ wheels are one of the very reliable products and come paired with 205/50-10 low-profile tires. The high-strength, lightweight aluminum wheels are not just sturdy and durable but look cool with the classic Super Sports (SS) look.

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The tires complement the wheels with a 4-ply rating, top-rated performance, and endurance, good for all types of terrains. The unconventional tread design and depth enable dependable traction and stability on the tricky golf course turf and streets.

Again like others in our review guide, this set of tires is DOT approved and Turf safe. This combo doesn’t require any lift kit for installation and is compatible with most golf carts.

Best for: fast maneuvering and good traction on all types of terrains. These are lightweight and easy to install without any need for an additional lift kit to be fitted.

What does SS Mean on Wheels?

SS stands for SuperSport which is classed as high-performance, classic wheels made for cars, trucks, golf carts, and ATVs. The emblem on various popular golf cart wheels saying SS has become a household name and it signifies the heritage of the 1960s SuperSport style wheels.

Different manufacturers use this popular name with their products, such as Vampire and Medusa, and these wheels are highly regarded in the golf cart industry, both among buyers and enthusiasts.

The main reason behind the popularity of “SS” is their performance, superiority, build quality, and long-term reliability.


Golf cart wheels and tires are important parts of the vehicle, not just for the enhanced looks but overall performance and dependability as well.

There are many combos of high-quality wheels and tire combos available in the market. The majority of these items are DOT approved and Turf Safe with dependable performance and long-term durability.

SS wheels are lightweight, high-strength, and can take on almost any challenge you throw at them – so they are perfect for golf carts and other ATVs.

If you’re planning to replace the tires and wheels on your golf cart and looking for something reliable and sporty, must have a look at all the options discussed above.

While shopping, keep different things in mind to make sure that you’re making the right choice. Such as the exact size of the combo, ply rating, materials used in manufacturing, tread dimensions, offset, and requirement of a lift kit.

Making the right choice ensures a better golf cart driving experience with enhanced maneuvering capability and performance.